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Rodrigas will be officially representing me when I am away. Felix ignored their reaction and carried on, Important decisions will be relayed to me.

If I don\'t respond, you can act as you deem fit.

I will not disappoint you. Mr.

Rodrigas\'s eyes brightened as he typed everything down.

He would rather have Felix over his head than deal with those greedy bastards, who cared just about their gains.

There were still presidential elections in most of their countries, making it impossible for them to hold into power for more than eight years without a revolution starting.

The US president that Felix was familiar with had already been replaced a year ago.

When dealing with universal matters, it was much better to have one leader that would remain consistent in power instead of newcomers arriving every four years to eight and had to learn everything from the start.

Lastly, make sure to add that everyone here will be executed by Queen Ai if they dare to create trouble. Felix waved his hand causally, You handle the details of the contract.

On it. Mr.

Rodirgas quickly started drafting one, wanting to take full advantage of the situation to force those leaders away.

He had no idea how long Felix would disappear again, and it was better to take advantage of his intimidation before he leaves.

In about three minutes, the contract had been finished.

It was ten pages thick and approved by Queen Ai.

Felix suggested a few details in secret with Mr.

Rodrigas as it was being drafted.

It was faster to draft it since Mr.

Rodirgas already had the original contract of the World Council in place.

He simply added a few more terms to it.

Naturally, the contract was applicable to himself as well, meaning if he screwed up, he would be punished just as hard as the others.

Sign it. Felix ordered as he forwarded it to everyone in the hall.

After doing so, he removed his spiritual pressure on them, wanting to give them a bit of grace before they could f*ck off once and for all.

Thud Thud Thud...!

One by one, they all fell head first into the table after the pressure was lost unexpectedly.

Felix definitely didn\'t aim for it to happen, but the presidents were too humiliated and furious to think otherwise.

You have three seconds to sign before I mark you down. Felix eyed them indifferently, not caring about their murderous eyes.

Three, two.... Felix paused for a second after seeing that almost everyone signed the contract with ugly expressions.

They were unwillingly to give up on power over the planet, but they were rational and self-sustaining beings.

They understood that their hired bodyguards from the UVR wouldn\'t stand a chance against either Felix or the organization.

The worst part, they had no idea if Felix had already entered the planet and was simply waiting for them to revolt against him.

They had seen his powers and weren\'t delusional enough to believe that they would survive an assassination against him.

Why would they risk antagonizing him, when they had merely a few years in authority before getting replaced

It wasn\'t worth it at all...Especially, when they finally had increased their longevity to more than two hundred years.

So, no matter how much it hurt them, it was better to play along and retire with the millions of coins they gathered.


By the end of his count, Felix had noticed that only a few presidents had yet to sign the contract.

All of them were either dictators or kings, leaders who were supposed to own their territory for years to come like North Korea.

Whatever you say or do won\'t frighten me. The North Korean leader narrowed his eyes and declared, I would rather destroy my own country than hand it over!

Such an insane declaration could be anticipated from at least one of the presidents.

Not everyone was rational when it came to handing over an entire country.

People find it hard to do lesser things in front of a gun.

Oh really Felix chuckled faintly, Mr.

Rodrigas, I will leave the rest to you.

Without bothering to address the North Korean leader, Felix left the hall as sudden as he appeared.

That\'s it

The presidents were bewildered to see this as they had anticipated that Felix would make an example of the North Korean president before he leaves.

For those who have yet to sign. Mr.

Rodrigas declared with a cold grin, You will hand over your control of your territories this instant.

The North Korean president sneered, Even that prick didn\'t scare me to do it, don\'t even mention a bootlicker you.

Is that your final decision Mr.

Rodrigas asked with a faint grin, making everyone who seen it feel nervous for no reason.

There is no point in staying here anymore. North Korea president stood up, planning to leave.

He knew that he had just offended Felix, and he needed to make sure that he would enter his most secured location in his country...Only then could he make threats with his nukes.

The others, who didn\'t sign, tried to follow after his footsteps.

You left me no choice then.


Rodrigas dialed his assistant and ordered him to capture everyone who rejected to sign the contract.

His assistant was shocked by the order since the association was supposed to be neutral.

That\'s why Mr.

Rodrigas was the spokesperson of the World Council.

We will have them at the association in the next three days. The assistant confirmed the order.

Use any means necessary. Mr.

Rodrigas added, Even fatal methods if they resisted.


When Mr.

Rodrigas hung up, the hall was left as quiet as a desert.


Rodrigas looked at the presidents and advised them with a snicker before teleporting away, Never sign a contract without reading it fully.

Upon hearing so, the presidents fell chills course to their spines after being reminded of the contract.

They were given just three seconds to sign, making it impossible to read it carefully.

Instead of offending Felix and give him a reason to get rid of them, they took the risk and signed it.

They believed that Felix wouldn\'t do them dirty and slip in a term that would screw them over.

After all, for someone with his kind of strength and fame, he didn\'t need to go that far to deal with a bunch of commoners like them.

Even if they didn\'t want to admit it out loud, they knew that Felix merely saw them as ants.

Phew, there is nothing that is harmful to us.

President of Japan sighed in relief after realizing that the contract ensured their freedom and ownership of private businesses related to their deals with other civilizations.

So that\'s what he meant. President of the USA sneered a little as he glanced at the presidents, who didn\'t sign.

He couldn\'t help but feel glad that he decided to sign the contract after seeing the sneaky term placed within.

//Term 97: Each head of state that signed this contract agrees to hand over his voting right in the World Council to Felix Maxwell and his representatives.//

The moment the president of North Korea and the other dictators read this term, their expression couldn\'t help but turn ugly immediately.

They knew that they were f*cked since they couldn\'t use their armies, citizens, and nukes as a way of deterrence.

That\'s because to use their nukes or such, the call would need to be passed over to the World Council.

Then, they would decide on it by votes.

It was done like this so no one would resort to war or heavy weapons during a conflict between two members.

After the presidents signed the contract, they had officially handed over their voting powers, making it impossible for North Korea or other dictatorship countries to use a single nuke!

If the presidents kept their votes to themselves, they might have managed to use their nukes to threaten Felix.

Since he actually had no power or authority within the planet besides his family, he honestly would have done nothing if they decided to balls up like that.

Fortunately, Felix knew that the presidents cared about their lives more than ordinary people.

A single threat from the phantom organization was more than enough to force them in retirement.

You better escape the planet while you still can. South Korean president remarked sarcastically at North Korea president before teleporting away.

One by one, the other presidents began to teleport as well, wanting to pass over their power as fast as possible.

It was written in the contract that they had only a month to achieve so.

The dictators also didn\'t remain around as they knew that the association was coming after them.

This time, there was nothing to stop them.

The instant those dictators think of going rogue and shooting nukes randomly as a last attempt, Queen Ai would handle them personally.

If they decided to break or remove their AP bracelets, Queen Ai wouldn\'t let them.

AP bracelet was a miraculous invention that made everyone\'s lives easier, but at the same time, it could ruin it just as a easy.

If those dictators didn\'t wear it from the start and remained holed up in whichever country they were in, no one would dare to pull anything funny since they could use their nukes the moment they felt threatened.

But now

They could only stare in daze at the walls of the assembly hall, knowing that they would never step here ever again....

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