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Chapter 945 Heartbreaking Findings in Thor\'s Galaxy

Not all hope is lost. Lady Sphinx said while playing with the genome needle, We still have it for now.

I will get into the bottom of this, so it won\'t happen again.

Lady Sphinx still hadn\'t given up on having Felix owning void domain even after this freak incident.

She got into work right away, trying to find out the reason for the void domain genes acting up with the gemstone manipulation.

She knew that without knowing about the true cause, Felix could never use the void domain again since it would act the same as a time bomb.


The next morning....

\'Hmmm, where am I\' Felix opened his muddled eyes slowly while glancing around him.

His memories were all jammed up, making it impossible for him to recall anything before he lost consciousness.

Welcome back, sunshine. Asna exhaled in relief after seeing Felix finally waking up.

\'What happened Have I not finished the experiment\' Felix asked with a puzzled expression as he eyed himself being inside a tank.

\'Looks like he is suffering from a short-term memory loss.\' Lady Sphinx noted while analyzing Felix\'s vitals.

All the freakish mutations were already gone, which was a good sign of the treatment working perfectly.

Though, for him to suffer from a short-term memory loss while having perfect memory was quite a bad sign of a brain injury.

However, after she glanced at his brain\'s vitals, she realized that there wasn\'t anything wrong with it.

\'He must have had his latest memories get deleted.\' Lady Sphinx reasoned.

\'He should feel lucky that\'s the only negative thing he had gotten.\' Thor said.

Jörmungandr and Fenrir nodded their heads in agreement.

DNA collapse should have caused much more serious and permanent consequence if it wasn\'t for Lady Sphinx genetic restoration pool being a miracle medicine.

\'The hell is going on\' Felix got even more confused and worried after hearing their conversation.

Not wanting to torture him anymore, Lady Sphinx displayed a holographic screen that was showing Felix\'s freak incident.

\'Dear lord...That happened to me!!\'

Felix felt chills course on his spine after seeing limbs come out of every inch of his bloody melting skin!

It was truly a sight he wouldn\'t wish on his worst enemies.

It was caused by your void domain genes conflicting with the gemstone manipulation.\' Lady Sphinx clarified, \'I had to remove the void domain genes to save you from self-detonation.\'


Felix was too shocked by the entire situation to bother worry about his lost void domain.

\'You can get out of there.\'

Upon receiving permission, Felix pushed the lid and jumped outside...The moment he landed, he felt a familiar sensation of weakness wash over him.

He knew that it came from his void domain genes missing.

Felix ignored this for now and asked, Do you know why it happened

I am still trying to find out. Lady Sphinx advised him, You should forget about void domain for a while.

My method has been proven to be still unstable, and I won\'t let you use it before I am completely certain that no other accidents will arise.

Understandable. Felix nodded.

Felix knew that Lady Sphinx always wanted the best for him...There was no way she would let herself make such a mistake again.

Good thing I have kept gemstone arsenal ability with me. Felix chuckled sarcastically.

He didn\'t anticipate that he would be using it again and so soon.

As for creating a pool of abilities to replace the bad ones Felix scrapped that idea entirely from his mind after this incident.

What time is it Felix asked.

Eight in the morning.

Crap! Senior sister must be pissed at me for voiding our meeting!

Don\'t worry, I have already informed her that you won\'t be available. Lady Sphinx informed.

Good...I will visit her later in the evening. Felix sighed in relief.

No, you aren\'t. Lady Sphinx said calmly, Don\'t step outside the castle for the next week.

I need to monitor you and check if no complications are going to arise.


Felix could only agree after seeing that Lady Sphinx wasn\'t taking no for an answer.

Besides the weakness caused by the missing genes, he felt the same as always.

But when he remembered that the freak incident also happened when he was feeling fine, Felix didn\'t dare to underestimate the fickleness of the genes anymore.


Three days later...

Felix could be seen fooling around with his new gemstone manipulation in the UVR alone.

He had already imprinted the gemstones arsenal ability back to its original position, helping him return to his peak state.

