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Chapter 805: Unthoughtful Speed Will Get You Killed

Everyone was startled by his decision to fight at such a early stage.

In their eyes, it was the dumbest choice to make.

Unbeknownst to them, Felix was playing a different game against the Darkin faction champions.

‘Little **, he is really planning to hunt our champions one by one! Saurous struck the side of the armchair with a livid expression.

Wendigo and Manananggal also realized Felixs counter-plan against their champions teaming up to cut all of his chains.

‘Dont be too agitated. Wendigo said,Our champions might be weaker than radiant players, but they are still at peak tier diamond rank.

‘Indeed. Manananggal sneered,This time, he will not be able to ambush my champion.

Manananggal was still butt hurt by the embarrassing way Bloodcoral had died.

“Are you certain” Micheal asked for confirmation from Felix.

“Never been.” Felix smirked after seeing the stunned look on Shadechasers face.

The moment he confirmed it, Micheal teleported both of them back to the spacious wide arena under the live viewership of the spectators!

“The game will be paused for five minutes.” Micheal appeared above the arena and said, “The winner must be decided before then.”

Felix and Shadechaser nodded their heads in understanding.


“Landlord, you made the biggest mistake in your life.” Shadechaser narrowed his eyes dangerously while starting the morphing process.

His body was separated in half while two gigantic creepy bony black wings emerged from his hunched back.

His fangs turned longer until they reached his chin while his fingernails became dreadful crescent claws.

His elegance was nowhere to be seen as he floated gently above the ground with his messy hair hiding his bloodish red eyes!

“Catch me if you can.” Shadechaser smiled creepily as he stared at Felix.

The instant Felix blinked his eyes, Shadechaser had disappeared from his side of the arena!


Out of nowhere, a dreadful claw streaked past Felixs face narrowly! It was so fast, only a mirage was captured by the camera.


Before Shadechaser could wind up another assault again, he was forced to hold his breath and retreat away from Felix.

How could he stand near him when he was surrounded by a cloud of potent corruption inducement!

‘Tsk, silly attempt to keep me away. Shadechaser clicked his tongue in irritation while creating a skin-tight armor made out of his blood.

‘I need to kill him before he jumps within the void realm! He was this proactive in his assaults due to this reason.

So, he held his breath again and flew towards Felix at a supersonic speed!

He knew that he was still there due to his blood detection ability…It allowed him to see even a tiny drop of blood through twenty meters thick wall.

Alas, he made a grave error in being this rush without considering all options.

The instant he entered the poisonous pitch-black cloud, he sensed a distortion in space just a mere meter away from him.

‘F*CK ME!! Horrified, Shadechaser tried to change his flight direction abruptly.

Because of his acceleration, it was proven to be extremely difficult to make a sudden ninety degrees switch!

Yet, he actually managed to pull it off thanks to his immense flexibility after ditching away his lower body!

‘Nice try f*cker, I am like a hummingbir..

Alas, before Shadechaser could celebrate his successful evasion of Felixs trap, he sensed the same space distortion again…Only this time, it was merely a few centimeters away from his face.


He wasnt even able to finish his infuriated curse before he went through a void rift on his own accord…


The moment he disappeared within it, the pitch-black corruption cloud had disintegrated into particles, leaving behind four void rifts placed in a calculated four direction formation!

It was like Felix had predicted that Shadechaser would evade his first void rift trap!

“Did no one tell you that unthoughtful speed will get you killed” Felix chuckled while closing down the four void rifts.

“What a brilliant trap!” Mike exclaimed in astonishment, expressing the same reaction as the viewers.

“Not bad.” Lord Quetzalcoatl chuckled.

“He is passable.” Thor grinned from ear to ear, feeling quite refreshed to hear an elemental lord praising his student.

‘F*cking idiot! Fi*cking idiot!! WHO RUSHES BLINDLY LIKE THAT!!

On the other hand, Manananggal felt the urge to rip someones throat and drink his blood after being humiliated yet again by his champion.

