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Chapter 864 – The Anticipated Backlash.

“I dont know if I should applaud his ingenuity to take advantage of such loophole or scold him for abusing our generosity.”

In the end, Lord Quetzalcoatl was the first to break the ice by applauding with a hearty laugh.

“Haha! In my eyes, a plan is plan as long as it within the rules.” Cyclope praised with a wide smile as he stared at Felix, who was celebrating with his teammates in front of a new wide open gate.

When Felix wanted him to make a divine weapon, he agreed because of the favor and also due to feeling a bit regretful about how his retirement came to be.

But, the more he watched, the more comfortable he was with having Felix a carry a divine weapon with his name engraved on it.

“Well done…” Even Lord Khaos was pleased as he clapped slowly akin to an old man on his last dying breaths.

“How do you feel getting your copy killed even though it was battling with your most obnoxious fighting style” Kumiho giggled as she eyed Erebus, not wasting such a free opportunity to tease him.

Erebus lips twitched, but he refrained from commenting…He knew that whatever he said would not make him come out of this in a good light.

In his eyes, it was much better to let the other pissed off primogenitors save him some face.

“Why the hell are you guys praising them” Saurous was the first to snap and curse hatefully while pointing at Felix, “That vermin has sacrificed his teammate to kill Erebus copy, knowing full well that his ally will be revived!”

“Indeed.” Wendigo gritted his teeth, “We have been kind enough to give them infinite respawns, so they will feel pressured with fighting our copies and can go all out…Not so they can f*king willingly sacrifice their teammates to kill our copies!”

Some primogenitors did agree with what he said…The main purpose of the infinite revivals so their teams could fight without worry or pressure of the grim reaper above them.

But what Felix did was the total opposite of that.

If it wasnt for the revivals, he wouldnt have dared to come up with such plan since his teammates would be the first to go.

“If we dont act upon this, he will most definitely use the same strategy in his other fights against our copies…Where is the entertainment in abusing a loophole that emerged from our good will” Manananggal warned while eying everyone with a stern expression.

“Do something Ha!” Thor scoffed loudly, “What are you thinking off Eliminating our team Removing the infinite revivals Or better yet, stop the game and restart with a new one”

All the proposed suggestions were the ones that Manananggal had in mind, making him turn disgruntled.

Before Manananggal could retort, Aspidochelone knitted his eyebrows in displeasure and interjected, “You guys keep blabbering about that he has abused the revival system…But, do you think that your teams wont do the same but just in a different picture”

When it was laid out like this, most primogenitors began to consider the possibility that their teams were truly going to be making plans to make one of their own as a bait too!

Sure, the result wouldnt be as extraordinary as Felix, but if they got just as desperate as Felixs team, then why not

“The moment we decided to give them infinite respawns, this was bound to happen eventually.” Lady Sphinx added calmly while eying the Darkin faction, “I refuse to believe that none of you thought of this possibility…You simply didnt care too much about it since you never considered that my student will come up with this deadly strategy.”

“I concur.” Cherufe shrugged his shoulders, “Thats why I refrained from opening my mouth.”

“Me too.”

“Well, you have to be as shameless as those three to openly oppose it when they knew that if their teams did the same, they will be over the moon.” Thor sneered as he eyed Wendigo and the other two.



Saurous was forced to swallow his curse and indignation after hearing Lord Osiris voice resound deeply in his mind.

It wasnt just him who heard it as everyone quietened down at the same time.

“Did they break the rules” Lord Osiris asked calmly while staring at Saurous with his usual cold pitch-black eyes.

“Technically, No…” Saurous replied bluntly, knowing that Lord Osiris didnt want to hear the details or excuses.

“Then, refrain from causing a scene.” Lord Osiris said indifferently, “Dont blame the player if the games design is flawed.”


When even Lord Osiris spoke in favor of Felix and others, Saurous couldnt bring himself to oppose him for the sake of causing some inconvenience to Felixs team.

