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Are you guys ready The Fang asked with a rigid tone as he looked at his peers.

Hamaru, Toby, and Winfried nodded their heads with stern expressions as they stood together in The Fang\'s UVR office.

All of them were wearing formal clothing, appearing like they were attending a wedding.

Let\'s nail this son of a b*tch. The Fang smiled coldly and then started to disintegrate into light particles.

The others pressed the invitation link in front of them and teleported as well.

When they opened their eyes, they found themselves sitting on their designated chairs in the assembly hall.

Since they were leaders of the human race void guild\'s branch, it was only natural that they would have some authority in matters related to the galaxy.

\'The ten councilmen, the two emperors, and that dog have yet to arrive.\' The fang noticed that the highest seats in the assembly had yet to be filled unlike the other seats.

He could see that more than a two hundred seats had been filled with authoritative figures from all parts of the galaxy.

Each one appeared more unique than the other since almost every one of them was an Origin Bloodliner.

The summit was only for authoritative backgrounds with at least one alive Origin Bloodliner.

That\'s why many kingdoms and ragtag bloodline clans weren\'t included in the summit such as the Alexander Kingdom...Their king was a mere peak 6th stage bloodliner.

No matter how he called his territory and how many star systems they own...As long as they don\'t have an Origin Bloodliner in their ranks, they weren\'t considered as a real authoritative background.

On the other hand, backgrounds with elderly Origin Bloodliners on the verge of death were able to send representatives.

That\'s why Maganda Chief, Zosia Everglow, and Gabriel Lotus were attending the summit as well instead of their elders.

They were sitting at the far corner of the assembly, making it clear that their placement in the galaxy\'s hierarchy wasn\'t too good.

That\'s to be expected since their Origin Bloodliners were on their deathbed.

The only reason they were still alive was because of them going through hibernation to save off every bit of energy.

Meanwhile, the placement of the Mariana Royal Family was at the very top, towering over everyone.

Even though its golden age had gone, and now it was infested with hundreds of kingdoms, its placement didn\'t change due to the number of Origin Bloodliners in their ranks.

After a few minutes...

The assembly hall was packed to the brim.

All backgrounds had taken their seats, not daring to miss out the monthly summit.

If they missed it and a decision was made that would mess up with their territory or businesses, they needed to be there to protest against it.

After the hall was filled, only then did the two Emperors and the ten councilmen showed themselves.

They teleported into their seats almost instantly.

No one behaved abnormally to their sudden appearance since they were used to this informality.

While the ten councilmen were wearing a gray uniform that exuded gloominess and strictness, the two emperors wore glamorous royal golden robes and crowns.

Yet, all of them gave off an authoritative pressure that would make it hard for commoners to stare at them in the eyes or even breathe out loud.

Where is Commander Samuel Emperor Charles inquired softly after seeing that the seat next to him was still empty.

He was the current emperor of the Guardian Empire.

At least that\'s what the public assumed.

But in reality, Commander Samuel was the one ruling the Empire.

After all, he had full control over the galactical army, making him the real lifeline of the empire instead of the royal family.

Right now, they were nothing more than figureheads of monarchy and legacy of the empire.

He dares be late even when he is the main subject of today\'s summit A tiny man with bronze fur and rat like features growled in displeasure.

Easy there, 7th councilman. A delicate girl with eyes closed shut and two crystallized antennas on top of her head spoke with a brittle voice.

Her pale skin seemed to glimmer whenever light reflected on her, making her seem otherworldly.

It doesn\'t matter if he arrived now or later. She smiled gently, As long as he is there when we deal with his issue.

Tsk, you are always too nice to assholes like them, 2nd councilwoman. The 7th councilman clicked his tongue in irritation and remained quiet after, joining the others in their silence.

Who wants to honor us with his voice this evening 2nd councilwoman asked faintly as she titled her head at her peers.

Upon hearing so, All councilmen either lowered their heads or stared in different direction, clearly not wanting to deal with the hassle of hosting the summit.

