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Chapter 833 Not Relying On Void Abilities!

The crescent battleaxe wasnt damaged even slightly by the flames even though its body was made out of vines!

Thats because those vines were taken from the infamous extinct Ishrisdies plant that was known for having insane resistance to most elements due to its ability to devour anything for substance.

Just like a downgraded version of a live symbiote, it was able to grow to an astronomical size!

As for the axe two headed blades They were made out a mixture of the toughest materials known in the universe!

With the addition of futharks, the crescent battleaxe helped Felix burst through the rain of flames completely unharmed!

“My turn.” Felix snickered while doubling his right arms size!

Then, he hurled the battleaxe towards Nethercutters right eye with an uncanny accuracy!


The battleaxe spun rapidly as it weaved through the air and reached Nethercutters eye instantaneously.

‘Oh f*ck! Nethercutter could only close his eye reflexively to defend against it.

They were so close to each other, it was simply impossible for him to evade it or block it in time!


Blood gushed akin to a fountain as the battleaxe pierced through Nethercutters eye and lodged itself deep within his brain membrence!

His eyelids might have been able to block other weapons, but not the crescent battleaxe.

It was simply too sharp and deadly due to its material and many enhancing futharks!

It wasnt called a legendary artifact for no reason!

Just like a wild wounded beast, Nethercutter roared thunderously while clawing his face, trying to pull out the battleaxe. 

He wasnt killed straight out but the agony he was experiencing was too much even for a dragon to handle.


Felix took advantage of Nethercutters unhinged berserk mode and landed on top of his head. 

Due to the momentum, he rolled a few times, but Felix regained his balance quickly and held on two scales for his dear life.

Compared to Nethercutters humongous size, Felix was as big as two scales, making it extremely difficult to spot him if Micheal didnt zoom on him.


Nethercutter didnt even notice Felixs landing on his head.

He merely kept screaming in pain, making the viewers shiver at the thought of going through the same experience.

No one would want to have a needle stuck in their brains, pricking them every time they made a sudden move.

‘Landlord is on top of your head! Kill him now!! Red Mercy shouted at Nethercutter telepathically, not caring at all that he was under immense agony.


Alas, the only response he received was a booming screech from Nethercutter.

‘He is out of it! We need to do it on our own! Red Mercy rushed his teammate.

‘Breath fire on him! Summerspirit suggested while circling Nethercutter.

He knew that his laser beam and other destructive or penetrative abilities would end up harming Nethercutter.

After all, most dragons might be immune to fire, but it didnt mean that they would be able to resist explosions and such.

‘Gotta act fast! 

When Felix saw that Red Mercy and Summerspirits throat were turning crimson red, he knew that his time was about to run out. 

So, he swiftly began climbing down Nethercutters head until he was next to his ear.

If it wasnt for Nethercutter minimizing his head movement to avoid agitating the battleaxe, Felix would have taken much more.

Whoosh Whoosh!!

The instant Felix saw the incoming fire breaths, he swiftly slid down Nethercutters torso, evading the fire that was targeted at Nethercutters head.

He might be wearing symbiote suit, but he didnt want to risk getting it destroyed at the start of the battle.

‘Again!! Red Mercy yelled while taking a deep breath.

This time, Felix acted much faster and began climbing Nethercutters torso by holding into the scales.

His target was his hidden reversed scale under his chin!

Because Nethercutter was completely out of it at the moment, it was fully exposed to Felix.

‘Fire no..


Just as Summerspirit and Red Mercy were about to launch another fire breath, two giant spiky boulders smashed them in their torso and wings!

“GOO Captain! WE WILL HOLD THEM BACK!” Webor howled as he kept hurling gigantic spiky boulders at Red Mercy.

Meanwhile, Rotspawn was taking care of Summerspirit, pressuring him to drop his offense on Felix and focus on evading their spiky boulders.

They might not kill them, but they did hurt like a b*tch when hit directly, making it hard for the dragons to just ignore them.

