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She sure did. Mr.

Rodrigas commented, All of them were inspired by you to become better versions of themselves.

They vowed not to return until they reach peak 6th stage of replacement.

I don\'t know about that, but I am glad that they are getting stronger in this cutthroat universe. Felix nodded.

Still, peak 6th stage of replacement is nothing when dealing with other races. Mr.

Rodrigas sighed, We only need a few wins, and we will join the universal planetary games.

The planetary games scaled with the strength of its members and the win streak of the team.

So, if everyone was at 6th stage of replacement, they naturally would not be placed against those at 3rd stage of replacement even though they had the same rank.

They would be fighting against planets with equal strength even if their ranks were disproportionate with each other.

Though, if they won, skipping ranks was a no-brainer.

Three or four games like this, and they would be fighting against teams made out of vampires, werewolves, orcs, and even dragons, if their rank was high enough.

Felix had never given up on planetary games.

After all, they were the only method to climb the SGAlliance ladder and become an important member with a voice in the inner circle.

As the owner of Earth, his plan all along was to use it as anchor to his advancement in The SGAlliance.

\'I think it\'s time to turn the team into primogenitors bloodliners.\' Felix decided.

Call back anyone from the main team, who reached 5th stage of replacement. Felix informed, The organization will accept them as members and provide them with a mythical bloodline for their 6th stage of replacement.

Are you being serious Mr.

Rodrigas exclaimed.

The others were just as shocked as him.

They didn\'t expect that the organization would have their eyes on the team when they could get anyone they wanted.

There were rich backgrounds, who were offering billions of coins to join the organization and obtain a mythical bloodline.

I recommended them long ago and the organization agreed. Felix said.

This is huge!

I will contact the camp immediately!

Although Felix had guaranteed their spots, Mr.

Rodrigas still was worried that the organization might change their opinion later on.

It was better to be through and take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

Felix was always on the fence whether to turn his team into primogenitors bloodliners or not...Especially, Noah and Olivia.

He understood that taking this road would mean they would be stuck at 75% integration level until he figured out a method for them to breakthrough into the origin realm.

It was quite risky since he might not find a way.

But, that was the disadvantage of using a primogenitor\'s bloodline.

He was going to let them know about it and if they still decided to commit, it would be their own choice.

Eee Eee!

You want a crab leg

Felix wondered after Nimo\'s head popped out of his jacket and started staring at a crab.

Everyone in the table stopped eating and gazed at Nimo with curious expressions.

They knew that Felix wasn\'t into pets and that Nimo was something special.

Still, they refrained from prying into Felix\'s matters.

He might be sitting with them and being all chummy, but they didn\'t forget that he wasn\'t the same Felix from when he left.

This was also why no one mentioned Felix\'s appearance that resembled Lance, one of the trending individuals in the universe.

All of them had read about Lance\'s achievements in the guardian empire and how he reclaimed 50 infested planets heroically.

It was a win for humanity as a whole and the media made sure to portray Lance in the best light.

The only reason they weren\'t that suspicious of Felix being Lance was the fact that another planet was reclaimed today.

Yet, Felix was sitting with them here.

It was simply impossible to travel from an empire to another in half a day.

But again, Lance had demonstrated his ability to cross long distances at a horrific speed without restoring to wormholes.

So...The suspicion was still there.

Felix had noticed their suspicious looks long ago even though they tried their best to hide them.

Honestly, he didn\'t really care.


The Next Morning...

Felix had traveled outside the solar system without his spaceship.

He came all the way here because he needed to bring his void creatures outside the void realm.

If he didn\'t allow Queen Ai to scan them, she wouldn\'t be able to replicate them in the battleground.

Felix wasn\'t planning on joining the war without his void army.

Let\'s begin.

Felix nodded at Mistress Candace, then he used his ability to open the biggest void rift he could achieve with his current energy.

With Asna\'s emergency tank, he managed to open a half kilometer long void rift.

Still, it looked tiny compared to Mistress Candace\'s void rift that stretched for many kilometers.

