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Chapter 1260 - Faluels Plan (Part 2)

Lith was shocked to see a violet spot in the blue mana blazing from his eyes.

Even the edges of his bright blue aura now burned with violet bursts of light.

On top of that, his two life forces had further mixed together.

The red and blue, respectively from the human and the beast side, slowly seeped in the hollow sphere of the Abomination which in turn fed them with a black energy that nurtured them instead of poisoning them.

The three different energy signatures flowed into each other, offering and encountering no resistance as if their different color was just for show.

Tell me everything you have experienced while fusing with those souls.

I think the experience of being part of a whole might have brought you near the enlightenment you need for your final step.

If I\'m right, that\'s what you felt almost clicking and I might be able to instruct you about how to take the next steps.

If it doesn\'t involve my family technique, of course. Faluel said with a gentle smile.

Lith told her all he could remember about his latest proto-Guardian form.

How he had been unable to tap into the true power of the many mana cores and life forces that had become part of him until War had shown him how.

The good news is that your sword is a damn masterpiece and that I was right about your state.

You went this close to reaching a violet core. Faluel brought her right thumb and index finger less than a centimeter apart.

The bad news is that I can\'t help you.

Your method and mine are too similar.

If I say any more, I\'d have to either kill you or force you into marriage with me to preserve my secrets and you are a bit too young for my taste. She chuckled.

Go home now.

We\'ll resume your apprenticeship after you\'ve unwound a bit.

You deserve some real rest.

The Warp Steps to Lith\'s house opened again, yet after crossing over he didn\'t take a single step forward.

\'Do you want to come with me or would you rather stay on the geyser\' Lith asked.

\'Thank you so much.\' Solus\'s voice sniffled.

\'You have no idea how much it means to me that even now you worry about getting my body back as fast as possible.

Staying over the geyser would help me recover, but I don\'t want to be alone.

\'I need our family more than I need power.\'

Lith nodded and deactivated the protective arrays.

Only then could he see through the cloaking of the house and notice that light came from its windows despite the late hour.

\'It makes sense.

Faluel said that she warned my family and Tista\'s return must have woken them up.\' He thought.

Yet after walking through the door, Lith discovered that aside from the children asleep on the couches, everyone was wide awake and dressed as if it was the middle of the day instead of that of the night.

Tista was sobbing in Elina\'s embrace as she told her mother how she had been forced to kill Khalia and many of the Kolgans\' prisoners to relieve them from their misery.

A Hush spell covered the ears of the kids while the others listened to her story with such dread that they almost didn\'t notice Lith\'s arrival.

Thank the gods you\'re here.

I was worried sick about you the entire time. Kamila was unexpectedly there as well, still wearing her light blue constable uniform.

When I saw your contact rune flickering, I feared the worst. She whispered in his ear, confirming to him that everything that had happened in the Mindscape was more than a dream.

Kamila hugged Lith, feeling that there was something different about him and that his burden had to be as bad as Tista\'s if not even worse.

For the first time since they had been together, there was no warmth nor passion in his eyes, only fear.

A lot has happened. Lith almost cracked in her embrace, as if his deadly touch might go haywire any second and kill her.

What are you doing here this late, Kami

\'Calling it my Abomination side is a joke.

I\'m no human, nor beast, just another undead.\' He had considered the possibility ever since he had met Scarlett the Scorpicore, but speculating and knowing were two completely different matters.

Faluel warned me of your return and in turn I informed Jirni.

She was so happy to have all of her daughters back home that she took a day\'s leave for the both of us without me even asking. She was glad to hear Lith using her moniker.

It meant that not everything was lost.

I\'m glad to hear that Friya and Quylla are back as well.

We have a lot of catching up to do. Lith nodded while gently freeing himself from her embrace.

Come here, Dad.

I really need a hug.

Kamila didn\'t miss his lukewarm reaction nor that he barely touched even the members of his family.

Yet instead of reassuring her, it made her worry even more.

The person that had returned from Jiera only looked like her boyfriend.

Rena and Raaz noticed the change as well, yet with Tista already crying, they assumed that Kolga had been bad enough to put a dent even in Lith\'s armor.

They let Tista finish her story before asking him what was wrong.

It\'s a long story and it\'s already late.

It can wait until tomorrow morning. Lith sighed.

Are you sure Now that Tista had taken her burden off her chest, she had gone to the bathroom to wash her face, leaving Elina free to perform her usual check-up on Lith.

You seem more than just tired.

If you let some wounds fester, they might leave a scar that not even time can heal. She took his face between her hands, checking for signs of malnutrition before patting his shoulders and arms for injuries.

I was thinking about giving those assholes of the Council a piece of my mind for putting the life of my children at risk, but first I need your permission.

Would it embarrass you if I told them to shove their trials up their asses and leave you alone

Judging from her gaze, Elina was dead serious and it made Lith smile.

The thought of that small, weak woman ready to argue with some of the most ancient and powerful beings on Garlen that could kill her with a mean look was beyond absurd.

At the same time, it moved Lith beyond what words could express.

No matter how many changes he went through or how powerful he became.

In Elina\'s eyes, he was still the little boy that she would protect at any cost.

Thanks, Mom, but it\'s not necessary. He said while hugging her longer and tighter than the others.

I promise that tomorrow I\'ll tell you everything, but now I really need some sleep.

Lith opened the door to his room, waiting for Kamila to join him.

\'On the one hand, I\'m happy he\'s not sending me off to Zinya\'s house.

On the other hand, the way he keeps the door open smells like a we need to talk speech.\' She thought while walking inside and wishing the others a good night.

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