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The moment she finished her sentence, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Bo Silins waist.

Then, she tightened her grip and pulled him in.

She mimicked Bo Silins actions in the past.

She had always been a fast learner.


The second the two of them closed the distance, the people in the bush exploded into fireworks.

“What the f*ck! What the flying f*ck! What the holy f*ck! What the freaking f*ck! What the sh*tting f*ck! What the f*cking f*ck! What the absolute f*ck!”

Qiu Ye jumped on the spot.

What was going on

What was the situation now

He was dumbfounded, really dumbfounded.

It wasnt the horndog Bo Silin who took the initiative, it was Su Feifei!

[Help! I cant breathe!]

[Where have I seen this before]

[Look at how she pulled him in!]

[Thats what Im saying.

Su Feifei cant take it anymore, she needs him!]

[Tear him down, girl!]

[Get your man queen, slay!]

[Su Feifei, youre crazy! I love that for you!]

“What do we do, what do we do Can we continue watching”

Xiao He covered his eyes with his hands, his fingers opened up to two slits, and he peeked through.

“Children, dont look! Im going to get a sty!”

Qiu Ye did the same and elbowed Xiao He.

At the seaside.

Su Feifeis clothes were very thin, and she could feel the heat from Bo Silins body.

Her eyes were locked onto his and her movements were steady.

The atmosphere of the scene was ambiguous and bizarre.

Bo Silin looked at her and seemed to be able to see the hungry look in Su Feifeis eyes.

That was called awe-inspiring righteousness.

Bo Silin was stunned for a moment, then chuckled.

“This is a bath, not a death wish.” He also slowly put his arm around Su Feifeis waist, and the smile in his eyes swayed in front of her.

“Feifei, relax.”

[W-w-w-what are you saying!!!]

[I wont say much.

Im going to cut the audio.


[This sentence will be my alarm for next month!]

[Bo Silin, you still have some fight in you after all!]

[Dont worry.

I suggest you listen to what Su Feifei has to say first.]

Su Feifei did not say anything.

Su Feifei was a waman of action.

If she could do it, she would definitely not act pushy.

She didnt take Bo Silins words to heart at all.

She was only thinking about one thing, and that was the third plan.

Now, only plan three had not been implemented.

It was not practical to pull the tent over or drug him, so she went for the last one.

On Bo Silins side, he had not even started his performance when he suddenly felt a hand on his leg.

[What the f*ck!!!]

[Shes going for it! Is this something we can see!]

[Isnt it a little inappropriate for me to be here]

[Su Feifei, do you have to be so stubborn This is a little out of my league ]

In front of the screen, Bo Xi and Grandpa Bo looked at each other.

They didnt expect that this scale would suddenly fly to the edge of parental guidance 18.

At the same time, the sound system beside him suddenly started playing.

“Drive, drive to the edge of the city…”

Grandpa Bos face turned red and he turned his head away in embarrassment.

Bo Xi also turned around and looked out of the corner of his eye.

This was ridiculous.

The last time this happened, she remembered the awkward feeling when she saw the kissing scene on TV with her parents.

As for the person involved, Bo Silin, he did not feel so good at the moment.

“Su Feifei…”

“What” Su Feifei was still trying hard.

“Whats wrong Are you feeling uncomfortable”

[Hes comfortable! Hes very comfortable!]

Bo Silin moved his lips and looked at her face full of anticipation.

In the end, he still spat out that word.

“It hurts.”


Su Feifei immediately let go.

Bo Silin suspected that his leg was going to be swollen from the pinch.


However, the drone was neither too close nor too far away, so it didnt capture the live situation and only recorded their audio.

[It hurts Where does it hurt Can you be more specific Asking for a friend!]

[Su Feifei, are you serious Where did you touch him]

[Spread the news.

Su Feifei hurt Bo Silin!]

[Im really afraid of getting keratoconus after reading the comments today.]

[The live broadcast room wont be banned, right ]

[Theyre already showing it.

No take-backs!]

Su Feifei frowned and thought to herself,This move that Bo Xi taught me doesnt seem to be working…

It seemed like she could only use her next trump card.

Su Feifei dropped the basin.

Everyone was speechless.

“You go first, Ill go and prepare the rest.”

Su Feifei left after saying this.

“What What did she say” Qiu Ye was anxious.

“I dont know! I didnt hear what she said!” Xiao He was also anxious.

“Why did she leave! Is she not having a good time”

[What are you preparing for, Su Feifei]

[Maybe she needs to fart]

[I bet a pack of spicy pork noodles that Bo Silin is absolutely ready for Su Feifei to take him to bed now!]

[Aite bet.

Ill up it to two packs!]

[Ill bet three packets that hes ready for more than just the bedroom dances!]

[Cant we just wear clothes and chat]

Bo Silin stood rooted to the ground, his shaken heart was already in turmoil because of the last sentence.

After a while, he lowered his head and looked at his leg.

Although it was painful, it was not that bad.

A few minutes later, Xiao He came over to call for them.

“Su Feifei is asking everyone to go to the long table for supper!”


Everyone looked at each other.

There was still supper at this time

As expected, the burly men had prepared a pot of seafood noodles.

The seafood that they had kept in the wooden cart before was now put to good use.

Soon, the fragrance spread out within a radius of a few hundred meters.

The tent was gone, and the few of them stood there bitterly, occasionally smelling the fragrance in the air.

Luo Feifas team was furious.

Her bald head was shining under the fire.

Everyone lowered their heads.

They wanted to laugh but didnt dare to.


“What do we do now How are we going to sleep tonight”

“Dont worry about where youre going to sleep.” Huang Ling came over with the rattan.

“Lets build a hammock.

Ill pick things to exchange for a tent tomorrow.

Lets make do with sleeping tonight.”

“Can I even sleep on this bed” Luo Feifa squinted.

Huang Ling frowned.

“Feifa, at least its better than having no place to sleep, right” Su Ling immediately said.

Luo Feifa snorted and walked to the side.

Huang Lings expression was ugly as well while he set up a hammock.

The atmosphere here was in sharp contrast to the one in Su Feifeis camp.

When the seafood noodles were served, everyone cheered.

“Waa! Su Feifei is the best!”

“Lobster! Lobster!”

“It smells so good! Su Feifei, thank you!”

[I want a bite too!]

[The cooking show is starting again]

[Im eating pot-wrapped meat.

Its also very fragrant.


[I have a bowl of small wonton in my hand.

I can finally eat while watching the live stream today happily.]

The noodles were served to everyone.

Bo Silin came over with his walking stick.

Just as he was about to take a seat, a hand hooked onto his arm.

“Ill help you.” Su Feifeis figure appeared beside him.

Bo Silin was speechless.

The sun had really risen from the West today.

He sat down, half-believing and half-doubting her actions.

“Lets start eating.” Su Feifei said.

the crowd immediately began to inhale the noodles.

Su Feifei lowered her head and seemed to be fiddling with something by her feet.

Bo Silin turned his head, his gaze was soft.

“Do you need help”

“No…” the words were at the tip of her tongue when she suddenly remembered another sentence from the book.

Boys liked girls to show weakness.

Thinking of this… Su Feifei lowered her eyes and moved her feet away.

She nodded silently and added, “Alright, help me take it out.

I… cant carry it.”

Her voice was not loud, but everyone at the table heard her.

Everyone stopped eating their noodles.

One of the burly men even choked.

Everyone looked at each other.

What the h*ll did she just say

She cant carry it

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