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Chapter 757 – The Fairies Dimensional Pocket.

“Since you ended up increasing your poison affinity without my help, I will give you a treasure that is desired by the Fairy Matriarch.” Lady Sphinx suddenly offered.

“Much appreciated!” Felix said with an ecstatic tone.

“Dont thank me, its what I promised you before.”

When Felix won the last game and earned two monoliths for Lady Sphinx, he was asked for a request as a show of gratitude.

Felix requested her help to improve his elemental capacity, but he was shown the conversion technique.

She promised that she would help him with increasing his affinity at least, but Felixs speed turned out to be not that bad.

So, she decided to cash out his request with this matter.

Felix was beyond happy about it.

He knew that If you brought a treasure that was desired by the Fairy Matriarch, she would personally handle fairy dust ritual.

If the item was of a true high quality, she would increase the duration of the ritual by additional hours!

Felix knew that everyone desired to receive such a treatment, but they could only settle for a other fairy dust rituals.

Since every person had only one chance in his lifetime to enter the fairies dimensional pocket, everyone was seeking to make the best of it.

Thats why, it was common occurrence to hold into the best wish gotten from the games to use it on this ritual.

“I better purchase my ticket now.”

Felix grinned while opening the website responsible for making reservations and provide details on the rituals available in the fairies dimensional pocket.

Just like the witches and dwarves, who sell potions and artifacts, the fairies main revenue was their fairy dust.

The first thing that popped in front of Felix after opening the website was an ad for a new type of fairy dust, that was capable of enhancing visionary senses permanently.

Felix removed the holographic ad away and pressed on a tab called -entry tickets-.

Immediately, he was met with a long string of colorful tickets with their prices written on the side.

//Economy class entry ticket : Secures a reservation to obtain a common rated ritual…Cost one gold wish and two million SC.

Business class entry ticket : Secures a reservation to obtain an elite rated ritual…Cost one platinum wish and one hundred million SC.

Premier class entry ticket : Secures a reservation to obtain a Shaman rated ritual…Cost one platinum wish from universal platform and one billion SC.

VIP class entry ticket : Secures a reservation to obtain an Matriarch rated ritual…Cost one diamond wish from the universal platform and five hundred billion SC.

PS: The tier of the wish affects the duration of the ritual.//

From the list it was clear that the fairies blessings were exclusive to SG players due to requiring a wish as a basic requirement for entry.

This was a scheme to force capable fighters into joining the games if they desired to receive a fairys blessing in their lifetime…Either that, or buy a wish from a player.

It wasnt against the rules to wish for someone else to receive the ritual as long as it was his first time.

This was a method abused by authoritative figures, who had no intentions to join the SG platform.

The SGAlliance couldnt do anything about it since they already asked too much from the fairies to limit their rituals to only those with wishes.

Felix pressed on the 3rd choice, deciding to buy premier class entry ticket.

His wish wasnt rated as a diamond rank since he didnt play against them.

Felix didnt want to risk playing against them with his **ty mental defenses.

The psychic shield that he was learning from Thor was still not perfected yet.

Even if he learned it, it would just create a barrier against mental abilities.

The moment it broke, he would be killed instantly.

Felix hadnt forgotten what happened in the previous game against Hive official.

After purchasing the ticket successfully, Felix clicked on it and read the date.

When he saw that his turn would be in four months, he was somewhat satisfied.

In his previous life, he had to wait full two years for his turn to arrive when he purchased the economy class entry ticket.

Four months was nothing.

After securing the ticket, Felix decided to stay on the island for a month or two to practice the conversion technique before setting out in his journey.

On another note, he wanted to chill with Olivia and the rest to catch up with them.


Two months later…

Felix could be seen chilling inside Mistress Candaces spaceship as they traveled through the void.

He had embarked on the journey to the fairies dimensional pocket a few days ago.

In those couple of months, Felix had practiced the conversion technique on daily basis.

The results He was now capable of absorbing neutral energy from every inch of his body and converting it into medium tier poison energy.

It was still not good enough for battle use, but it was good progress.

As for Olivia and the rest Felix made sure to supervise them all in their replacement process to offer help if they needed it.

