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Marlion pointed at a woman with short caramel hair, who had a name tag above her head.

Miss Farry, ask away please. He requested.

Miss Farry coughed to clear her dry throat and asked, I wonder if the active and inactive volcanoes will remain the same in every lap or will mix randomly 

Of course they will mix in each lap.

Otherwise, it will be a meaningless obstacle after everyone memories the real exit. Marlion answered calmly.

Thank you, that\'s all I want to know. Miss Farry nodded her head and retreated to the back of the pack.

Next, you Mr.

Absolute Vision go ahead please.

He pointed at a good looking man with a white bandage, sealing his eyes tightly.

One could only wonder why he chose that name while looking like that.

Sir Marlion, I have only a small inquiry. he smiled gently and asked.

I wonder what we need to do to obtain the game unique title or the MVP title.

Immediately after asking, everyone\'s ears perked up a bit in interest for the upcoming response.

Hehe, nothing much, to obtain the unique title, you just need to emerge as the champion. He gave a harmless smile and said, Without a single player reaching the finish line after you.

Startled, the players gasped at the vicious requirement to obtain the game\'s unique title.

It was already a difficult task to finish the race without dying.

Don\'t even mention emerging as the champion and also block others.

After all, who had the time to make sure that everyone was eliminated before finishing the race Were they supposed to wait at the finish line and block anyone from entering

No one was retarded enough to risk losing a sure victory for a title.

Especially when the title was only a unique title and not the MVP title.

In their eyes, that\'s only a bonus.

Their true goal should always be to win and only win.

Oh That got you chickened out already Marlion sneered, If you can\'t even handle the requirement for obtaining the unique title, there is no need for you to know about the details of the MVP title then.

The players felt a bit triggered by his belittling, but they couldn\'t say much to refute him.

He was absolutely right.

The thought of aiming for the unique title was dashed from their minds the moment they heard its extreme requirement.

Yet, that title was supposed to be the easiest of the two.

While the unique title only allowed the players to have a wearable tag above their heads, allowing them to brag and get some reputation within the UVR.

The MVP title was a different story entirely.

An MC could only give away one MVP title throughout his entire life! Why Because it was associated with the SG Hall of Fame that allowed only the best of the best to have their names on it.

For any player who received an MVP title by an MC, there was almost a certain chance that he would be recommended to have his name part of that magnificent list.

Thus, the conditions to receive that title from the MC were on the border of impossibility.

The Mcs had to make sure that their lifelong title bestowing goes to the best player they saw.

Otherwise, their recommendation letter would be rejected.

Meaning, neither the player name nor their names would ever land on the Hall of Fame.

After receiving his answer, Mr.

Absolute Vision bowed his head slightly and backed away.

Soon, another participant asked after getting permission.

Sir, can you tell us what should we expect from the boxes in detail Such as the abilities we can obtain or the negative effects.

If you want to find out, just pick them up later in the race.

Don\'t waste my time here.

Marlion shrugged his question off, causing the player to mumble some curses.

But, one mean look from Marlion instantly quietened him down obediently.

Alright, the time is up, you can have 1 hour to speak to each other and team up if you want.

I don\'t care.

But after 1 hour you will be teleported inside the track. He gave them a cold glare and warned, You better respond properly to my questions when I interview you later.

Or else, you will be blacklisted from any future interviews.

That\'s it for now.

Good luck and don\'t create trouble in the hall. Marlion left as sudden as he arrived.

The players kept sharing eye contact with each other in total awkward silence.

Then, without warning, every unranked newbie got surrendered by the veterans.

Felix as well got encircled by four players, looking at him like a piece of cheap flesh.


Landlord, how about a partnership between me and you I promise that our alliance will take us to the finish line. A man with spider tattoos and piercings all of his face gave Felix a good-natured smile, as he promised him.

Yet, his smile only made Felix curl his lips in disgust after seeing that his teeth were black and pierced as well!

Before Felix could shoo him away from his sight and disgusting him any further, a tiger clawed man did it for him by asking in ridicule, Heh, then what Are you going to eliminate him 

He eyed Felix with a polite smile on his face.

I swear on my mother, that if we reached the finish line together, we will compete with a final sprint to decide the champion. He asked with a sincere look, Doesn\'t that sound much better

Scram to the side, compete fairly Do you think Mr.

Landlord has ** for a brain to believe in your lies A merciless scold came out of a gorgeous busty lady, who suddenly appeared from behind Felix.

Felix turned his head and saw her smiling alluringly while hugging his forearm with one hand, pressuring it against her busty chest.

She blinked her eyes seductively towards Felix\'s face, which had a slight grin on it.

Handsome, how about you pick me She asked.

I won\'t bull** you that I will allow you to win, but I can promise you an unforgettable night, whether I won or not. She whispered the last part in his ears.

However, Felix only stared speechlessly at this woman, who said she wouldn\'t bull** him but still called him handsome without even seeing his face.

Wasn\'t that peak bull**

Felix did not wait until they start arguing about him.

He already let this farce play long enough and it was time to send those exploiters vultures away.

Anyone who goes up the podium and flashes his gentiles to everyone, will get my partnership. He showed them a playful smile and said, that\'s my only condition.

Are you f*cking with us! The tiger clawed man asked with narrowed eyes.

After realizing that he was not gullible to join them, the gorgeous lady furiously removed Felix\'s hand, which was taking advantage of her chest by groping it silently.

He wouldn\'t be Felix if he didn\'t take advantage of such a freebie.

Indeed I am messing with you.

Now if you don\'t scram from my sight at this instant, I will f.u.c.k with you for real during the game. Felix\'s playful smile instantly changed to a cold one as he threatened them frigidly.

Hehe, I hope they put me next to you during the race.

So we can continue our conversation. The tiger clawed man gave Felix an unfriendly glare while walking away.

See you in the race as well handsome. He was followed by the busty lady after blowing a kiss at Felix with a vicious glint in her eyes.

The others left their own remarks and threats and went hunting for other prey to take advantage of.

No one wanted a real alliance or partnership, as everyone was betrayed at some point by his partner, Felix included.

This was called individual games for a reason.

After all, no matter how many alliance or partnership a player makes.

In the end, only one champion was allowed in each game.

\'Tiger Claw, Mystifying Beauty, Wobbly Web, and Guard of Logic.

Targets have been chosen.\' Felix read their tagged names while grinning deviously.

While others target gullible newbies to take advantage of, Felix on the other hand target the ones he was about to eliminate.

Wasn\'t better to focus on racing while the prey delivers themselves to him without effort He just needed to insult them a little and their inflated ego would deal with the rest.

He knew that veterans always had that look of pride and superiority when dealing with newbies.

Thus, they wouldn\'t handle being insulted by Felix who never played a single game in his life.

Too bad for them, Felix played games more they could even imagine.

Felix scanned everyone\'s name tags and soon found the player he scouted four days before, Easy_Wind.

\'Hmm, it seems that he is planning to ride solo as well.\'

He eyed a man wearing a white leather jacket with dark sunglasses on, sitting in the hall corner all by himself.

Felix rubbed his chin lightly while pondering about an important detail he missed.

\'I should probably buy sunglasses as well.\'

Immediately after, he opened the VR Shop under everyone\'s eyes and bought brown sunglasses.

Then, he wore them under his hoodie.

Sadly, the darkness was also hiding them.

A moment later, the entire hall was filled with VR Shops and players buying ones as well.

Somehow, everyone forgot that they would be racing under three suns.


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