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Chapter 2070 First of His Kind (Part 2)

\'Let\'s see what kind of strings came with my magnificent custom title.\' Lith said via the mind link while Solus returned to his finger.

\'There\'s no reason to jinx it.\' Kamila took the King\'s hand, leaving her place to Sylpha.

\'You\'ve already given them a lot.

What more could they ask for\'

The dance started again and the Royals waited for the music to be loud enough to cover their words before starting to talk.

With her 1.62 meters (5\'4) of height, Sylpha was one good head shorter than Lith.

While they shifted to find a comfortable distance to talk while looking at each other in the eyes, Lith had the opportunity to notice the seven colored streaks in her hair.

On top of that, there were kindness and grace in her movements.

They softened the cold impression from her sharp features that otherwise would make her look like a disgruntled sergeant ready to disciple a recruit.

First of all, allow me to congratulate you again.

Know that I really believe what I said earlier, it wasn\'t just a political play. The Queen said.

I truly consider you the first of your kind, but giving you Silverwing\'s same title would have meant to make you the second to achieve it and undermined your status.

I couldn\'t allow people to compare the two of you because a living man will never be a match for a legend of the past.

Silverwing is gone whereas you are here and that\'s the only thing that matters.

Actually, Silverwing is alive and well. Lith smiled awkwardly.

Really The Royals asked in unison.


I met her a couple of times and I\'m glad you gave me a different title.

She\'s not someone you want to argue with.

Even if she has Awakened, Silverwing should be decrepit by now. The King pondered.

Is that the reason she hasn\'t come forward to help us


She just doesn\'t care. Lith shook his head, making them turn pale.

Let\'s just say that the First Magus doesn\'t like how your ancestors used her knowledge.

She\'s still on the fence deciding who between you and Thrud is more suited for the throne.

Fair enough. Sylpha sighed, well aware of the failures of the past monarchs.

This makes our burden even heavier, but so does yours.

What do you mean Lith asked.

We didn\'t give you a special title just because of how it sounded in official documents.

We did that because you are our best shot at taking the Kingdom out of the slump it has been stuck in for too long.

Over a thousand years have passed since the foundation of this country, yet we can\'t still disclose to the public that half of Valeron\'s companions were not humans.

The First King hoped that with time, the divide between the races would disappear.

He entrusted to his descendants to reveal the truth when the time was right but that moment never came.

At least until now.

Thrud\'s army is comprised of all races which actually helps us.

Not only are the inhabitants of the occupied territories getting used to living with them, but it also forces even the most bigoted fossil in our ranks to work with our non-human allies in order to survive.

I have no idea who will win the War of the Griffons, but I want to believe that whoever sits on the throne will rule over a better country.

A place where society has learned to embrace our differences instead of rejecting them in fear.

If Thrud wins, I have no doubt that she is going to use her slave array to discipline whoever causes her trouble.

She is not human, nor is her husband or any of her aides.

They are not going to be received well and I bet she\'ll solve the problem like she does with everything else.

With violence. Sylpha took a short pause to give Lith the time to think about what would come next.

If we win, however, our burden will be much greater and no one will have to carry it more than you.

Telling people that Fyrwal is a Hydra and that Tessa is a Titania would just sound like an attempt to rewrite history.

Their legend is built on a lie that is hard to expose without putting at risk the very legacy of Valeron and the four finding pillars.

You instead are more than a myth.

Those who have taken part in your achievements are still alive and no one can question what you did or who you are.

You are a Divine Beast married to a human woman and after today, everyone will know that you are also a Magus who\'s giving his everything to the Kingdom.

From this day onward, what you do and say will go down in history books.

You will become the hero of this country and the living proof that the races can coexist.

You will be the foundation from which everything our allies from the Council will build up.

The keystone that will allow us to disclose the real story about the foundation of the Kingdom.

After witnessing the projections of the battle of the Heavenly Wolf tavern, of the fight for Belius, and everything that will come next, people won\'t be able to dismiss the truth.

At least not easily.

The legend of Valeron will strengthen yours while yours will make Valeron\'s believable.

The past will connect with the present to draw a picture of our future.

A future where plants, humans, beasts, and maybe even undead will work together.

It will take time and a lot of work, but I promise you that the Crown will do everything it can to keep your younger siblings, your relatives, and your descendants to suffer like you did. Queen Sylpha managed to not miss a step during the whole speech.

Lith was about to retort that he didn\'t give a damn about the Kingdom when he thought of Protector, Marth, Aran, Leria, and his little sister who had yet to be born.

\'I could just bring them all to the Desert, but if Thrud wins, they would just trade one war for another.

Between the immortality array, the secret of the violet core, and the power of Night\'s tower, the conflict with Grandma might last forever.

\'I don\'t want them to grow up in fear.

I don\'t want my parents to give up on their life\'s work nor for Kami to be treated for her whole life like a freak because of me.

I want them to be happy.\' He thought.

Is this the reason you made me the Supreme Magus Just for public relationships He asked, his tone deadpan.

Again, no.

I believe in what I said and I sincerely hope that future Magi will follow your example rather than Silverwing\'s.

Yet I\'d be lying if I said that it has nothing to do with our plans for after the war. Sylpha replied.

Conflicts suck and cost countless lives, but they can make people accept changes that under any other circumstance they would fight to the death.

In a way, by sitting out of the conflict the Empire is at loss.

Were we to triumph, we\'ll achieve in the following few years what will take them decades.

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