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Ladies and Gentlemen, How are you coping up with this heat! Marlion asked through his microphone.

He was sitting at a commentary table mid-air above millions of spectators, who were seated with shallow or no clothes at all under the shade of a humongous umbrella.

The umbrella was blocking the scorching sunlight from reaching them, as well as lowering the heat to the bare minimum.

Unfortunately, Felix and the players, who were each standing near their hovercars, did not enjoy the same treatment.

As the only protection they had, were the sunglasses they bought earlier.

Thank god for that.

I ain\'t even feeling it!

On my planet, this heat was called absolute zero!

When you are going to brag, at least make some sense, you f*cking retard.

The spectators yelled their responses with red faces and sweaty foreheads, creating a symphony of unrecognizable noises.

This was Marlion true aim, to hear as much noise as possible.

It didn\'t matter what they say, as long as the atmosphere was hyped, it meant he was doing his job well.

Now let\'s begin interviewing our dear players.

It seems like some of them are not handling the heat well. He laughed in a mocking manner while pointing his microphone at some players, who were crouching next to their cars, trying to take cover from the suns.

Hahahaha! What p*ssies! Can\'t even handle such a breeze!

The crowd laughed out loud with him after seeing this sight.

But the players did not feel ashamed at all, as they remained in the same position.

\'F*cking bastards laughing because they are hiding under an umbrella, I dare them to stay 5 seconds in this weather.\'Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._47498409573148821 for visiting.

\'F*ck! I feel my skin is melting.\'

\'Is it too late to give up racing\'

Those players either did not practice like Felix in the Training Center or did not manage to secure a room for themselves.

Thus having to deal with this 59°C weather for the first time.

Felix was also not doing well under the heat since his outfit was truly messing him up badly.

But he could only endure it until the 30 minutes of interviews end, so he could enjoy the coolness of his car.


Marlion didn\'t dilly dally anymore and nosedived speedily until he smashed into the ground.

He then began the interview segment with the prettiest girl in the players.

He pointed his microphone near her face and asked her with his left side mouth smiling, Madam Pluto, Can you share with us your reason for participation

She did a peace sign to the streaming camera at her right and said cutely.

It\'s of course because of the loyal fans that supported me in every game, whether I won or lost. She then blew a kiss to the camera and drew a heart in the air.

Give me a f*cking break already.

We are dying from the heat here and you are making it even worse by your cringy Idol performance. Irritated, Felix banged his head with the car roof as he murmured.

We Love you Plutooo!...

Smile at me, Pluto!

Have my Babies Pluto, Ouch!! who the hell slapped my neck

However, only Felix and other players thought so.

As for the male audience They all went into a frenzy, removing their shirts and spinning them above their heads.

That\'s an honorable reason Madam Pluto, I admire you for it. Marlion strict and vicious persona from the game hall was no more, as he said with a moved expression.

Tell us what do you wish for when you win

I wish for my fans to live forever to accompany me. Madam Pluto pouted, But I know that\'s too much to ask.

So I only want beautifying flower to appear more breathtaking.

I am only doing this for my fans. She added the last part while pointing her finger at the camera in a cute manner.

Felix almost vomited on the hood of his car after hearing her twist the wish to make it seem like she was doing it for her fans.

\'Should I eliminate her first for ruining my mood\' Felix pondered seriously while looking at the short curly-haired girl that appeared just like a doll.

\'Never mind, others will take care of her.\' He switched to other players and saw that the majority were already about to lose their ** under this heat plus this constant torture by Pluto.

Marlion did not linger anymore next to her after hearing a positive response from the audience.

He walked between the different shapes of cars and types to search for a unique player that would hype the game even more.

Soon, he saw Felix with his hoodie on, banging his head lightly on the car\'s roof like a retard.

It seemed like his heavy outfit under this heat started to affect his mentality.

Marlion eyes brightened a bit and rushed towards Felix, but suddenly, he stopped after seeing a tag above Felix\'s head that says \'No Interviews.\'

Tsk, thinking yourself as a hotshot Moron, later you will beg to be interviewed by us. Marlion didn\'t bother with Felix anymore after seeing that tag.

He merely scoffed and left to interview other players.


Before long, the interview segment finished and the players were requested to enter their cars in order to prepare for the start.

Yet, before they turned their engines on, some cars got their heavy modifications instantly removed, turning a giant beast into a n.a.k.e.d rat.

Felix snickered at those morons, who already lost the race before it even began.

How were they going to race, when their defensive and offensive parts were removed randomly Some cars even had their entire launchers removed, leaving the owners no tears to shed.

Still, they turned on their engines with watery eyes and prayed to survive the game with their lackl.u.s.ter modification.

The audience cheered passionately after seeing the 46 cars lift up slowly until they reached 70 meters in height.

then, hovered in their places without moving an inch.

Felix\'s luck was quite bad as he got placed right in the middle of the pack.

This would hinder him greatly when he tries to break off and fly solo.

Not to mention, two of his targets were placed quite near him.

This would make it even worse after they focus their attacks on him during the upcoming chaos.

Let\'s see, if you are going keep your c.o.c.ky attitude after I destroy you. Tiger Claw licked his lips as he gazed at Felix\'s vehicle that was in front of him.

Marlion after seeing that everyone was in their position began the countdown while asking the audience to count with him.


GOOO!! The spectators threw their fists in the air while cheering thunderously for the players, who bolted as fast as possible above the red desert.


Yet, before they even reached 500 meters, an adorable pink car with bunny ears got instantly devoured by multiple bloodline abilities, turning it into metal junk mixed with some blood and flesh raining from above.

Sadly, Madam Pluto got eliminated first.

Rest in peace. Saddened, Marlion sighed as he informed the dumbstruck male audience.

Nooooooooo!!! Not my girl.

How could she die!! We didn\'t even make babies yet!...

Ouch!!! who the f*ck keep slapping my neck! I will butcher you!!

It was about time to change my idol anyway.

Madam Pluto\'s fans, some did not receive the news well, while the majority switched to another beautiful female in the players and began cheering for her like nothing ever happened.

Loyal Fans That was merely wishful thinking in the Supremacy Games.


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