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Chapter 1814: Party Crushers (Part 2)

“Any argument the parents have about the Awakening while the child i s still alive becomes a matter of grudge after their death and the one w ho wanted to Awaken them will blame the other for their death.

“Surtr shared with me the secret of the white core exactly because he c ouldnt bear the thought of losing me.

We have lost a few children a lready, but thanks to the natural longevity of our species, it has n ever come down to age…”

Only then did Rethia notice that the music had stopped and that e veryone was listening to her lecture about marriage.

‘Oh gods, I killed the party! How do I fix that She asked Surtr via a m ind link.

“Where is this famous ice cream Ive heard so much talking about“

He asked.

“Mom, I hope you wont mind if I ask Lith the recipe.”

“Dont you dare share it with him, Lith!” Sinmara said.

“This is not my home.

Here I am a guest as any other.” Salaark shook h er head.

“Lith is free to do whatever he wants.“

“But, Mom!” A bit of family drama about ice cream was all it took for t he mood to lighten up and people to chuckle at Sinmara trying to p ick up a fight with her brother.

After them, Aerth arrived as well.

Lith introduced the Blue Phoenix to e veryone, explaining that he didnt bear gifts because he had already g iven Solus one.

Then arrived the Ernas sisters and, much to Lith‘s surprise, Phloria as w ell.

“What does she do here” He asked.

“l invited her to thank her for taking me to you after Man0hars d eath.” Solus replied.

“After spending that night together, 1 think its t ime that l try to mend our relationship.”

The more people anived the more awkward Lith felt.

Soluss birthday w as turning into an even more complex event than his, and that s poke volumes of the figures that walked through the room, chit- c hatting.

‘As far as I know, Solus and Phloria never got along ever since I

Awakened her.

This doesnt bode well. Lith thought, without even k nowing that the worst had yet to come.

The double doors of the ballroom opened once again, letting in more u nexpected guests.

Baba Yaga in her Mother form and Lochra Silverwing walked briskly to Solus in their magnificent evening dresses, hugging her as if she has j ust escaped mortal danger.

“Thank the gods you are alright, Elphyn.

I was afraid to lose you f orever.” The Mother looked great in her cream—colored dress.

It had a square neckline and was decorated with a solar pattern.

More than her beauty it was the warm tenderness that she exuded t hat made the male guests turn their necks to look at her way longer t han it was polite.

Aerth studied her with interest, waiting for the r ight moment to make his move.

“Malyshka Loka What are you doing here and what are you talking a bout” Solus asked in confusion as the rest of the room readied their s pells in case Silverwing tried something funny.

“We know everything about what Bytra did to you and your mother.”

The First Magus said while her chestnut eyes scanned the room, a lmost fearing that the Abomination might pop out at any moment.

She wore a dark blue dress embroidered in gold and diamonds.

Her l ight blond hair streaked all over with the seven colors of the e lements produced small rainbows as she turned her head left and r ight.

“l told them.

l hope you dont mind it.“ Salaark said.

“l thought that as t wo of Riphas oldest friends, they had the right to know.”

“l‘m so happy to see that you are alright.” Both Baba Yaga and Silven/ving referred to her tribulation, but Solus thought they were j ust scared that during Vastors wedding Bytra might have attempted t o finish the job she had started centuries back.

“I hate to admit it, but you worried for nothing.“ Solus spat every w ord, putting in it as much spite as she could.

“The Bytra I met is not t he same that killed my mother, I‘m sure of it.

Otherwise I would have k illed her on the spot.

“Shes more like a daughter who has inherited her mothers memories a nd it wouldnt be fair to make her pay for something she didnt do.

The old Bytra died and my only gripe with it is that she didnt suffer e nough.”

The Mother and Lochra exchanged a puzzled look, quickly figuring o ut the misunderstanding.

Solus had no idea of her recently u ndergone a world tribulation of her own.

Not wanting to further ruin her birthday or to burden her mind with a p roblem they had no solution for, they decided that ignorance was b liss.

“I‘m glad to hear it.” Silverwing let go of her goddaughter and turned t o Lith.

“l want to sincerely apologize for my previous behavior.

I was w rong in doubting you and your relationship with Elphyn.

l hope that y ou can forgive me.”

She gave him a deep bow, leaving everyone flabbergasted.

Lith and Solus kept doubting her, not knowing that her sudden c hange of heart had solid foundations.

A world tribulation could h appen only when the will of an individual resonated with Mogars.

Someone enslaved could never experience a tribulation because their a ctions would be a reflection of their masters will instead of their o wn.

The personality of a slave couldnt resonate with Mogar simply b ecause they werent allowed to have one.

“Well see.“ Lith said, noticing that they both had brought more p aintings for Solus.

“Youll be our guest for now, but the moment you s how hostility toward me or any member of my family, Ill kick you o ut.”

A quick bright white blaze in the eyes of Surtr, Rethia, Sinmara, and e ven Salaark told the First Magus that she was one step away from o blivion.

Yet she didnt care.

“Ill keep that in mind.” She nodded.

“Please, if you ever change your m ind and decide to turn that traitorous horse into a steak, let me k now.

Id be also glad to help you in case you need anything that d oesnt involve my secrets.

“Im sorry but having an eternal life also means having no need for an h eir.

I dont plan to share my legacy unless strictly necessary.”

Lith couldnt help but click his tongue in disappointment.

“Malyshka what happened to V|adion” Solus asked.

“We have tried c ontacting him but he never answered and not even his family in Lightkeep knows anything.“

“He was almost killed by Nights Chosen after he called you.” Baba Yaga replied.

“He survived solely because of my bond with the Firstborns that gives me their dimensional coordinates.

“Once he realized that he had no way out, he called for me and I r escued him.

Hes Currently recovering in my house where I brought h is family to keep him company.

These are the documents he had p romised you.

They should clear any suspicion the Kingdom has a bout you.”

Lith and Solus sighed in relief at the news.

Solus had been worried for Vladion while Lith just didnt want to take care of his family as he had p romised.

Also, the documents about Orpal would clear his image to t he Royal Court, making his life easier.

“Malyshka, I need your help.” He said, exploiting the unique o pportunity in front of him.

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