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Chapter 2075 Contingency Plans (Part 1)

Solus had made a full recovery after the battle of Belius and was happy to have the opportunity to celebrate Lith\'s Magus title in person.

Since it was a private ceremony, Lith had prepared for her a pristine white Supreme Magus robe matching his own.

Many raised an eyebrow at the sight but asked no questions.

Kamila was deeply embarrassed by the story about the drunken Zinya and Vastor\'s attempts to make her keep her clothes on.

Lith offering her drinks non-stop only made things worse.

As for the Hydra, she was a sucker for gossip and she wanted to know everything about what had happened during the dance.

The Queen is damn right. Faluel nodded after listening about Lith\'s conversation with Sylpha.

If we win this war, you\'ll hold a power second maybe only to the Royals.

You will be the Supreme Magus, the hero of the people, and the bridge not only between humans and beasts, but also between regular humans and Awakened.

I\'m not interested in that kind of power.

It would just take a lot of time from my experiments and Kamila. Lith shuddered at the thought.

By the way, what did the Empress want to talk with you about The Hydra asked.


Royal Palace, a few seconds after Phloria had left the dancefloor.

Nice to meet you again, Supreme Magus Verhen.

Would you do me the honor of this dance Her long honey-hued hair sparkled under the magical light when she gave him a curtsy.

Lith stared at his dance card for a couple of seconds before his brain was forced to admit that the Milea Genys listed as third was actually the Magic Empress of the Gorgon Empire.

He hastily put the lily pendant into the breast pocket of his jacked to avoid questions that would\'ve been too painful to answer.

Of course. He gave her a deep bow and took Milea\'s hand as the music started.

To what do I owe this pleasure You have my rune and if you wanted to talk, all you had to do was to make a call.

\'By my Mom!\' Solus said in amazement.

\'Her dress is no dress at all.

It\'s a full suit of armor of untold power.\'

\'You mean it has shapeshifted like my Voidwalker armor\' Lith asked.

\'No, or the guards at the entrance would have never let her in with such a powerful artifact.

What the Empress wears is pure Davross whose density and shape have been rearranged to imitate silk.

\'Its cloaking enchantment is so good that it fooled even my mana sense.\'

\'How did you notice it, then\' Lith was quite puzzled at the revelation.

\'Invigoration on contact.\' She replied, making him turn pale.

First, I don\'t have your rune, I have Salaark\'s. Milea said with a sly smile.

Second, I knew that your partner would never miss such an important occasion and I wanted the opportunity to speak with both of you.

Her slender fingers clenched Lith\'s stone ring like a vice.

Using a breathing technique on me was quite rude so don\'t blame me if I return the favor. The Empress scanned the ring to the best of her abilities and ignored Lith.

\'Damn, Solus, why did you do that\' He asked.

\'I didn\'t study her! I know that an Awakened can feel Invigoration.

That\'s why I used it solely on the dress.\' She replied in embarrassment.

\'How was I supposed to know it has an alarm system\'

Interesting. Milea said.

Aside from the fact that you two share the same energy signature, I failed to learn anything meaningful about your other significant half.

What do you want Lith had managed to keep Solus a secret from the Council and the Crown.

The Empress knowing about her wasn\'t good news.

First, I wanted to congratulate you on becoming a Magus.

I had high hopes of becoming one myself, especially since Leegaain is my mentor.

Yet ever since I took the throne, the throne in turn took my life. Milea sighed, regretting being forced to spend so much time on paperwork and so little on the actual practice of magic.

Second, I\'m here to offer you a contingency plan.

I\'m all ears. Lith replied.

You\'ve gotten yourself a sweet deal with the Royals and I\'m aware I can\'t make you a better offer, but that only stands for now.

A cautious man like you must have taken into consideration that the Kingdom might lose the war.

At that point, the knowledge you have shared with them would be lost and you\'d become the Supreme Magus in name only.

Also, we both know that after the Kingdom, Thrud will conquer the Empire and after that, it will be a battle between tyrants.

I know how fond you are of the Overlord, but that\'s because so far she was the one giving while you just took.

Once she becomes involved in the conflict, she\'ll demand you to bend the knee and obey or to get out of her turf. Milea said.

Sounds like Grandma. Lith grunted.

I\'m different and so is the Empire.

My country values magical knowledge beyond anything else and what the Royals presented here tonight is enough to earn you complete freedom under my rule.

All I\'m asking you is to make with me the same deal you have with the Royals after the Kingdom falls.

You\'d get your land, a safe place for your family, and to pick your battles.

Why should I come to you instead of Salaark He asked.

To not get cornered and because I have a trump card that I\'m nurturing. Milea nodded at Kelia.

I have the Red Sun on my side already.

Unlike Thrud, my Horseman is willing to cooperate.

With Dusk\'s expertise, reverse engineering the portable towers will be easier than studying Moonlight.

He knows his steed like the back of his hand whereas Baba Yaga\'s cloaking spells will prove to be a tough nut to crack.

With the two of you on the same side, the Empire will be invincible.

Especially after Dusk will help you master your bloodline abilities.

Remember that the Red Sun is the greatest expert in life force manipulation.

Who knows, he might even find a way to fix your life force.

Deal. Lith replied.

Good. The music stopped and Milea gracefully stepped away.

I have booked Kelia your fourth dance so that the four of you can talk a bit.

You lot have much in common.

The young girl awkwardly walked to him a few seconds later, blushing up to her ears every time her gaze met that of another guest.

Her uniform felt three sizes smaller and shrinking, her throat was clenched from stress, and she was certain that the nobles in the rooms laughed at her back every time she gawked at one of the magical marvels of the Banquet Hall.

The only reason she had yet to burst into tears was Dusk soothing her mind and taking the wheel every time she felt overwhelmed.

To make matters worse, Kelia was a skilled dancer but she had never done it in front of so many people and Lith was the most handsome man she had ever seen.

\'She\'s really pretty.

Dusk must have Awakened her early.

She\'ll become as beautiful as Tista.\' Solus said and Lith agreed.

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