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Chapter 963 The Fallen Part 1

After just a couple of days, Lith\'s body couldn\'t take the training regimen anymore, not with just three meals a day.

He couldn\'t explain to them that thanks to Invigoration his body required but a second to regain his vigor, so he accessed Soluspedia to relieve his boredom.

Only then did he notice that his mental library was completely empty except for a scroll.

It said: If you can read this, eject the scroll inside the tower.

The moment Lith did as instructed, two more scrolls appeared inside Soluspedia.

The first said: If you are alright, eject this scroll while the second: If they are holding you prisoner against your will, eject this scroll.

\'Solus, you are a damn genius.\' Lith smiled while ejecting the first scroll and continuing their long-distance conversation.

The two of them shared all of Solus\'s tower abilities, distance only made it harder for Lith to access his dimensional space, but he still managed to do it just by heightening his focus.

Solus told him that after separating from him, she had reached the mana geyser in the Trawn woods to assume her tower form and alerted Tista, Protector, and Faluel.

None of them trusted the Kingdom, so they had waited to receive news directly from him while preparing for the worst-case scenario.

Lith\'s family had faith in the Ernas and the Professors, but since they were both forbidden from telling them the reason for Lith\'s confinement, everyone was scared to death, even Solus.

Together with Lith\'s Awakened allies, she was staging a prison break.

After being reassured of his wellbeing, Solus passed the information to Tista who in turn relayed it to the rest of the family under the pretense it came from an Awakened source.

Selia had to wait spring before starting the renovation of her house in Lutia, so she had been living with the Verhens in the guest room to run the house while Elina was too distressed to do anything.

She only brought the little Fenrir with her, leaving the other children in Nalrond\'s care.

After another couple of days, most of the magical energies lingering around Lith\'s body had disappeared.

Huryole\'s fog was still there, but thinner and farther from his life force than before.

Your life force shows no sign of alterations and the spell\'s effects are as good as gone.

You\'ll be free soon. Vastor said with a smile.

Lith was so happy for the good news that as soon as the Professor left, he tried to eject the scroll in Soluspedia related to his release when he noticed a new message.

I\'ve lost contact with Tista.

A small battalion is surrounding your house, preventing everyone from going in or out.

The arrays have been reinforced to the point that even my Mirror Hall can\'t see inside.

I\'m afraid such precautions are related to your condition and to the approaching of the day of your discharge from the army.

I suspect the Royals are afraid that someone might strike during your absence.

I\'ll keep you posted, check Soluspedia often.


What the heck is going on and why can\'t I leave my own home Tista snarled a few centimeters from the face of the Commander of the Queen\'s Corps squadron that had surrounded the Verhen household.

The poor man was torn between his duty and the mad desire to kiss her full lips.

Tista Verhen was a twenty years old gorgeous woman 1.76 (5\'9) meters tall with waist-length auburn hair that had several shades of red.

Tista\'s oval face and her delicate features only emphasized the perfect proportions of her curvy body.

Anger gave her pearly pink skin a tinge of red that made Tista even more alluring.

I\'m not at liberty to say. The Commander felt deeply embarrassed hearing his usually authoritative voice sound squeaky.

None of his men thought any less of him since they needed their sheer willpower just to look away from the goddess in front of them and perform their duty.

Their throats felt dry as desert sand at the idea to speak to her, refusing her request was beyond them.

I\'m a Mage of the Kingdom and demand to know! Tista said, almost making him crumble.

And I\'m a Great Mage and an army Major under the direct command of the Royals.

My answer is still no. He tried to sound stern but it was as if he had inhaled helium.

The Commander\'s voice was so distorted that it sounded ridiculous, yet no one of those present was in the mood for laughing, especially Kamila.

She was squirming on her chair, torn between her duty toward the Kingdom and the desire to share with the others what she knew for days.

Fear and stress had been eating at her from the inside all along, but she couldn\'t disobey the Queen.

Not with all that was at stake.

Selia wasn\'t faring any better.

She had no idea what was happening, but if Fenrir decided to shapeshift in front of so many witnesses, her family would be in a world of trouble.

To make matters worse, she was unable to leave as well.

She was afraid of leaving her children alone for so long and what Protector would do if he were to believe the soldiers were taking her hostage.

Despite all his patience and wisdom, Ryman was a father and a husband first.

The moment someone threatened his family, he wouldn\'t hesitate to take on the army on his own.

My son is no traitor! Raaz jumped from his chair.

If you hope to use me as leverage for your dirty tricks, I\'d rather die than force him to a lifetime of servitude.

Fear was quickly turning into anger and Kamila was afraid of what could happen in a room filled with people armed to the teeth.

The glass Raaz was clenching was actually a Death Bomb that would destroy the life force of whoever was struck by it.

Elina\'s wooden spoon was capable of controlling all the arrays in the house and turning the home appliances into war machines.

Luckily for Kamila, her army amulet started to blink before the situation could escalate further.

The hologram of the Queen appeared in the middle of the room without Kamila\'s touching the amulet, proving that she had used the Royal Override.

Enough! Her voice roared like thunder.

Neither distance or the ethereal nature of the hologram managed to lessen the imposing presence of the Queen.

Commander Ulpar can\'t answer your questions because he doesn\'t know anything. Sylpha looked around the room, making sure that everyone had regained their cool.

Mage Verhen, I can understand your outrage but not your childish behavior.

A mage incapable of controlling their emotions can\'t control the elements and it\'s nothing but a liability for the Kingdom. Only experience and self-control allowed the Queen to keep her voice stern and her eyes steady instead of checking Tista out.

Members of the Verhen household and their guests, you knew from the moment Lith Verhen joined the army that his life wouldn\'t be his own anymore.

The Kingdom has required many sacrifices for him and is about to ask one more.

You can choose to witness the last moments of Great Mage Verhen or you can stay cooped up home.

Either way, I will not allow you to endanger my plans to protect the Kingdom, even at the cost of arresting you all. At those words, all of those present turned pale as ghosts.

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