He would be lying if he said that he wasn\'t already missing void domain...Alas, his health was first and foremost.

Knowing that the ceremony would be now ten times more difficult to win without his ace ability, Felix focused purely on training.

Argadite Bombs!

Felix called as he manifested five rugged spherical red gemstones above his palms before launching them towards five dummies, who were rushing towards him.

The instant the five red gemstones were exposed to high friction with the wind, they started turning brighter and brighter until...BOOOM!!!

Five explosions engulfed the dummies, sending them flying into opposite directions with heavy injuries.

Those dummies were not at the same level as Felix or any of his opponents...They were basic dummies to test his new created gemstone abilities.

Argadite gemstones will be my main offensive destructive power now that I have lost void domain.

Felix knew that Argadite gemstones were more dangerous than what he had just shown.

They were called the devil\'s earthmines since they were first discovered deep under precious mountains.

When the miners used explosives to dig through those mountains, they resulted in creating friction, which activated the Argadite gemstones.

This caused a chain of explosions under the mountain, completely demolishing it and burying anyone nearby it.

Now, the miners have special tools to seek those destructive gemstones first before even thinking of digging something under a mountain.

Felix knew that if he brought out the potential of those Argadite gemstones, he would be a force to reckon within the ceremony.

Alright, let\'s test out the rest of the attributed gemstones.


Four days later...

Felix had just embarked on the journey towards Thor\'s galaxy.

Lady Sphinx had to let him go after she saw nothing wrong with him after an entire week passed.

Naturally, Felix didn\'t forget to pay Queen Allura a visit before leaving.

Because he was traveling with Nimo, the journey had taken more than necessary.

Fortunately, he had met with Mistress Candace on the way and allowed her to carry on the rest of the journey.

After a long while, Mistress Candace announced with a peculiar expression, Sir Felix, I believe we have reached our destination.

Hmm, is there a problem Felix wondered.

See for yourself.

Mistress Candace shared her perspective in a mirror for Felix and others, who were hanging out in the consciousness space.

Oh dear, they really erased your planet. Asna commentated as she eyed an obliterated planet with ring of gigantic fragments, orbiting it.

I anticipated as much. Thor smiled wryly, This is one of my popular hanging spots in the galaxy.

No biggie, let\'s move on to the next destination. Felix said.

He was given a list of planets with the highest possible lightning affinities by Thor.

Felix already anticipated that most of the planets would be either gone, had their affinities exhausted, or inhibited.

However, he had no idea that the situation would be far worse than he even anticipated!

Almost 95% of the locations on the list had ended up being erased! It took him an entire month to go through them all.

No wonder your descendants have disappeared from the face of the universe. Felix sighed in frustration.

Felix knew that the Darkin faction had gone on a eradication quest to thin out the numbers of Jörmungandr, Thor, and Fenrir\'s descendants.

In the case of Jörmungandr, most of his descendants got slaughtered, but the rest managed to hide in the most poisonous areas, making it impossible for the Darkin faction subordinates to reach them.

As for Fenrir\'s descendants They weren\'t targeted since he was still alive.

When he was put into slumber, the winterwolves and werewolves were already two races to be reckoned with, making it hard for the Vampires, Gremlins, and Astrians to handle them.

Thor\'s descendants had picked the short stick as they were already low in numbers due to their unique habitable areas.

They could only live in areas rich with thunderclouds since that was their main source of food.

When those planets had gotten destroyed, they were most likely either died on them or forced to migrate to god knows where.

Whatever it was, Thor\'s descendants had never made an appearence in the UVR Era.

We only have three more planets. Thor said with a faint smile, If none of them is still around, you should head to another galaxy.

I have more places there.


Felix could only agree while hoping that one of those three planets wouldn\'t let them down too.

Although the primogenitors didn\'t really care too much about their descendants, it didn\'t mean that they weren\'t hurting at the thought of them getting all slaughtered.

Thor might have tried his best to hide it with his smile, but Felix and the rest knew that he wasn\'t in a good mood at all...

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