How about you emperors 

I hosted two months ago. Emperor Charles rejected politely.

I pass.

Meanwhile, Emperor Rawal of the Mariana Empire merely waved his hand indifferently at her.

He didn\'t even bother to turn his head, which was quite disrespectful behavior to another Origin Bloodliner.

Yet, the 2nd councilwoman seemed used to his haughty treatment and didn\'t react much.

Bunch of lazy old geezers. 2nd councilwoman sighed as she stood up.

I guess I will be hosting it again.

She climbed the steps of a podium that gave her a clear vision of everyone participating in this summit.

Then, she smiled politely and greeted, Good morning my friends.

Today, we will be kicking off another monthly summit and hopefully, it will be just as successful as the previous ones.

Everyone started to applause vigorously, delighted that 2nd councilwoman would be hosting the summit.

Unlike the others on top, she was the only approachable figure in the upper echelon.

She never puts airs and response to everyone\'s inquires.

She treated commoners, bloodliners, and authoritative figures all the same, making her well liked by all.

Adding the fact that she was as cute as an angel made it easy for anyone to drop their guards near her and be themselves.

That\'s why she was nicknamed by the network as Miss Buttercup.

Let us begin with the first issue on the agenda. Miss Buttercup pressed a button on the podium and five men got summoned in front of stands like the ones in courts.

All of them looked somber and disheartened.

Introduce yourselves and make your case. Miss Buttercup requested.

One of the men turned around to look at everyone and introduced, We are the Galactical Association of Explorers.

We handle all matters related to either hunting undiscovered galaxies, ancient ruins explorations, locating new mines...etc.

In the past years, we have noticed a massive spike in crews getting wiped out during their explorations.

The association leader brought out a holographic screen that showed a graph and read it, As you can see, from ten years and before, the death of exploration crews isn\'t alarming at all.

We lose tens of exploration crews at best.

He pointed his finger at a red arrow that suddenly spiked at 60 degrees and said, Out of nowhere, exploration crews began getting wiped out on the majority of their missions.

Even T1 missions that should be doable by the least experienced crew.

The leaders below began to chat with each other after they recalled that they had also lost many of their exploration squads as well over the past years.

They didn\'t think too much of it since they had more important issues to handle.

Plus, the death of exploration crews wasn\'t really that strange.

After all, ancient ruins were filled with mysteries and no one really knows what would happen inside.

But after the data got gathered like this, and they realized that it wasn\'t just them, they could smell a conspiracy!

Before their chatter could get even louder, the association leader raised his tone and continued on, After a thorough investigation, we are finally confident to point our fingers at the culprit...Or in this case, an entire race of culprits.

He said so while replacing the graph from his screen with an image of Slimes!


Is this a joke

Those slaves can\'t even harm a fly, nevertheless harm veteran bloodliners.

Everyone was shocked by the reveal.

They expected an Organization in the shadow, hunting down all exploration crews and taking their loots or something like that.

Instead, they were given slimes, one of the weaklings of the universe.

Believe me, we also thought that it was impossible...But, after hearing this recording of a fallen explorer, we were left with no choice but to suspect them. The association leader sighed and played a recording on the screen.

The recording was a confession of a man, who was in his dying breath, buried deep down under rubble of a pistachio green rocks.

Cough, we have been betrayed by the newest addition to our crew, Moka.

He is a slime that we bought to scout the ruins for us, but the f*cker activated a trap willingly without us knowing about it.

I know for a fact that he did it on purpose since he smiled at me deviously before I got buried under this rubble of this weird energy absorbing rocks.

I don\'t know how he managed to betray us like this while the slave contract was active.

I hope that the association figure it out to warn other exploration cre...

Rumble Rumble!!

Before he could finish his sentence, an earth quack occurred, resulting in the shift of the rubble.

Because he was buried underneath and was completely spent, he could only embrace his death by getting squashed between those moving boulders...

After that, the screen went black and everyone glanced at each other with stern expressions.

No one would disbelieve the words of a dying man....

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