Don\'t worry Sir Felix. Mistress Candace winked, Size doesn\'t matter, it\'s how you use it.

Shut up. Felix\'s eyelids twitched at her naughty joke.

The more she was getting comfortable in his presence, the naughtier and playful she gets.

After all, that was her real personality as a void succubus.

It\'s your turn, Nimo. Felix brought Nimo in front of his face and made an \'okay\' gesture with his hand, As we practiced.

Make them enter the void rift.

The moment Nimo saw the hand gesture, he automatically understood what Felix needed from him due to his teachings.


Nimo commanded the void raccoons to move towards the rift by pointing his finger at it while squealing akin to a general.

The void creatures did as they were ordered obediently and began to spill through the void rifts.

Since, there were almost 90 million void creatures, it was going to take a while for all of them to cross over.

I have taught him well. Felix felt slightly proud by his work as he watched Nimo acting like a little general.

In the past months, Felix had started teaching Nimo basic commands that he could give to his void creatures.

So far, he taught him how to make them attack, retreat, split, move forward, backward, and to the sides.

Nothing too complex.

Nimo was already as big as an adult cat.

His intelligence was almost as high as he was in the consciousness space.

If Asna was able to teach Nimo how to serve wine and deal poker cards, then learning such a simple commands was nothing.

With more time, Felix was confident that he would start commanding those void creatures akin to soldiers.

Strategies, schemes, and tactics...Everything would be on the table!

Felix could finally use those war books he spent days reading.


A couple of hours later...

The magnificent void army had finally crossed over to the matter universe.

Their sheer towering size and numbers were enough to cause calamity in every planet they target!

Imagine 90 million void creatures attacking a single planet Who had enough firepower to blow them all simultaneously

The guardian empire possessed the strongest army in the galaxy, and it was impossible for them to defeat even 10% of Felix\'s void army!

Felix wasn\'t acting overconfident for no reason.

\'Queen, I am willing to join the battlefield.\' Felix informed with a serious tone.

\'Are you certain\' Queen Ai asked for a confirmation.


\'Your participation has been registered.\' Queen Ai informed, \'Since you own planet Earth, you can only join the federation side.\'

\'I understand.\'

\'Have you read all the rules of the battlefield\'


\'Please choose a safe area to place your VR Pod.\' Queen Ai informed, \'This safe area will be your protected zone.

As long as you remain in it, you are protected by the SGAlliance.\'

In other words, no one would dare to assassinate Felix\'s real body while he was in the battleground.

The SGAlliance and Queen Ai were the insurance, and they had their own ways to keep their word.

\'I will be picking it later.\' Felix delayed.

\'Do you have anything you want to replicate inside the battleground\' Queen inquired.

\'Replicate everything in my AP bracelet, and those void creatures.\'

\'Permission to scan.\'


Felix\'s AP bracelet was one of the latest generations.

This provided him with a scanner that could reach up to a few kilometers.

Still, Felix had to spend a couple of hours just to scan every void raccoon for the Queen.

\'Are those void creatures your property\' Queen Ai asked, \'Can you verity your ownership over them\'

\'No, but since you scanned them, it means that they are registered in your private database now.\' Felix smirked and provided a signed holographic paper to Queen Ai, \'I hereby claim that those void creatures are mine, and I will be responsible for their actions.\'

\'Are you certain\' Queen Ai went silence for a second, and then warned \'Claiming ownership over void creatures means that every destroyed property or death caused by them will be on you.\'

\'Hundred percent!\' Felix nodded confidently.

Felix wasn\'t the only one who attempted to claim legal ownership over void creatures.

Many did it before him and regretted immensely.

After all, everything caused by void creatures were placed on them as the owners.

Since void creatures knew nothing but destruction and slaughter, it wasn\'t a deal worth taking.

On the other hand, we got Felix...The sole person in the universe who was able to control them.

\'I hereby declare you as the legal owner of those void creatures.\' Queen Ai announced, \'The void creatures have been replicated successfully.\'

Unbeknownst to the royal family, their worst nightmare had just joined the battleground....

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