‘Good ** guys! Keep it up! ᰍaꪧda ᱅o᱇ꫀl Felix couldnt help but praise them after looking behind him and seeing that he wasnt targeted anymore.

Knowing that they bought him just a few moments, Felix stopped dilly-dallying and hastened his climb. 

In less than a second, he reached Nethercutters reversed scale location.

As he assumed, it was simply a single red scale that was growing upside down unlike the rest of scales near it. 

It might seem it was nothing, but Felix knew that the moment he touched it, Nethercutter would go ape ** even more than he already was!

Felix wasnt planning on simply touching it…

‘Arm X3! 

The moment his arm tripled in size, making it resemble heavyweight lifters arm, Felix tightened his fist and began bashing the reversed scale as hard he could!!

It was broken apart without an ounce of resistance!


Nethercutter screamed as loud as he could with a twisted expression like his nervous system went on complete overload!

He began thrashing all over the air, not bothering to even flap his wings properly.

This resulted in him falling towards the ground uncontrollably.

He was already going insane due to the battleaxe lodged in his brain, now that his reversed scale had been penetrated, his mind was completely consumed with pain!

It got so bad, he wasnt able to keep his flame field active or bother to use any other ability.

To make matters worse, the battleaxe was being agitated continuously due to Nethercutter spinning in the air while falling.

It was like a vicious unending circle…The more he reacted to the pain the worse it got!

The instant Felix felt that the air wasnt as pressuring as before, he figured out that the flame field was down.

‘At last!

Without further ado, Felix exposed his hands in the open, not worrying about having them cooked anymore.

Then, he affixed himself with Nethercutter by using electromagnetism, knowing that he could get thrown off at any given moment.

As for the other hand Felix placed it within the breached reversed scale that was showing the insides of Nethercutters throat for all to see.

Then, he mumured softly, “True Poison, release.”

A diabolical dark purplish mist emerged through his palms pores and started to evaporate due to the internal high heat within Nethercutters throat.

After it turned into smoke, it was still inhaled by Nethercutter and reached his lungs.

The moment Felix felt his poison spreading through Nethercutters bloodstream, he pulled back his palm and propelled himself away.

When the viewers saw his sudden retreat, they believed that Felix must have released void seekers within Nethercutters body.

After all, it was the perfect opportunity to slay him.

“Another successful hunt by Landlord!”

“He didnt even need to use his void domain or void beam to kill him! Dear lord, he is getting out of hand!”

“I cant wait to see Nethercutter disintegrate.

Its my favorite moment to see a dragon get absolutely deleted.”

Micheal and the viewers were beyond thrilled and excited to witness the fall of another dragon at Felixs hands.

They all kept their eyes affixed on Nethercutter, believing that he would disappear out of existence before reaching the ground.

Alas, they were disappointed, and a bit confused to see Nethercutter smash into the ground without losing a single limb.

‘Nethercutter, are you still alive

‘Queen, is he still alive

Red Mercy and Summerspirit were just as confused as the viewers.

They just managed to escape from Webor and Rotspawn neverending assault, making them miss what Felix did to Nethercutter.

However, they were certain that Nethercutter was dead…They knew that Felix wasnt known for dropping the ball.

But, the sight of their teammates unmoving body on the ground made them a bit skeptical if Felix messed up somehow.

‘He is dead.

Alas, Queen had to disappoint them.

Before those two could ponder if the battleaxe was responsible for his death or something else, Nethercutters red scales and wings started to turn purple.

In a few seconds, the scales began to fall off his skin like they were being peeled by a knife.

Then, his exposed skin started to shrivel in a rapid manner under the dumbfounded eyes of the viewers.

Before long, Nethercutters corpse resembled a skinny shriveled lizard instead of a proud dragon…

No one knew what to say as they merely kept staring with widened eyes at unsightly appearence of Nethercutter, wondering if they were truly looking at a dragon…

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