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“That little actress is also very brave.

She dared to argue with someone when they criticized Su Feifei in front of her.

I saw that she left with injuries.

I heard that Assistant Pei beat her up in the cave.”

“A beating is already light.

Even if we expose him, when Bo Silin sees his old lover, he wont be able to put down his ego to deal with her.

[Are you two just talking about the issue in the open]

[The movie queen No way… Is it who I think it is]

[Damn, could this crew be the crew of Gong Xi]

[Thats very possible! They just returned from closed-door training and filming overseas, and the location of the shooting just happens to fit the script!]

[Im numb.

Im deceased.

Im sat.

The dead love revives yet again.]

[I know about the love between the movie queen and king.

Its only right that I share my folder with all of you.]

The news began to spread on the internet, and many fan groups suddenly poured into the bullet screen.

[A fight is about to break out.

I have a bad feeling about this.]

[This isnt an ordinary scene.

One is Gu Sheng, and the other is the best actress.

Absolutely opposite ends of the spectrum.]

[I wonder if Su Feifei can understand their implications I really hope that she doesnt understand what they just said, or else itll be heart-wrenching.]

Su Feifei listened for a while and went up to him.

When she appeared under the umbrella, the two staff members were shocked.

“You!” The staff members face turned pale.

“When did you get here”

“Where are the others” Su Feifei asked.

Under her cold gaze, the staff member answered without thinking.

“They, theyre all up the mountain.

Today, the crew is going up the mountain to shoot a scene, so the director brought a large group of people up for a hike.”

“Which mountain”

“That one.”

The staff member pointed in that direction obediently.

Su Feifei nodded.


After she turned around and left, the two staff members looked at each other and took a deep breath.

“Were done for.

Did we say too much just now”

“Was it also recorded in the live broadcast”

“F*ck! Were screwed.

What should we do”

“Calm down, calm down.

Were just gossiping, nothing much.

Su Feifei is quite polite.

It shouldnt be a big deal, right At most, shell be allowed to ask a few questions.”

After hearing this explanation, they thought of Su Feifeis appearance just now and heaved a sigh of relief.

That was true.

Without power and influence, even if she was a little ambiguous with Bo Silin, she didnt have an impactful status.

Moreover, there was nothing wrong with yesterdays incident.

In the industry, there were many things that were done behind peoples backs, so who would expose it to the public

The two of them calmed down and sat down again.

The drone had not gone far.

These few sentences were recorded.

[Su Feifei is going to blow up the house!!!]

[The calmer she is, the more afraid I am!!!! What the h*ll is going on!]

[Im so scared for whoever shes targeting next.]

However, Su Feifei turned around and said, “Come out.”

The grass behind her shuffled for a while.

Xiao Hes head popped out and laughed dryly.

“Su Feifei, fancy seeing you here.”

“The straw hat isnt good enough.

Ill improve it next time,” Su Feifei said.

“Okay!” Xiao He immediately nodded.

He then looked at Su Feifei and was so touched that his eyes turned red.

“Su Feifei, I knew you wouldnt leave us be! What do we do now Should we just kill them”

“No.” Su Feifei shook her head.

“Lets catch some fish and go back to the camp.”

“Ah Catch fish” Xiao He couldnt understand.

At a time like this, shouldnt she have directly rushed to the set and dealt that d*mned woman!

Looking at Su Feifeis back, Xiao He immediately followed her.

“Su Feifei, about that, Bo Silin has nothing to do with that woman! It was just nonsense from the marketing accounts! There were also people from Bo Silins studio who were blindly making announcements! However, Bo Silin stopped them very quickly!”

Bo Silin hated fake love lines the most!

Xiao He blabbered on and on, but he did not hear any response.

He could only shut his mouth when Su Feifei had a quick glance at him.

He felt that Su Feifei was acting weird today.

Could it be that she was jealous

‘Youre done for, Bo Silin.

Good luck to you!

When the two of them returned to the camp, they had returned fully loaded.

Xiao He was holding three big fishes in his hand, and Su Feifei was holding a handful of wild vegetables.

In the middle of the camp, there were still the bricks and yellow mud that Su Feifei had asked for last night.

The bricks were placed in various places by the Festival Group for them to use.

So far, none of the teams had used it.

Everyone was famished.

Their eyes lit up when she saw Su Feifei.

“Su Feifei!” Qiao Hefeng came over.

“Are we eating fish again tonight ”

His eyes lit up as he looked at the fish in Xiao Hes hand.

Yesterdays fish soup wasnt enough to share, but today there were three fish, so it would definitely be enough for everyone!


Su Feifei squatted down and began to cut the bamboo tube.

[What is Su Feifei doing]

[Now that the population has increased, its not enough to just rely on bamboo tubes to cook soup, right]

[Its not only slow to cook, but its also not enough to share.]

[It took me two hours to cook dinner last night for a party of one.]

[Gu Sheng, hurry up and take away these burdens!]

Su Feifei dug a hole in the bamboo and set it up again.

They were pieced together into a square frame.

Then, she stacked the bricks inside.

“Yellow mud.” She said.

Xiao He immediately piled the yellow mud on the ground.

Su Feifei carried some dry grass, one layer of yellow mud, one layer of grass, and mixed it with water.

“Is this the clay stove we talked about yesterday”

Su Feifei nodded and quickly moved.

The yellow mud was pasted on the stove and the fire was started.

Soon, a mobile stove was formed.

“D*mn!” Xiao He held the pot up.

“Its just right! Then we wont need bamboo tubes to cook in the future!”

The rest of the people exclaimed in admiration.

“Thats nothing,” only Ji Ran said.

“Gu Sheng has done it in the show before!”

Su Feifei glanced at him and answered, “Is that so”

“Of course!” Ji Ran said, “This stove is exactly the same!

[Now youre just bragging!]

[Nowadays, how many of the children from big families who grew up in the city can learn such a thing]

[Dont look down on me.

I know how to make one too.]

[Ive checked, and he really did it! The main point was that they were exactly the same! It was really the same! There are even small stones next to the stove as decorations.

Oh my gosh!]

The internet quickly found the comparison between the two pots, and the hot search was instantly ignited again.

Su Feifei pointed at the vent of the stove.

“This is the air vent that I left on purpose for the stove.

I only leave it like this.”

Ji Ran laughed.

“Captain, youre exaggerating.

If I say its the same, its the same! He knew how to do it too, and he also left the air vent at the same spot! When we were filming outside, we encountered a typhoon once, and the food couldnt be sent in.

“So, we had to rely on the stove that Gu Sheng built for us! Why would I lie to you

“Captain, just admit it.

There would always be someone better.

Youre not the only one in the world who knows how to do these things.”

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