Thankfully, no one messed up and died during the process.

Everyone but Noah and Sylvia, decided to follow his advice and integrate with only 1%.

The other two went for 2% and managed to pull it off even though it was a hellish experience.

Because they used such a low percentage, most of them received not a single mutation.

The only ones lucky enough to get a useless cosmetic mutation were Noah, Olivia, and Sylvia.

In case of Noah and Sylvia, both of them had their hair turn icy blue.

Meanwhile, Olivias eyes turned half brown half green, making her appear quite unique.

Now, they just needed to work hard and get blessed with abilities that every human would die to obtain.

In a short while, Mistress Candace stopped before a gigantic floating asteroid in the middle of nowhere.

If it wasnt for the hundred thousand spaceships moving back and forth from it, no one would ever believe that the fairies dimensional pocket was situated here.

“Do you want me to take you to the parking lot” Mistress Candace asked.

“Thats too troublesome.” Felix waved his hand, “Just put me near the entrance.”

Mistress Candace did as she was told and teleported to the densest area on the asteroid.

Surprisingly, the surface of the asteroid wasnt that bad.

There was a magnificent city built on it and was encased within a crystal dome.

It seemed like the gravity had been taken care of since everyone was walking normally on the streets.

Felix chose a random empty alley and emerged from the void realm.

Nimo jumped on top of his head and started licking his ear.

“Dont make trouble if you want to come with me.” Felix patted Nimos head as he walked through the crowd.

No one paid him any attention since he was wearing a hoodie and a pair of glasses.

After a few minutes of walking, Felix reached the center of the plaza.

There were multiple queues before a medium-sized spherical milky white ball.

It was heavily guarded, making anyone reconsider doing anything idiotic in the queue.

Felix walked towards a queue that was the shortest of them all.

Before he could queue up, he had to show his entry ticket to one of the operators, patrolling the area.

This queue was meant only for those carrying premium class tickets.

Sure enough, when he showed it, no one bothered him anymore.

In a few minutes, Felixs turn had arrived.

A cute blue skinned fairy with a golden hair flew next to Felixs face and introduced herself, “Hi Hi! I am Lay Lay, your personal guide in our beautiful Loftus Dust Kingdom.”

“Hey there.” Felix smiled as he introduced, “I am Felix and I will be under your care.”

“Shall we begin Sir Felix” Lay Lay clapped her hands and forwarded a contract, “Please sign this non-liability agreement.”

Felix read it swiftly in a few seconds and signed it.

He was familiar with this contract as he had signed one in his previous life.

It was to limit Felix from causing a scene within the fairies dimensional pocket.

In addition, to give up any right to appeal to Queen Ai in case the Pooh-Pooh solution caused any permanent damages to his body.

The moment Felix signed the contract, he was handed a small transparent box by Lay Lay.

Felix took the box and opened it.

He found twelve tiny bottles arranged neatly inside.

“Six for you and six for your pet.” Lay Lay warned, “Use them wisely and dont skip a round if you want to avoid being penalized.”

“I know.” Felix nodded as he picked two bottles.

Then, he beamed the box inside his spatial card.

“Do you want us to safe keep your AP bracelet” The fairy ensured, “The contract you signed gives you immunity for the duration you remain within our kingdom.”

“No, thank you.” Felix rejected politely.

Upon hearing so, the fairy gave him some space and watched him with a serious expression.

Felix knew that she wouldnt look anywhere else until he drinks the solution.

“Come Nimo, drink this.” Felix opened the bottle and gave it to Nimo.

Eee ee

The moment Nimo smelt a sweet aromatic scent, he didnt hesitate to drink the whole thing in one gulp.


Nimo burped in satisfaction and eyed Felixs bottle with a greedy look.


However, before he could use his killer puppy look to beg him for it, he started feeling fuzzy and dizzy all over.

Soon, Nimos size began to shrink little by little in a noticeable manner!

‘Glad it worked on him too. Felix sighed in relief after seeing that the solution was doing its magic.

He wasnt worried at all that Nimos size had been reduced to a mere two centimeters.

Thats because, The Loftus Dust kingdom was inside a minimized world!

No one was allowed to enter it without having the same size as the fairies.

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