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“No, no!”

Tiantian laughed out loud and said, “Look at how anxious you are.

I covered my face because I didnt want you to see me! I fell down outside just now because it was too dark.

Who knew that the mountain road would be so difficult to walk on”

Su Feifei lowered her head and glanced at her shoes.

His eyes swept over the clothes again.

Tiantians neck had turned red, and she was a little nervous.

She stared at the shoe and waited for Su Feifeis reaction.

“Xiao He, take her down and treat her wounds,” Su Feifei said after a long while.

“Alright!” Xiao He immediately replied.

He stepped forward and tugged at Tiantians sleeve.

“Lets go.

Ill help you treat your wound.”

The two of them left, one after the other.

[Is that… a new love line]

[When Xiao He looked at Tiantian, I knew that was it for me.]

[I think Tiantian and Renbo have very strong chemistry though.]

[Can you guys stop This isnt a love complex!]

Su Feifeis gaze also turned to look at Tiantians back.

“She didnt fall.

She was beaten.”

Qi Zhuliang suddenly appeared behind them with a bowl of fish soup in his hands.

He spoke as he sipped on the soup.

Su Feifei turned around and narrowed her eyes.

She then looked at Qiao Hefeng.

“He likes to drink fish soup, so he came by himself.” Qiao Hefeng quietly hinted.

He had nothing to do with it!

This old man came to freeload on his own!

“Ive been with Qiu Ye for so many days, but Ive never had a good meal!” Qi Zhuliang shouted.

“Weve become friends after a fight.

I can repay you by eating your fish! Maybe you have a use for me Hey, Im very useful!”

“You should be able to tell that the soil isnt from this area.” Qi Lao was scalded by the fish soup and grimaced in pain.

“The soil around here is hard.

Its impossible to slip up, and its not so humid either.”

Su Feifei waited for him to continue.

Qi Zhuliangs bowl was empty.

He smacked his lips and hinted madly.

“Fill a bowl of soup for him and make him a pancake.” Su Feifei got the hint.

Qi Zhuliang immediately broke into a smile.

“Gosh, how can I accept this!”

Qiao Hefeng rolled his eyes and went to get the soup.

After eating and drinking to his hearts content, the old man picked up the map and pointed at the foot of a mountain.

“Ive inspected the island and have some understanding of the soil and weather changes here.

She must have gone there.

“Then, she was slapped on her right cheek.

Judging from the fingerprints, it was a woman, about three times her size.

Finally, she was pushed to the ground.”

Qi Zhuliang carefully thought about the mark on the right side of Tiantians clothes.

He turned around and made a falling motion.

“Like this, she must have been kicked a few times, thats why her hair was ruffled.

“Whats wrong with people these days Why are they so violent Cant they just talk it out nicely”

Qi Zhuliang raised his eyes and was shocked to see the angry faces of the crowd.

“F*ck!” Qiao Hefeng cursed, “Thats too much! Who was it”

“Yup! Tiantian was still lying!” Shen Ruoqing also said angrily.

“Drag the person out!” The burly men stomped their feet.

Only Su Feifei remained calm.

“Alright, go to sleep first.

Dont forget your mission tomorrow.” Su Feifei ordered.

Even if the others were extremely angry, they could only give up in the face of Su Feifeis calmness.

Just as they were about to enter the tent, they heard Ji Ran chuckling behind them.

“How can you call yourself a captain So you only know how to be a tyrant Is it because you heard that a big shot came to the crew, so you wont dare to offend anyone since youre going to be in the entertainment industry in the future In the end, your own interests come first!”

[Is Ji Ran crazy What kind of person is he]

[Its free real estate to shoot your shot.

Everyone, please calm down.

Su Feifei knows what shes doing.]

[I just want to laugh when I see him now.

Karma will get him.]

[If I didnt learn Su Feifei, Ill really be easily led by him.]

Sure enough, the core members of the team immediately came out of the tent.

“What nonsense are you talking about” Qiao Hefeng was the first to shout.

Xiao He, who had just come out of Tiantians tent, also glared at him.

“Mind your own business! Su Feifei isnt that kind of person!”

Ji Ran rolled his eyes and walked past them.

“Youre sick,” He said, “This is a group of mental patients.

Youve all been bewitched.

You think your Su Feifei is really awesome.

If it were Gu Sheng, this matter would be settled today! Fine, I finally understand.

In any case, the lives of my teammates are worthless! Thats what shes thinking.

As long as we can hold onto Bo Silin, what do we have to worry about for the rest of our lives”

Su Feifei had already entered the tent and was silent.

The rest of the people were furious, the only one who was rational was Xiao He.

Xiao Hes face was cold as he motioned for everyone to go back.

“Listen to Su Feifeis instructions.

Lets ignore him!”

“Youve done a good job being a dog,” Ji Ran continued, “I see that you have a good relationship with that little beauty.

Why Do you like her You cant even say it out loud, right Are you even a man What a coward!”

Xiao He suddenly turned around.

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

His face was red.

Ji Ran and the others laughed.

“Look at him, hes blushing and he still wont admit it!”

The next second, Xiao He rushed forward and a strong punch landed on Ji Rans face.

Half an hour later, More than a dozen people stood at the edge of the forest and were punished to stand in a horse stance.

No one spoke, their faces were all dark.

“If you say one more word, Ill throw you into the sea to feed the fish tonight!”

Su Feifeis cold voice came from inside the tent.

Then, a shoe came flying at Ji Rans hood.

Ji Ran gritted his teeth, but he didnt dare to protest.

[What an amazing shoe I mean show.]

[I havent even reacted yet, but Xiao Hes face is so red, isnt it because hes guilty!]

[Maybe he really does like her]

[Based on my knowledge in studying Psychology, I bet my kidney that Xiao He likes Tiantian.]

[We have to agree on that, right Why dont you look at Tiantian shes probably not interested in Xiao He.]

[Tiantian is interested in him I think she likes Su Feifei more.]

The discussion gradually disappeared.

In the early hours of the morning, Ji Ran and the others were still in a horse stance.

When the time came, they immediately went back into the tent and sighed.

Su Feifei didnt call for the others to gather.

She went out of the tent and took the fish basket.

She was headed to the beach.

On her way back, she glanced behind her, smiled, and continued walking.

After crossing the ravine, they finally arrived at the mountain that Qi Zhuliang had pointed out.

She squinted and saw a cave with a few footprints and drag marks on the ground.

Her dark eyes slowly turned cold.

She turned around and looked at the crew members who were packing their things.

The production teams shed was still up, so there were only a few staff members.

No actors or team could be seen.

Just as she was about to walk forward, she heard the sounds of discussion.

“Do you think that small-time actor will still dare to come today”

“Shes definitely not coming! I wouldnt have come if I were her, being humiliated in public like that yesterday was wild!”

“I feel that this was more or less incited by someone, right”

“Isnt our best actress behind Assistant Pei”

“Shush, lower your voice! After the movie queen, its still our best actor for the win! Maybe they both used to have a past relationship.

Who could say for sure in this circle The movie queen and movie kings love line is comparable to Subo Pot ship or whatever they call it.”

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