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Chapter 1578 - The Suneater (Part 2)

The blue-robed man and everyone standing in front of it tried to fly away, yet the air magic imbued in Howling Hunger sucked them in with the strength of a tornado.

Then, they Blinked, only to discover that the black wave had Blinked as well, making their effort useless.

Those who had moved in the opposite direction from the fake Fallmug still had a chance to make it out alive but only because Howling Hunger ignored them to follow its mark.

The blue-robed man kept Blinking non-stop and so did Tezka's spell.

He tried to move towards the members of the Queen's Corps, hoping that the monster would worry about them as well, but the Fylgja didn't give a damn about anyone but the Yehvals.

He stood between the fake Fallmug and Zinya's house so that the only way that anyone could get close to them was by going through him.

'I would love to drive this huge ass spell back at that wench's home, but if I do that, I'll find myself between a rock and a hard place.

The silver lining is that the further I get from that wolf guy, the easier escaping from his spell should become.

'I have no idea how darkness magic can be this fast, but all elements can only get so far away from their caster before losing their integrity.

By keeping my distance, I have already halved the power of the spell and soon-'

You never fought against a dimensional mage, didn't you Tezka appeared behind the blue-robed man while he was focused on setting up his best defenses against the seemingly inevitable attack.

The Fylgja being so close to Howling Hunger returned the spell to its full might while a fist to the fake Fallmug's back shattered his spine and sent him crashing against the tidal wave of Chaos.

Tezka wasn't really scared for Zinya, he had kept his position solely to lure the enemy into a trap.

The Spirit Tail that he had left with them wore his Suneater armor that just like his new Endless Night sword was made of pure Davross.

One of the perks of being a regular sized creature was that Tezka could actually use the Davross ingots that he had hoarded through the millennia for himself.

A humanoid body required much less metal than that necessary to cover a creature the size of a Dragon.

On top of that, many quality-of-life spells such as weight reduction or the ability to compress and expand at will weren't necessary, allowing the Fylgja to have Bytra enchant the armor solely with battle-oriented skills.

Even though his Spirit Tail was weak, as long as it had such powerful equipment, it could take on almost any opponent.

Much to Tezka's surprise, the enemy once again ignored the pain and kept a cool head, unleashing the blue, orange, red, and yellow elemental spheres that surrounded him against the Eldritch, keeping for himself only the silver and the black ones.

Howling Hunger engulfed the fake Fallmug, wrapping itself around its mark while also killing all the mercenaries it encountered on its path before imploding.

'There is something wrong with this guy.' Tezka thought while his tails intercepted the hail of tier five Warden, Battle Mage, and War Mage spells that the blue-robed man had thrown against him.

Fylgjas were unable to use Domination, but each one of their tails was still imbued with the power of a different element, allowing them to absorb the mana and world energy of any spell, adding them to their core.

'A regular human would have died from just one of my punches while even an Awakened would have fainted from the shock of having their body messed up like that.

I'm certain that my last hit broke his spine, keeping him from using any breathing technique.

'Then how the heck did he manage to move his arms and launch such a precise counter attack a split second later'

Once the link with their caster was severed, the copycat's spells lacked the willpower needed to escape the tails' pull.

Tezka exerted but a shred of his focus to overwhelm the energy signature of the opponent and turn what was supposed to be a deadly attack into a full course meal.

When Howling Hunger disappeared, the fake Fallmug was still standing.

His body was battered and his armor full of cracks, but he had somehow escaped from the jaws of death.

You are persistent, kid, I'll give you that.

But if your skill amounts only to this much, you are already dead.

I merely threw three punches and one spell whereas you already have a foot in the grave. The Fylgja said.

Appearances are deceiving. Even though the man was bleeding from every orifice of his body and seemed to be on the verge of fainting, he still had the gaze of someone who was sure of his victory.

Tezka cursed his own lack of Life Vision that forced him to waste time studying his opponents to notice if they had a breathing technique or not.

You aren't here to kill me, but to protect that sow and her piglets.

Then answer me this: why hire a few mercenary groups when you can afford them all The blue-robed man pointed at the Warp Steps from which people kept coming out.

Tezka recognized among them the Talons, the Black Dragons, the Quicksands, and even the Grim Reapers from Verendi.

They were all irregular armies comprised of elite soldiers on par with the Queen's Corps.

Now choose.

Do you want to stay here and waste time fighting me or go save those insects The copycar pointed at Zinya's home, where all the mercenaries who had already gotten rid of their respective opponents rushed to.

Clever plan, but no matter how many specks of dust you gather, it only takes a gust of wind to scatter them! Tezka replied while unleashing a barrage of tier four Chaos spells, Howling Void.

Each one of the black spears was as thick as a small tree and as fast as a bullet.

Unlike Howling Hunger, the distance wouldn't weaken them since they required no willpower.

They darted through the nearest enemy lines, killing all those on their path while moving to intercept the mercenaries that were approaching Zinya's home.

The fake Fallmug spread his arms, conjuring a wall of healing light.

None of the Howling Voids got past the copycat because as soon as they touched the light, they reverted into simple darkness magic that faded away after just a few meters.

Interesting. Tezka nodded in approval.

That's how you survived my first spell.

You used the light energy to convert the Chaos into darkness that you then countered with your own.

This is not your first fight against an Abomination.

How can you be so calm The blue-robed man had the upper hand, yet he could feel that something was wrong.

Your precious Zinya is about to die and yet here you are, talking with me.

Tezka replied with a maniacal laughter as a black pillar appeared in the morning sky where his Spirit tail was..

At the same time, his nine tails pointed at the fake Fallmug and the fur on their tips opened, revealing as many spells of untold power.


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