This time, it was much worse since the majority of his peers were watching the game!

Honestly, Shadechaser shouldnt have all the blame placed on his shoulders for being this careless.

All the Darkin faction champions were pressured significantly to kill Felix regardless of what, or they would suffer hellish consequences even if they returned alive.

This made Shadechaser to not overthink too much and simply decide to keep assaulting Felix in a close range, to not give him the option of either blinking away or entering the void realm.

Felix was considered dangerous due to only his void abilities.

As for poison and lightning abilities Most of the diamond rankers champions didnt pay too much attention to them.

“Let this be a lesson to the rest of you! Never take Landlords poison for granted!”

Mike commentated passionately while pointing his finger at the players, who were watching the game from the giant screen.

The astrian Sunblight and the rest of the Darkin faction champions all had ugly expressions while staring at Felixs faint smirk in the screen.

The fact that Shadechaser had died in such a retarded manner was already embarrassing enough for their faction.

But, the fact that he died without forcing Felix to drop a sweat made them angrier.

After all, Felix was still at his peak form, and he clearly was planning to hunt them down one by one.

“Listen up, I will be focusing on exhausting his stored electricity to damper his response timer.” Sunblight shouted out loud from his platform.

He was loud enough, everyone heard him.

He didnt care as long as his message was delivered to his faction members.

“I will be doing the same.”

“Me too.”

“Count me in.”

The rest of the faction members all shouted back.

Alliances were banned so as telepathic communication, but it didnt mean that they couldnt express their thoughts.

They were banned from talking only during the answering window.

“Good luck, hehe.”

The other champions cheered them on with mocking smiles.

They were beyond happy about the ongoing war between Felix and the Darkin faction champions.

After all, whether Felix won or lost, he would be wasting his stored electricity that powered his abnormal quick thinking.


In a few moments, Felix was sent back to the abyss above Shadechasers platform.

“The second in line.

What will you do” Micheal returned after Felix and quickly carried on with the game.

“Lift my platform.” Ambereye replied gently.

The platform began to rise above the rest, leaving everyone at least five meters below her.

Starfollower made the same decision.

“Since Darkoon has answered wrongly, the next turn will be passed to Sunblight.” Micheal announced while displaying the ranking in the screen.

“I want to cut a chain from Landlords platform!” Sunblight decided without an ounce of hesitation.

Seeing that he was certain, Micheal could only comply with his choice.


A chain got snapped immediately from Felixs platform.

Yet still, Felix didnt even flinch or seemed fazed by it.

“You are next.” He simply said causally while eyeing Sunblight.

“Bring it on.” Sunblight snickered.

“Next.” Micheal ignored their bickering and continued taking decisions from the other players.

Obviously, all of them had joined Ambereyes height.

Although Felix was the first to answer, he was still left below with the losers and Sunblight.

“The second round is starting now.” Micheal declared.

Everyone squinted at the countdown in the screen while wishing in their minds to end up with a question within their range of knowledge.

Unfortunately, the moment the countdown reached zero, everyone was left speechless by the problem before them.

‘You got to be kidding me. Felix canceled his supersonic mode and chose to abstain from answering instantly.




Fortunately for him, not a single player bothered to even try to solve the problem besides Ambereye.

Who could blame them

The problem was mathematical…To worsen it, it was advanced algebra!

-Find x y, if: 5x 8y=67 and 2x-y=31-

When the round ended, Ambereyes answer turned out to be correct, helping her put a reasonable distance from the rest.

“I guess were moving to the third round.” Micheal coughed, feeling a second hand embarrassment from the players inability to solve high school level algebra.

He didnt dare making fun of them since he also was helpless when it came to math.

‘Seriously Felix…

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx wasnt able to even comment after seeing Felix abstaining with the others.

She never mentioned basic physics and math before Felix, believing that he must have learned them in high school.

She truly felt ashamed to be called his master when he didnt even know math and physics.

‘Just wait you little thief. Lady Sphinx squinted at Felix,I wont be called your master if you didnt learn those two subjects in a month!

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