Manananggal and Wendigo also closed their mouths shut and focused on the stream, knowing that canceling Felixs team was a lost cause.

If it was any other primogenitor, they would have held a bit of grudge against Felix if he was the one, who caused them to lose a whopping twenty monoliths.

But Lord Osiris had no such thoughts as he saw life as black and white…There was just right and wrong, and no in between.

Because of this frigidness in his way of dealing with things, he wasnt quite as popular as Lord Quetzalcoatl within the circle.

“My cuties have finally reached the fifth floor.”

Seeing that the atmosphere had grown stale and somewhat tensed, Kumiho tried to make it more lively by mentioning her teams situation.

“They have actually landed against brother Kraken.” Erebus snickered, “I hope yourcuties know how to swim properly.”

“Hmph, I believe that they will give us an entertaining performance.” Kumiho blinked her eyes charmingly as eyed everyone, “So, be gentle in your judgement.”

In this game, the copies didnt belong to just the alive primogenitors but also the dead ones!

It was done like this to honor the dead primogenitors and see them in their glory even if it was just against their descendants.

But most importantly, they had to include them since it wasnt fair for the teams to deal with the lords.

Can you imagine fighting Lord Osiris copy Even at 1% of his strength, it was enough for his copy to conjure his death note and kill them in the blink of an eye.

Or Lord Dune His space manipulation would be break apart the entire space in the map, making them get shredded into tiny pieces.

There was no need to talk about Lord Khaos…If Felixs team landed against him, he would be shown a new world of void manipulation until he started to feel unworthy of possessing his abilities.

This didnt mean that other primogenitors were weaker, it was just that at least against them, the teams could put up fight.

“I bet brother Kraken and the others will curse us to death if they found out that we used our memories of them to make their copies.” Siren sighed, “I am still against this.”

“Stop being such a downer.” Kumiho gave her an irritated look, “We voted on it, and its done.

How can you know for sure about their reaction Can you talk to the dead”

“…” Siren quietened down, not in the mood for the another round of argument.

Upon seeing so, Kumiho returned to her lively persona and started cheering for her team to beat The Great Krakens copy.

Meanwhile, Micheal and the viewers had already changed the subject after an intense reaction at the replay of Felixs cheesy tactic.

Their reaction was more or less the same as the primogenitors…Some defended them, but the majority cursed them for being cheaters.

Especially, the shadowborns who went almost insane at the thought of seeing their ancestral copy getting slayed in such a disrespectful manner.

Alas, no matter how loud they cursed and vented their frustration, nothing ruined Felixs team mood.

At the moment, they could be seen entering the gate leading to the sixth floor, knowing that there was no time for a prolonged rest.

“At last, Sirens team have reached the fifth floor!” Micheal commentated with an excited tone, “It looks like they will be fighting against The Ragnarök Bringer, Jörmungandr!”

Now that two teams were going to be battling two primogenitors copies, there was no way Micheal would be focusing the camera on Felixs team.

He split the camera into two sides and displayed the struggles of those two teams, hoping to see something as mind-blowing as Felixs team.

Unfortunately, such a thing didnt occur.

Kraken copy drowned the spirit foxes and the entire map with it, making it semi impossible to find a footing.

With his gigantic size and thousands of tentacles, he was truly the mortal enemy of the spirit foxes, as they werent able to get close and attempt to charm him.

With five radiant spirit foxes, it was more than possible to affect Kraken mentally if they combined their attacks.

After all, he had just 1% of his mental defenses.

Still, that proved to be more challenging than they anticipated.

As for Sirens team

They had it even worse since Jörmungandrs copy simply flooded the entire map with purplish poisonous cloud, making them get killed by a mere touch or a whiff.

At the moment, they gave up on entering the floor before finding a plan to deal with the poisonous cloud.

All in all, no one was going to pass those ancestral floors without losing their lives over and over again!

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