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Chapter 780: An Epic Artifact!

Meanwhile, Felix didnt care about anyones reaction to his retreat…He simply kept sprinting as fast as he could while avoiding areas with players nearby.

At the same time, his mind was going overclocked, trying to figure out a method to eliminate Sunny.

‘Poison is useless in this fight while lightning could pack a punch if an attack landed on her. Felix eliminated poison immediately, knowing that he would never be capable of killing her with it.

Whether in gas, liquid, or solid state…Gravity would always overpower his poisonous abilities.

The same applies to most elements.

Felix knew that Sunny always shielded herself with a small gravity field that had an outrageous gravitational force.

Based on what he witnessed in her many highlights, most projectiles drop into the ground or burst into light particles immediately after touching the defensive gravity field.

So, his poison abilities would never touch her as long as she had the gravity field protecting her.

On the other hand, lightning abilities were fast enough to penetrate Sunnys gravity attracting force and land on her.

‘My forth active ability can also make her gravity field obsolete and kill her instantly. Felix frowned his eyebrows,However, if I used it and failed to kill her, I might never have another chance to hit her with it.

Felix still possessed a forth active ability that he never used before or was required to pull it of.

It could be said to be his strongest offensive void ability in his arsenal.

In this fight, Felix knew that it would be his trump card and saving grace if used effectively.

While the viewers were booing and Darkin faction were throwing insults at Felixs masters, he was calculating the best strategy to win him the fight.

He wasnt planning on stopping until he was satisfied with it.

Hence, minutes went by and the chase never stopped.

In fact, Felix had crossed over the rainy forest and was about to reach the heart of the desert region.

Since he had a limited amount of stored lightning, he couldnt sprint forever at his supersonic speed.

So, when his tank was about to be exhausted, he stopped using it and kept sprinting normally.

The moment this happens, Sunny began gaining grounds on him.

“I dont know what kind of vendetta Sunny had over Landlord to ignore everyone and keep chasing him, but he better teleport away if he wants to avoid dying.” Sage Marshal advised.

‘Shit, if the first human to join the diamond rank died on his first game, the other humans wouldnt be encouraged to step up. Sage Marshal clicked his tongue in criticism.

Meanwhile, the humans viewers began feeling slightly embarrassed by Felix.

They were used to having their few players showing a disgraceful gameplay in universal platform…But not from Felix.

[Sigh, he should have just retired like the other four instead of giving us false hope.]

[He must own a surrender coupon from his winning streak, just use it and end our agony!]

[He will be caught soon anyway.]

[I doubt it, he still had his teleportation ability…If he wanted, he can taking her on a ride across the entire island for hours.]

Almost everyone believed that Felixs strategy was to tire Sunny out by using his speed and teleportation.

When she gets bored from chasing him, she would switch to another target.

It was a shameful plan, but it would work eventually…After all, the execution rounds would force Sunny to focus on other victims.

Just as they began thinking that Felix intended to run forever, he suddenly turned around and blinked a few meters next to Sunny!

He shocked everyone by his abrupt assault but not Sunny!


The instant he appeared, he was smacked into the desert by a gravity palm!

As expected, a gift was waiting for him at his exit even when he blinked abruptly.

“Your teleportations wont work against me.” Sunny spoke faintly as she tightened fists.

Before Felix could blink away, she connected them gently.

Simultaneously, Felix felt like a god had just punched him from below and above!

Thats what happen, when you get hit by a gravitational repelling force and attracting force at the same time.

One was pushing the other…Felix being in the middle felt like he was in a grinder!

Since it was impossible for gravity to repel something, Sunny had to get creative and use her elemental energy to achieve the opposite effect of gravity!

It was impossible for her to change the laws of the universe but when it came to elemental manipulation

It was doable.


Just like a ball in a ping pong table, Felix was being punched around by invisible gravity fists, coming from every direction!

Every time, Felix attempts to adapt to her punching sequence, his efforts ends up in vain when she turns gravity force into zero, giving him a horrible feeling in his stomach.

“Just blink away and surrender!”

“You can try again next game!”

“Its hopeless, no one can kill her beside Exodial!

“His ego is going to get him killed!”

His fans lost faith in Felixs making a comeback after seeing him being played like this.

When he blinked inside her gravity domain, they were all hopeful that he did so with a plan in mind.

They watched Felix for a very long time to understand that he was always fighting with a strategy in place.

But after seeing such a one-sided thrashing, they lost hope for the first time.

In their eyes, only Exodial was capable of killing her…After all, a single condescend fire sphere was enough to delete her from existence, not caring about her gravity domain.

‘Your suit is really tough. Sunny commentated casually while floating closer to Felix, who was struggling to escape from her grasp.

‘Heh, why do you think I am not scared of you. Felix sneered telepathically.

It wasnt easy to secure a symbiote suit since there wasnt enough to go around…Felix had to ask a favor from Queen Allura to reserve one for him by using her established connection.

It might be uncomfortable and heavy to wear, but when it came to its defenses

It was ten times better than his obscured suit…Thats why he didnt bring it with him even though he paid billions for it in the auction.

Too much hassle to wear two defensive suits.

‘So, you think that my gravity attacks are too weak to break through its defenses Sunny inquired.

‘I dont think…I am certain. Felix smirked.

Gravity was an annoying element to deal with and could put almost everyone into despair…Still, just like every element, it had a weakness.

That was its offensive prowess.

Sunny was simply increasing gravity force to cause harm.

Usually, this was enough to handle most players since not everyone was tough to handle a drastic increase in gravity levels.

Their bones would be crushed by sheer pressure.

However, against monsters like Dragons and Heavenly Turtles

She would be having an awful time hurting them unless she was capable of creating a harrowing gravity pressure that could affect cosmic beings.

While Felix was wearing the symbiote suit, he possessed enough protection to handle whatever gravity pressure Sunny was capable putting out.

‘You think I didnt come prepared to deal with your symbiote suit even after seeing you have it Meet Dark Stallion. Sunny chuckled while beaming a long pitch-black spear that was engraved with ten futharks.


Felix went quiet all of a sudden after seeing such soul-chilling artifact.

The head was fairly large, narrow, and pointy at the end…It was made of unfamiliar dark material while attached to a long metal handle.

The ten futharks were engraved all over the spear, giving it a bizarre appearance…Each was colored differently, providing the artifact with a unique ability or enhancement.

This weapon clearly was one of a kind.

“Ten Futharks…Thats an epic forged artifact.” Sage Marshal drew a deep breath as he exclaimed, “It cost at least six hundred billion SC and remarkable connection with a grandmaster forger!”

In diamond ranked games, epic, rare, and fine ranked artifacts were allowed…Still, everyone was bringing just rare and fine artifacts with them.

Thats because, it was almost impossible for them to get their hands on a grand master forged epic artifact without having a good connection.

It wasnt that easy to procure a favor from a grand master when they possessed almost everything.

They could be said to be ranked even higher than Sage Witches in terms of how hard to get a relation with them.

While others thought that Sunny had gotten it from a grand master, Felix was certain that Sunny was just handed the artifact by Saurous.

He had seen in her highlights that she never used a weapon before…This meant, it was prepared just for him!

“You really went all out for this game.” Thor narrowed his eyes dangerously at Saurous.

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