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Chapter 925 The Earthling Team\'s Rise

After a grueling long four hours, the heat had finally started to cool off in the cave.

Felix had literally turned the cave into a sauna, where no one would dare to step inside unless he was confident in his skin not melting down.

Now, he could be seen still sitting in a meditation position with his eyes closed shut...The only difference was that he was as serene as the ocean even though his skin was still red.

He was like this because of his new fire resistance being pushed far up, making it impossible for such a level of heat to affect him.

A few moments later, Felix opened his eyes after realizing that his body had returned to its natural temperature.

Master, what do you think Felix inquired immediately, Did I take full advantage of the heart

Felix could feel that his resistance to fire had increased drastically, but he had no idea if this was the limit or not.

I would say pretty close. Lady Sphinx replied, Continue taking the stew until you finish everything you have.

The next ones might not provide such a noticeable massive enhancement, but it was better than nothing.

Will do. Felix nodded in agreement as he reduced his size back to normal.

Now that he was at the 4th stage of replacement and close to mastering the subconsciousness conversion technique, Felix\'s elemental tank enabled him to remain as an eight-meter giant or even bigger for as long as he desired.

Let\'s first test out my improvement. Felix said while standing before the oven.

He turned it on and placed his hand on it.

Absolutely no sensation or reaction from Felix.

He increased the temperature to 1000 °C...Still nothing.

1500 °C...2000 °C...2500 °C....2700 °C!

Only after reaching touching the temperature required to boil gold did Felix started to feel his skin get ticklish.

It might look impressive and insane to be this much resistant to fire, but Felix wasn\'t yet satisfied with his results.

He understood that the temperature of sacred flames fired by the red dragons were capable of melting even diamonds without condensing it!

In other words, the lowest temperature they could emit was higher than 3550 °C.

As for the royal dragons It wasn\'t as high as them since it was the same sacred fire...However, adding the attributes to the mix made it even worse to deal with.

I need to cook more.

After understanding his limitations, Felix returned to the grind and restarted to cook the second stew.

When he was done, he gave some to Nimo and devoured most of it, knowing that it was useless for Nimo as his stomach was disintegrating anything that landed in it.

Four hours later...

Felix opened his eyes and went straight to the oven.

He repeated the same test and couldn\'t help but frown at the results.

A measly increase of 300 °C. Felix didn\'t like the results one bit...He had eaten almost the same portion, yet the results were incomparable.

That\'s normal. Lady Sphinx clarified, Your body has already reached its limit on what it came to accepting a \'foreign assistance\'.

With every stew you drink, the end result will be more tragic than the other.

In other words, the only way forward at this point was by going natural in his resistance increase.

Nothing he ate or take would change this outcome even if he ate the greatest treasure in the universe.

I doubt you will get even 50 °C the next time. Thor added.

If it\'s like that, then there\'s no point in wasting such a good dragon\'s meat on this. Felix nodded calmly, Might as well change the recipe and receive other benefits from it.

If it was up to Felix, he would rather leave it to Noah or Olivia, so they could increase their fire resistance as well.

But, they didn\'t have fire affinity unlocked in the first place...Unlocking it was a different matter since only Lady Sphinx was capable of concocting specific elemental potions.

Without delay, Felix picked the second recipe that had the heart as its primary ingredient and started working on it.

He chose this one because it allowed him to obtain a weak version of the dragons\' rage empowerment.

When dragons get pissed, their hearts started pumping faster and their blood turn hotter and hotter.

At the same time, their overall strength shoot to the roof.

It was like a controlled frenzy enhancement.

Although it would be a weak version of such an outstanding innate ability, Felix wanted a piece of it.

He knew that there would be times when he would be too angry to think, making him lose an edge over his opponent.

He preferred that when it happened, he would at least get a bit stronger instead of losing control over his emotions for no reason and get his ass beat.

After he was done with the cooking, Felix ate the newly made dish in a slow manner this time, knowing that nothing would happen during the meal.

However, the moment he finished it, he started feeling like his hearts were skipping beats frequently while his veins started to pop up all over his skin.

I feel like I am going to have a heart attack! Felix stressed with a suppressed tone.

It will be fine, just try to keep yourself calm and under control. Lady Sphinx informed.

Under control! If it was possible, I wouldn\'t need your advice! Felix snapped at Lady Sphinx with bloodshot eyes, feeling like he was losing control over his thoughts.

Lady Sphinx didn\'t react to the fact he talked back...She knew that he was being consumed by anger and would lash out at anyone unconditionally.

Knowing so, no one spoke, leaving Felix to appease his anger on his own.

Felix held his head tightly and closed his eyes shut, knowing that he would end up destroying the whole mountain if he didn\'t contain his urge to break sh*t up.

He could feel that his strength had been boosted significantly, but he wasn\'t happy about it one bit.

What\'s the point of strength if the mind was absent

Fortunately for him, his agitation and anger didn\'t last for long.

His hearts were settled down, and his blood cooled off.

Huff Huff Huff...

Felix started breathing ruggedly the moment he regained control over his emotions...He felt like he had fought for three days and three nights against himself.

The strength increase is noticeable, but the drawbacks are really too nasty. Felix mumured while wiping his sweaty face.

Only now did Felix truly understood why dragons prefer keeping their sanity while fighting...Even though they knew that anger was beneficial to them.

It was an uncomfortable experience that should be gone through only when it was the last option.

Hopefully, I never get angered to the point I lose control. Felix wished while beaming the table and oven in his spatial card.

You\'re stopping Asna asked.

It\'s enough for today. Felix nodded, I will carry on tomorrow.

Now that he had finished all the heart portions, he intended to move to the other body parts.

Unlike the heart, most of the recipes for those body parts offer just strength enhancement.

Knowing that his first enhancement was going to be the highest, he preferred cooking while he was at his calmest.

After what just happened, he wasn\'t feeling it at all.


A week later...

Felix had returned to his room in the white palace without anyone catching wind of his absence.

It took him seven days to finish all the dragons\' body parts and receive the greatest benefits from them.

His physical strength got boosted by more than fifteen thousand bloodline force after consuming more than ten dishes and emptying his stock.

It was a sizable one time enhancement, considering that he would never receive it from eating dragons\' meat anymore.

The only reason he was capable of getting this much enhancement out of the dishes wasn\'t solely due to the recipes.

But also, his current physical strength already exceeding hundred thousand bloodline force.

It enabled his body to truly absorb all the benefits from those dishes unlike others.

If it wasn\'t for so, Felix would have eaten them before he entered the 4th stage of replacement.

Felix didn\'t even leave the bones alone as he had made a dragon bone broth and drank it...The broth helped him increase his bones\' density, making them tougher than steel.

I have to take a quick bath to remove the smell from me. Felix got nude as he walked to the bathroom.

It was time to emerge from \'closed training\'.

He didn\'t dare to meet Anastasia and other elders without completely erasing any trace of him cooking a dragon\'s meat.


As he was lying on the bathtub a bit uncomfortably due to his crystallized backpack, Felix opened his communications and checked on his inbox.

As he anticipated, nothing much changed in the past two years and a half.

His grandfather business was still raising, the federation kept adding new kingdoms and backgrounds within their alliance, and his disappearance from the SGPlatform had risen some dissatisfaction within his fan base.

The only thing that surprised him was his earthling team\'s new ranking.

They really reached the platnuim rank and entered universal planetary games. Felix scratched his cheek, Looks like Noah is dominating the planetary platform with his new strength.

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