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Chapter 778: Eager to Fight!



The moment Mr.

Celerity said so, he fell from the tree uncontrollably, hitting every branch on his way to the ground.


In a few seconds, he smashed into the ground and remained affixed on it like he was carrying a mountain on his back.

‘Impossible….I was one hundred meters away from her! Mr.

Celerity exclaimed in disbelief as he kept eating dirt against his will.

He knew that Sunnys external manipulation range shouldnt be more than sixty meters! At least, thats what she demonstrated in her previous game.

“Sunny had struck first!” Sage Marshal shouted, “Who would have expected that her external range to be already at one hundred meters!”

“Come on now, Mr.

Celerity.” Sunny spoke with a frustrated expression, “Dont tell me thats all you have I merely increased gravity level by ten folds.”

She might have made it sound like it was nothing, but Mr.

Celerity was truly struggling to stand up on his feet.

Still, he wasnt that incompetent.

After a few attempts, he finally managed to adapt to the gravity level and stand back up.

Alas, just as he attempted to escape from the affected zone, Sunny snapped her finger casually.


Celerity became a weightless feather floating into the air after the gravity force been turned into zero!

Before he could get used to it, Sunny returned the gravity force to that hellish level.


Celerity could only eat dirt again while thinking of ways to escape from such a **ty experience.

His stomach was turning upside down while his head was starting to feel dizzy.

Unfortunately, Sunny seemed quite bored and decided to entertain herself with him.

Thus, she kept switching between the gravity force levels playfully until Mr.

Celerity was forced to vomit against his own will.

Sunny had just demonstrated that it didnt matter which player was against her, no one was capable of dealing with gravity properly.

“I told you that you will regret it.” Sunny sighed with a disappointed expression before floating away, leaving Mr.

Celerity completely unconscious in his own vomit pool.

He had lost the moment he miscalculated her external manipulation range and was caught within her gravity domain.

Luckily for him, she didnt even bother to kill him.

She simply kept traveling on her journey through the forest, heading towards Felix.

“Sunnys gravity manipulation is really on another level compared to other Astrians.” Sage Marshal commentated on such a one-sided humiliation.

He knew that Mr.

Celerity must have practiced against gravity elementalist and knew what to expect.

Alas, Sunny was on another level.

No other Astrian in the game was capable of increasing gravity in a zone by ten folds from at least one hundred meters!

Even Felix wasnt capable of controlling poison externally from such a far distance.

His affinity wasnt that monstrous yet to feel poison particles that far.

‘It seems like Saurous has assisted her in improving her affinity drastically after the previous game. Thor commentated with a serious expression.

‘Indeed, Felix will struggle immensely if he fought her based on the Intel he had on her. Lady Sphinx supported.

‘No wonder Saurous never seemed worried about her even when he saw Manananggals champion fate. Jörmungandr said.

They ought to feel a little distressed about Felix incoming fight against Sunny.

He was already struggling to win against her copy in the UVR based on her previous game data.


She had improved drastically to the point she was capable of playing with a proud Exonian from one hundred meters.

Still, they merely felt a little distressed, not completely being convinced that Felix was going to have his ass handed to him by her.

None of them forgot that Felix owned an ultimate ability that was desired by even primogenitors!

The moment Felix decide to use it, no one would be capable of killing him…

Fifteen minutes later…

The fourth round started under the cheers and excited yells of the viewers.

The island had already been shrunken to the point only a few kilometers of each zone were still standing proudly.

Since this was the second phase, the time between the rounds had been reduced to merely ten minutes!

This was going to put immense pressure on the players to resume their hunt and secure an elimination to avoid the execution…Especially, when most of them owned three eliminations.

For now, only one player had been removed in the final round, bringing the total of the players to eighteen.

In fact, it was Mr.

Celerity who decided to surrender after being spared by Sunny.

His pride and honor had made it impossible for him to bear continuing playing the game after such an embarrassing display.

Meanwhile, Felix could still sit out until the fifth round if he wanted since he had five eliminations.

Nevertheless, Felix wasnt planning on doing so…He had taken a long break already.

‘Lets see, who will be my next victim. Felix thought as he pushed his infra-ray vision a bit further.

Since the rainy forest had only a few kilometers left in its landmass, it wasnt that hard to cover it entirely.

Soon, Felix found out that only seven players remained in the forest.

‘Hmm, either the rest moved to the center to get a head start or moved to the other regions after it got too crowded. Felix reasoned while examining the remaining players.

‘Huh Is that Sunny or one of the other two Astrians

Soon, Felix managed to spot a humanized red aura with a set of wings flying in his direction.

He knew that no one in the game had such a unique shape besides the Astrians.

After all, the humanoid red aura wasnt even flapping its wings.

Realizing that she would be above his head in less than two minutes, Felix decided to leave as fast as possible.

His camouflage potions effect had already expired…He was now as exposed to the players as they were to him.

Felix understood that Astrians were capable of locating objects and people by their gravitational waves.

Although those waves were far too small and almost impossible to discern without proper technological tools, the Astrians were capable of such a thing.

As he was jumping from a tree to another while in his supersonic mode, Felix was making sure that he was circling Sunny.

He wasnt running away because he wanted to avoid her, but he preferred being in a predatory position.

Naturally, his escape didnt go unnoticed by Sunny.

In fact, since the start of the game, she was moving towards every player that transmit the same gravitational waves as Felix.

She had him marked before the game even began!

‘Same acceleration as I have seen in the practice room…It must be him. Sunny narrowed her eyes in direction of Felix.

Felixs supersonic mode was quite unique.

Sunny had made sure to memorize everything about Felix since she knew that losing wasnt an option.

‘Ancestor has invested heavily on me to win this game…I cant let him down.

Without a hint of hesitation, Sunny chased after Felix at the speed that transcend sound!

Her crystal butterfly-like wings were shimmering, leaving behind a beautiful trail.

“Is this a chase” Sage Marshal was forced to place his attention on Sunny after seeing her being super active for the first time in the game.

When he checked the players in her direction, he realized that no one but Felix was there!

He was actually running away!

“This is a chase!!” Sage Marshal got hyped immediately, “Sunny is going after Landlord!!”

The viewers got excited as well, expecting a fantastic fight between those two monsters.

“Why is he running away”

“Is he afraid of her”

“F*cking coward! He only knows how to ambush others!”

Most fans of other idols began cursing and booing out loud after seeing that he was on the run.

“It looks like he is trying to circle her.” The Fang commentated while zooming on Felixs direction.

He was watching the game with the other guild leaders.

“Well, she is after him now, there is no point in trying to ambush her.” Winfried said.

Felix thought the same too.

When he looked behind him and saw that she was after his tail, he figured out that it was Sunny instantly.

No other Astrian was that eager to commit to hunting him without a personal problem.

“She really wants this fight to happen.” Felix murmured while increasing his speed.

This time, he wasnt circling her but going straight towards the grass field between the forest and the lake.

He didnt know if she was being too confident due to her pride as Astrian, or she had something to rely on.

But since she was pushing for this fight to happen, Felix wasnt going to back down!

In a few seconds, Felix jumped from the last giant tree and landed on a green grass field that stretched to the horizon.

He scouted left and right and saw that the field was all for himself.

So, when he had gotten a bit deeper, he stopped and waited for Sunnys arrival while wearing his symbiote suit.

“Its actually happening! Landlord was merely baiting Sunny to the grass field!” Sage Marshal commentated with an excited expression.

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