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Chapter 2016 Switching Roles (Part 2)

We can use this as an opportunity to test the waters before moving back to Lutia.

I\'m as weak as your mother, but at least I\'ll have Jirni with me.

If push comes to shove, you\'ll only have to rescue me. Kamila said.

Her plan was perfect.

It would test the goodwill of the Royals, check if there were traitors among the nobles, and even worked as a test run for the hazing that the Verhens should be expecting upon their return.

It was the kind of plan that Lith would have devised if he didn\'t care one bit about Kamila, turning her into a bait.

I\'m not going to use you like a disposable tool. Lith closed in to her, hugging her tightly.

His wings popped out of his back, wrapping around her in an attempt to protect Kamila from the rest of Mogar.

You are my light in the darkness.

My beating heart.

I\'m not going to lie, you gave me the strength to overcome one of my darkest moments and the wall that kept me from reaching the violet, but you are weak.

I can afford to go back to the Kingdom on my own because I\'m strong.

Between my nature as a Divine Beast and my magic, it takes a lot to harm me let alone capture me.

You, instead, can easily die even by the hand of a human.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness but the answer is no.

I won\'t let you out of my sight at least until after I receive the title of Magus.

After the ceremony, I\'ll already have a good grasp of the situation and we can decide if it\'s safe enough for you as well.

I wasn\'t asking for your permission, I was only sharing my decision with you! Kamila pushed him away, taking a step back as anger flushed her cheeks.

I know that I\'m weak compared to you, but that\'s the exact reason I must go first.

If it\'s you, they\'ll prepare something terrible.

Something that might kill you in the case capturing you should prove to be impossible.

I have no value as a corpse.

If there\'s a traitor among the army or if the Royals are planning to double-cross you, they\'ll have to take me alive.

It will both give you the time to prepare instead of falling into a trap and to rescue me.

I may be taking a big risk, but you going to war is no cakewalk either.

I\'ll face weak enemies because I\'m weak just like you\'ll face Divine Beasts, immortal Awakened, and the gods know what else.

How is it any less dangerous

She stared him in the eyes, her gaze as cold as her voice.

It\'s not, but I can take care of myself-

And so do I! Kamila yelled.

Even after we broke up, I kept working as a Constable and faced the worst scum of Mogar.

When the war started, I visited the front and kept doing my job even without the protection of the almighty Archmage Verhen, and guess what

I\'m still alive! Neither Meln\'s undead nor Thrud\'s goon managed to get past the Kingdom\'s security.

Why should this be any different

Because now you are not just my ex, you are my wife! Lith\'s voice rose as well in anger, his violet aura spreading throughout the room.

On top of that, back then you had someone you could trust.

The Kingdom had your back whereas now everyone is our enemy!

Why is everything always about you and who do you think you are to make decisions for me The aura didn\'t bother Kamila as she glared at him without taking a single step back.

Because I\'m the one they want and I\'m playing this game from the day I was born! Lith replied in anger.

You have no idea of how stupid all this conversation sounds.

Then what\'s the point of you asking the Royals to give me back my job She poked at his chest.

I understand that you are scared and just want to protect me, but this is too much.

I\'m not a damn pet that you can keep under your wing or locked inside your tower out of fear.

I\'m a grown ass woman and I deserve to live my life however I want! If you don\'t understand this, it\'s your problem, not mine.

I asked them to make you a Constable again because I know how much your career matters to you and how hard you worked for it.

Yet the plan was for you to get reinstated after the end of the war, not now. Lith replied

Also, I\'m not doing it out of fear.

It\'s just a precaution.

I\'m only asking you to wait until we understand how much we can trust the Royals.

Let me get this straight.

You know better, you are the only one who is allowed to risk his life, and my opinion doesn\'t matter at all. Her rage simmered into scorn.

The fact that I\'m not an Awakened doesn\'t make me your puppet!

How can you say that Lith felt his rationality slipping.

I\'ve always valued your opinions and sought your advice before making an important decision.

\'Kami has never been so stubborn.

Why does she refuse to see the truth\' He thought in annoyance.

If you value my opinion only when I agree with you, then you don\'t value it at all! She replied.

I refuse to stay cooped up in the Desert while you risk your life.

We\'re in this together and I\'m going to pull my weight, whether you like it or not.

\'Lith has always been stubborn, but this borders on idiocy.

How can he not see that I\'m just trying to help\' She thought.

Well, if this is what you think of me, then our marriage has been a huge mistake! He said in anger.

I don\'t need another liability.

At those words, Kamila blinked several times, taking a step back as if he had just slapped her.

It took her a few seconds to regain her balance and use the pain to further fuel her anger.

Calling this a mistake is an understatement.

I can\'t believe I threw my life in the gutter for a pompous, ungrateful asshole.

You know what You are right.

I should have never come to the Desert.

You are not worth it. Her rage was cold as his was hot but no less cruel.

Lith faltered, his eyes wide open.

If I\'m such a disgusting being, then you should leave.

Once again you are right.

I should.

Too bad that because of you I have nowhere left to go.

The Kingdom took away everything I had and I won\'t stand you robbing me of my freedom.

A long silence befell the room while they both planned their next move, trying to find the words that would hurt the other the most.

Yet they never spoke them.

You are right and I\'m sorry. Lith sighed deeply, sitting on a chair before his strength left him.

Meln taking you hostage, the Balkor card Zinya received, everything you and your family went through was because of me.

I wish we never met.

You\'d probably be living a normal, happy life.

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