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Did you forget that 80% of the wormholes in the empire are connected with my territory Emperor Rawal chuckled, I doubt you have the guts to do it.

Watch me. Zosia eyed him coldly one last time before leaving the throne chamber.

It was unclear whether she would actually do it or not.

After all, even if the royal family territory was the only one targeted, the damages to the empire\'s structure would be irreversible.

In fact, it would harm the entire galaxy as a whole since most wormholes connected to other kingdoms and galaxies were positioned in the capital region of the empire.

It was under the rulership of the royal family!

You are right as always…She really believes that we used an enslaved space worm elder. Commander Hade said calmly as he glanced at emperor Rawal, who was still smiling faintly.

All the clues leads to this sole conclusion. Emperor Rawal chuckled, She has no choice but to believe in it.

If Zosia ever caught wind of their discussion, she would have been left aghast.

If they didn\'t rely on enslaved space worm elder, then how the hell did they infiltrate those regions

The only option left was using many newly emerged natural space worms that connected those regions with their territory.

This was unthinkable.

Natural wormholes were primordial cosmic anomalies.

They exit over billion of years and their size could reach up to a star.

They don\'t just pop out of nowhere...Don\'t even mention ten of them at the same time.

When will the wormholes get closed Emperor Rawal inquired.

As agreed upon, they will be closed automatically the next morning. Commander Hade replied.

Good, call Sir Ghodillo and express our heartful appreciation. Emperor Rawal smiled.

I doubt he will be pleased. Commander Hade said, After all, we hired him to make those wormholes one month before we declared war.

He must have already figured out that we have used his wormholes to launch the attack.

You worry too much.

I didn\'t choose Sir Ghodillo randomly. Emperor Rawal smiled casually, He is one of the few pro-war space worm elders.

Even if he realized that we hid crucial Intel about the use of his wormholes, he wouldn\'t care one bit as long as we paid him his fees.

I see. Commander Hade sighed, I hope the same can be said about the other elders.

They are bound to find out the sneaky method we used.

We have a legal contract approved by the Queen.

We didn\'t harm their people like that kiddo thinks.

So, they will close one eye and leave us alone. Emperor Rawal dismissed him, Now, go supervise the invasion.

We can\'t be wasting this hard fought opportunity over nothing.

On it. Commander Hade could only nod his head and leave.

He spent many years being the emperor right hand to recognize that his plans were always foolproof and difficult to uncover.

Zosia assuming that they did the impossible and enslaved a space worm elder was the perfect proof.

How could she guess that they had hired a space worm elder\'s services before they even declared the war

It was possible to hire space worm elders to create private wormholes that could last as long as client wanted.

The only issue was the pricing and having permission.

For each day the wormhole was active, the client needed to pay 50 million SC at minimum.

The price increase with the distance.

Pretty steep when it was simply a hundred times cheaper to use a public wormhole.

Since one needed to have permission to open a wormhole from both regions where the entrances were placed, this made it impossible to be used as a smuggling method between empires or kingdoms.

However, the Mariana Empire was still considered as being owned by the royal family even though its territory had been shrunk significantly.

This meant, emperor Rawal didn\'t need permission from the leaders of those ten regions, where he decided to connect his private wormholes!

This was the first loophole that he took advantage first.

As for the steep pricing The royal family had deep pockets due to the high taxes in their territories.

While others would find it hard to collect 275 billion SC or more in credits, emperor Rawal paid it without betting an eye.

Zosia, Gabriel, Maganda Chief, and the other leaders probably barely had 50 billion SC available to be cashed out at any moment.

Their territories and preparation for war exhaust their liquid cash as fast as they make it. 

With those two barriers taken down, emperor Rawal had ten legalized private wormholes that he could erect with any region he desired.

However, because the price increased with the distance, he had to limit his options to only the regions that were the closest to his territory.

That\'s why he had chosen those ten territories instead of using this scheme to emerge in the heart of the federation alliance.

Even with his deep pockets, he could not afford to pay that much.

Those ten regions selected weren\'t random at all.

He knew that the anti-royality alliance would go for a ruleless war over a ruled war when he declares war on them.

The difference in origin realm bloodliners made it impossible for the anti-royality alliance to select the ruled war.

They would get absolutely slaughtered.

By knowing that the format would be a ruleless war, he recognized that the anti-royality alliance would be pulling their allies into this war.

His first draft of his plan was actually targeting the regions of those allies.

Luckily, the anti-royality alliance did the unpredictable and planned to lure in as many backgrounds as possible to their cause by promising them a democratic federation at the end of the war.

This helped him change his targets to those ten regions that were bordering his territory.

He easily figured out that their leaders had joined the alliance since most of them went public with their declaration before Queen Ai replicated the battleground.

Now that he knew his targets and had the resources to make it happen, he sent out the space worm elder to create those ten wormholes a few days before Queen Ai replicated the battleground.

Then, he told the Queen Ai of their locations, so she could put them in her database and copy them as well.

Since they were considered as \'private property\', Queen Ai could not share their locations with anyone.

Emperor Rawal was smart enough to pick good hidden spots that were not too close to civilizations or on known routes.

In this infinite universe, it was impossible to seek something without knowing about its location...Unless you lucked out on it.

Because the anti-royality alliance had absolutely no idea that a new ten wormholes were copied as well in the battleground, those wormholes remained unfound for over a year and a half.

Until the time to use them had arrived.

The reason Zosia and the others didn\'t even consider that it was possible to use such a wicked strategy was because it had never been used in the history of the SGAlliance!

Emperor Rawal might not be the first to think of it, but he was the first to implement it in an actual war.

It made total sense.

Wars were almost extinct in the SGAlliance Era.

Even when a war starts, both sides always pick the ruled format due to penalties imposed on the ruleless war.

When two sides decide to pick the ruleless wars, they were mostly small kingdoms or countries that could not afford to even hire a space worm elder for seven days.

As for the big dogs in the SGAlliance They never settle their affairs with wars but with diplomacy or simply a couple of custom SG games.

This galactical war was the first major war for a very long time, which was the reason many eyes from different galaxies were watching the live stream.

Emperor Rawal was known to be extremely intelligence and had a strategic shrewd mind.

If someone was going to come up with this strategy, it made perfect sense that it was him.

Humans were one of the most cunning races in the universe and emperor Rawal had just certified this fact with his crafty mind.

The scariest part This was merely the tip of the iceberg of a much larger scheme!

Naturally, the Toppoki region\'s invasion was part of it as well.

Without it, Zosia and the other leaders would always be on alert for an incoming invasion.

If emperor Rawal went and invaded those ten regions at the very beginning, the shock wouldn\'t have been this potent.

In addition, they wouldn\'t have had pulled troops from the closest regions to Toppoki, making it much easier for the royal family fleets to claim major planets in Silk Isle region and Sheyrus region.

If it wasn\'t for having a gigantic ego and being as greedy as a goblin, emperor Rawal could have led his empire into a bright golden age with his shrewd mind.

Alas, no one was perfect....

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