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Chapter 926 An Open Challenge

Naturally, the moment Fenrir had accepted Noah as his student, he would try his best to get rid of some of his foundational weaknesses.

Because he wasn\'t capable of doing so at the moment, he made a deal with Lady Sphinx to help out Noah the same she did with Felix.

He also had many hidden treasures, which could be traded.

With Lady Sphinx\'s assistance, Noah was breaking his human limitation continuously, which translated in him carrying the earthling team to glory.

Looks like they won\'t be needing me for now. Felix smiled in satisfaction.

Felix had no issue with helping out the earthling team in their games, but if they could continue their climb without his assistance, he would prefer it much more.

I expect that they will face a wall when they approach diamond rank. Asna yawned, There is simply no way they will be capable of taking teams from the dragon race, astrian race, heavenly dragons...etc.

That\'s true. Felix agreed.

He was already surprised that they were capable of reaching the platnuim rank in the universal platform.

Sure, it was easier to climb in the planetary platform than in the individual platform since some games didn\'t include more than two teams.

Still, they were going to be facing an unbreakable wall soon and their \'mythical bloodlines\' wouldn\'t be able to help them out anymore.

Let\'s wait and see how it goes. Felix smiled wryly and closed his inbox after sending emails to those he cared about, informing them about his reappearance.

The instant he did so, his AP bracelet started vibrating like it was trying to come out of his wrist.

Felix ignored everyone messages for now...He knew that if any of those messages were emergencies, they would have rung differently.


A few minutes before...

Stop being depressed and let\'s go shopping, I need to blew off some stress. Anastasia chided while fixing her hair in front of the mirror.

In the mirror\'s reflection, Selphie could be seen lying on the bed with a deadpan expression, staring at the ceiling like her life amounted to nothing.

He said two years...It\'s been two years and a half... Selphie mumured with a disheartened expression, I came all the way here for him, and he ghosts me like this...How can I not get depressed

You are obsessed, I tell you, you are obsessed. Anastasia rolled her eyes, Your big sister will really pull her hair out if she heard you.

I don\'t care! I just want to see him! Selphie yelled at a pillow, feeling like her heart refused to get settled unless she could talk to Felix.

Keep whinni...

Vrr Vrrr

Before Anastasia could finish her sentence, her AP bracelet vibrated.

When she glanced at the screen and saw that it was a message sent by Felix, the first thing she did was glance at the reflection.

\'Oh lord, she is too far gone.\' She couldn\'t help but facepalm at the sight of Selphie\'s face having its color restored.

She looked like a plant that was watered after an entire week of drought.

Wanna go to his r...

No! I am not ready! Selphie snapped as she dashed to the mirror and pushed her to the side...Then, she started fixing her hair and applying light makeup with an eager expression.

Keep it in your pants, you might scare him off. Anastasia\'s lips twitched, not knowing how to handle her friend anymore.

On the other hand, she was also somewhat curious to meet Felix.

\'Only seven months before his test.\' Anastasia wondered, \'Is he ready for what\'s my father prepared for him\'


Knock Knock.

Let them in. Felix permitted after seeing that it was Anastasia and Selphie in front of his room\'s door.

They sure arrived faster than he anticipated as he was still lying in the bathtub.

The Queen opened the door, allowing the girls to stride forward.

When they saw around and noticed only Nimo sleeping on Felix\'s bed, they turned immediately to the bathroom.

\'Ladies, I will be with you shortly.

Please be comfortable.\' Felix sent a message.

Ahh...His voice is still as pleasing as ever. Selphie felt her cheeks turn hotter as she mumbled, I missed it so much.

It\'s the Queen\'s voice...You are really losing it. Anastasia\'s eyelids twitched and went to sit on the couch, too tired to address Selphie\'s lovestruck comments.

Knowing that he had guests, Felix didn\'t spend his usual time in the bathtub.

The moment he made sure that he was cleaned from the dragons\' smell, he rolled a towel around his waist and walked outside while drying his hair.



Selphie and Anastasia were left absolutely stunned by his new appearence, not daring to believe that he was the same Felix from two years ago!

Almost everything about him was changed besides his face, making him truly resemble a new person.

Ladies, it\'s been a while. Felix smiled charmingly while wearing a comfy nanobot pajama.

You sure changed a lot. Anastasia broke off her daze swiftly and commentated with a curious expression, Are humans supposed to change this much if they replaced their bloodlines.

It was easy to predict that Felix\'s new appearence was a result from his bloodline replacement.

Not really. Felix replied calmly, I got lucky with the mutations.

Is that so. Anastasia glanced at his back and wondered, What is that crystallized backpack

My wings. Felix answered while stretching his wings as wide as possible, making Anastasia raise her eyebrows in surprise.

As for Selphie Ever since her eyes landed on Felix\'s stunning face and breathtaking white hair, she couldn\'t take them off him.

For elves, beauty was as common as pebbles, making her never react to beautiful men.

But at this moment, she was truly attracted to his appearence compared to her previous personality\'s attraction.

The crystallized angelic wings made it even harder for her to break out of his spell as it made him resemble angels.

As a pure hearted elf, his new appearence resonated with her the most compared to his previous devilish appearence.

\'Weak.\' Asna snickered at the sight of Selphie\'s dazed fascination.

Even Anastasia felt a second-hand embarrassment from Selphie\'s reaction and kept Felix engaged with questions about his replacement.

Can I know which bloodline you used She asked while kicking Selphie\'s foot under the table.

Elder Carbuncle\'s bloodline. Felix answered truthfully, knowing that it was pointless to hide such Intel.

Thought so. Anastasia inquired, I am actually surprised you chose his bloodline.

I really thought you will go for fire element or lava element, so you would have a higher chance in the ceremony.

Gemstone element is good enough for me. Felix replied with a faint smile, not planning to give out too much.

Speaking about the ceremony, I hope you are ready for your test. Anastasia changed the subject after seeing that Felix wasn\'t interested in continuing his conversion about his bloodline.

Don\'t worry, I am fairly confident that I will pass it.

I am loving the confidence, but trust me when I tell you that it\'s going to be extremely challenging for you. Anastasia smiled wryly.

Is that so Felix raised an eyebrow, It looks the courtroom has already decided on it...May I know how it will be conducted or is a confidential for now

Not really. Anastasia shared, You are allowed to get all the information about it, so you could prepare for it.

If you didn\'t remain in closed training for such a long time, you could have started preparing for it much earlier.

It\'s alright.

Seeing that he wasn\'t regretful made Anastasia even more curious about his source of confidence.

The test we have picked is an open challenge contest for three days. Anastasia shared, The prize for defeating you is your slot in the white clan team.

That\'s quite brutal. Felix frowned.

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