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Chapter 779: Running Away For The First Time!

“Oh, Felix…What have you done.” Thor sighed.

He realized that Felix had led Sunny to the grass field to avoid having others butting in their fight.

Unbeknownst to him, he had just made it more difficult to deal with Sunny.

Felix was acting based on the Intel that Sunnys external manipulation was capable of reaching sixty meters at best…Not a whopping one hundred meters.

The worst thing you could do against an elementalist, that possessed such an overwhelming range, was giving them space and clear view.

Felix was going to learn that lesson today the hard way…

‘Shes here.

Felix narrowed his eyes at Sunny, who just crossed over the forest.

She was still a few kilometers away but the leveled grass field made it easy for Felix to zoom on her.

Felix wasnt nervous at all.

In his mind, he had practiced enough against her in the UVR and had prepared unique strategies to take her down.

After seeing that she had crossed the half kilometer line, Felix covered his head with the symbiote suit, leaving only his hands exposed.

‘Void seekers!

Soon, they were engulfed in purplish energy, ready to be fired…Felix decided to wait until she reaches the hundred meters line before launching them at her.

Alas, the moment she reached the three hundred meters line, she stopped moving towards him.

Then, she lifted her palm above her chest and smiled charmingly at Felix.

‘Is she greeting m…


Before Felixs confusion could run for long, he got smashed into the grass like he got just stepped on by a giant.

When the dust settled, the dumbfounded viewers didnt know how to react when they saw Felix lying in the center of a giant palm print!

It was at least three meters deep in the ground, making it appear quite vivid even from a distance.

‘What has just happened

Dizzy and bewildered, Felix couldnt even comprehend that he had just been attacked by Sunny.

The weird palm strike didnt cause much damage to him due to his symbiote suit protecting him, but he was still shocked to his core.

Alas, Sunny didnt intend to wait for him to figure things out.


She followed her previous palm strike with two more…This resulted in him getting buried at least seven meters deep in the ground.

It was normal for such a result when each attack was carrying at minimum twenty times the earths gravity!

Felix was literally being smacked by invisible gravity in the shape of a palm.

He should honestly feel a grateful that he was above dirt instead of a hard surface…Otherwise, the outcome wouldnt be just a pretty palm print.

Meanwhile, the viewers were still unable to process what had transpired just like Felix.

They were already shocked silly by Sunnys hundred meters range, thinking that she was a monster for reaching such a height at a young age.

But now…She just demonstrated her real range…It was truly mind-blowing!

“Three hundred meters range…I cant believe it.” Sage Marshal expressed with a disbelieving look, “Only Radiant ranked players and above possessed such an unfathomable range!”

Even Lady Sphinx, Thor, Jörmungandr, and the rest of the primogenitors were surprised by Sunnys external manipulation range.

They knew that she was still young and shouldnt have gotten this level of improvement…Unless, her elemental affinity was monstrous while receiving significant help from Saurous.

“Holy, I dont even want to imagine how many resources and time you invested to get her this far.” Erebus expressed.

“A lot…” Saurous chuckled while eying Thor and Jörmungandrs worried expression, “But, it was worth it.”

Before, Thor and Jörmungandr merely felt bothered that Sunny had enhanced her range to a hundred…It was surprising, but they were confident in Felixs ability to win against her.

But three hundred meters

Thats a whole new level of terror.

To put it into perspective…Felixs poison external manipulation had a range of twenty meters.

Yet, he was still proud of it because it wasnt easy to increase the range.

Felix had never thought that he would fight against someone with such a level of mastery!

At least, not until he climbs to the Radiant Rank.


He was just being pushed deeper and deeper into the ground without a single reaction.

He was utterly overwhelmed.

‘How the f*ck am I supposed to fight someone from three hundred meters!

Felixs plans, practice, strategies…everything was thrown into the dumpster after such a mind-boggling revelation.

Three hundred meters…It sounded like a short distance that Felix could cross it in a second with his supersonic mode.

But Felix knew that regardless of what speed he moved at, Sunny was going to have the entire three hundred meters diameter on a gravity lockdown.

In other words, it was her gravity domain and Felix would be her b*tch anywhere on it.

How could he sprint if there was zero gravity

How could he launch anything at her when it would be brought down to the ground by increased gravity

Even if he blinked behind her and tried to assassinate her, Felix knew that it would fail horribly.

He was informed by Lady Sphinx that Astrians enjoyed sensitive senses to space distortions.

This entailed that the moment he blinked, Sunny would be preparing a surprise for him at his exit point.

As for void domain Felixs maximum range was a hundred meters, and he couldnt move with it since he needed to keep his hand within the void realm to sustain it.

At the moment, it was the perfect defensive ability that would protect Felix from literally anything.

But as offensive ability It was as useless as a knitted condom.

He had already figured out that he was unable to make smaller versions and launch them as projectiles.

The instant he lost contact with his void domain, it disappeared for some reason unlike his other abilities.

So…Felix was truly at his wits end here!


‘Lets get the f*ck out of here before thinking of something!

Although he was under an insane gravitational force, Felix still managed to turn his head and stare at the blue clear sky.

Then…He blinked a couple of kilometers above the ground, finally escaping from that horrid gravitational pressure.

“Thank god Landlord possessed a teleportation ability! Otherwise, he would have been stuck for eternity there if Sunny wanted!” Sage Marshal expressed while pointing the camera at Felix, who was free-falling.

Sunny had noticed his escape too due to his gravitational waves giving him away.


Not giving Felix a break, she flew towards him, hoping to intercept him in his fall.

‘God damn it!

Not wanting to f*ck with her without a plan, Felix zoomed on the furtherest tree from him and blinked again.

This time, he had put a real considerable distance from her.

Still, when he turned around, he saw that she had changed her direction and began heading towards him akin to a relentless stalker.

This had assured Felix that regardless of where he blinked, she would always be after him…If it was any other champion, this might seem excessive, but this was Saurouss champion.

It wasnt farfetched to assume that he was being hunted based on his orders.

“Hahaha! Is that all he got”

Seeing Felixs cowardly actions had truly delighted Saurous.

“Unlike your retarded champions, Felix knows when to retreat and when to strike.” Thor snickered, “Dont be rush, your champions death is drawing faster than you expected.”

Alas, if only Felixs actions supported Thors overconfidence in him.

He was still running from Sunny while using supersonic mode, making him get booed by the majority of the viewers.

Even Felixs fans felt a bad taste in their mouth at the sight of Felix escaping with his tail between his legs.

They were used to watching him demolish everyone in his path, either through his wits or fists…There was never a player who forced him to such a disgraceful scene.

“Honestly, Landlord did the right thing.” Sage Marshal defended Felix with a heavy sigh, “Fighting against Sunny is the same as fighting against a Radiant player…She might be lacking in other departments, but her external manipulation is as terrorizing as theirs.”

“Dont forget that he is just a platnuim player.” Sage Marshal, “It is already a great achievement to fight against diamond ranked players…Dont even mention a radiant player.”

What he said did make sense and was completely logical…Alas, it didnt change anything, though.

The other viewers just wanted to mock Felix while his fans were traumatized by seeing him running away for the first time.

“Will Felix be alright” Olivia asked with a worried tone as she watched Sunny chasing after him like a homing missile.

“Its Felix…He knows what hes doing.” Sylvia tried to comfort her, but she was also getting slightly worried at him.

She couldnt even fathom how it was possible to fight against someone who was capable controlling gravity from three hundred meters.

Gravity wasnt like ice, poison, or fire…It was everywhere on the island, allowing Sunny to control it externally without needing to use her elemental energy.

That was just too terrifying.

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