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After Commander Samuel received the summoning letter, he didn\'t even flinch.

Instead, he sneered and went to make himself a cup of coffee in his office.

Bunch of fools.

The two royal families and the ten councilmen are backing me up.

Commander Samuel knew that it was neigh impossible for him to get replaced.

After all, it wasn\'t easy to get another Origin Bloodliner that wasn\'t affiliated with those three superpowers in the Galactical Army.

All the current generals were supported by either The Mariana Royal Family, The Guardian Royal Family, or The Ten Councilmen of the Bardot Empire.

Since noteworthy military achievements were required as well to be promoted to the Commander Rank, this reduced the list even further to only a couple generals.

All of them were affiliated.

The only one without affiliation was Commander Samuel.

That\'s why he was extremely respected in his golden age.

He reached such heights without the support of any major background, making him the perfect candidate to lead such an autonomous powerful force.

The public assumed that he was still in his position due to being buddy-buddy with their leaders, but in reality, there was simply no other candidate to fully trust by all three superpowers.

So, they would rather keep him there and hope that he would regain his spark back then promote a general belonging to their rivals.

It was all politics and Commander Samuel made sure to play it with them by simply not showing favoritism to any of them.

To be more safe, Commander Samuel forced the few unaffiliated generals into choosing a side.

The three superpowers didn\'t stop him from doing so since they were gaining additional Origin Bloodliners into their force.

Even when they knew that he was doing so to solidify his ruling for years and years to come.

Now when the guild finally had enough of Commander Samuel crap and filled a motion to replace him, there was not a single candidate to consider...

Commander Samuel might be a slave to Mistress Candace, but it didn\'t mean that he had lost his craftiness.

He was still the same Commander Samuel who achieved so much against the void invasion.

The only difference was that he stopped caring about the war and focused wholeheartedly to fulfil Mistress Candace\'s desires...


Two weeks later...

The network was still buzzing noisily about Commander Samuel.

There was no way it was going to stop any time soon when the assembly members kept holding media conferences to push out his removal.

Since the mercenaries hated Commander Samuel just as much, all the squads stepped from the shadows and condemned his leadership.

On the other side, General Aztec and other important figureheads in the army all defended Commander Samuel by retelling his old achievements like they just happened yesterday.

They weren\'t doing it because they were ordered by Commander Samuel or wanted to kiss his ass.

If it was up to them, they would have joined the crowd and cursed him in hopes of replacing him.

Unfortunately, the backgrounds supporting them weren\'t done yet with Commander Samuel, forcing them into defending him in public to alleviate the flames a little.

While this drama was on going without signs of stopping anytime soon, Felix continued hunting void creatures peacefully.

No one was focused on the suicide phenomena anymore while this juicy drama was happening.

As for the assembly members

They made Fay\'s squad continue following Felix since the option to use stealth aircraft was gone forever.

The moment Felix signed that contract and became an army consultant, his rank was high enough to be respected by the assembly members and even the generals!

One of the many perks of such a high rank was protection from espionage by Queen AI.

Anyone trying to spy on him would be punished by army laws.

So the assembly members were left with no choice but to send Fay and her crew to hunt nearby his location and relay any important news.

After all, the Queen can\'t stop squads trying to do their job.

Sis, he is doing it! Wolverine shook Fay\'s shoulder as he watched Felix fire off two dark purplish blasts from his compressors towards a massive chasm.

I am up up...What did I miss Fay rubbed her bloodshot eyes and pulled out her own binoculars.

Just the usual. Wolverine clicked his tongue after watching Felix drive off his vehicle after firing those blasts.

In the past two weeks, they had been taking shifts to surveillance Felix\'s movements from twenty kilometers away.

Because of such distance, the Queen had nothing to say about their surveillance.

After all, they could simply claim that they were surveying for void creatures in the direction that Felix happen to be.

The Queen AI basic version was still an AI that followed the rules strictly and lacked common sense.

He disappeared again from the radar. Fay knitted her eyebrows and said, His car is still moving, and he didn\'t leave it, so what\'s going on

Because of their distance and the dark windows of Felix\'s vehicle, it was impossible for them to see the inside.

To add salt to injury, Felix had been hunting only void packs underground exclusively, making it impossible for Fay and Wolverine to comprehend what he was doing.

In their eyes, he was firing two blasts underground to make fun of them or something.

After all, how could they figure out that Felix was targeting void packs underground by using void seekers then teleporting inside their bodies while his car was still on the move

It wasn\'t really that hard to pull off as Felix only required to mark the upper face of the chest with his void energy and leave it inside his vehicle while it\'s on autopilot.

After Asna get done absorbing the void energy, he simply teleports back and continue his journey without even leaving his vehicle!

Should we forward this to father again Wolverine asked nervously.

He really didn\'t want to tell his father that they still had nothing new to give.

They already sent him a recording of Felix\'s shenanigans, and The Fang had showed it to the assembly members.

Just like them, they also had no idea what Felix was doing and what were those purplish blasts.

Because of the current ongoing conflict with Commander Samuel, they didn\'t have enough time to focus thoroughly on Felix.

In their eyes, the replacement of Commander Samuel came at a great priority since if they failed, Commander Samuel was going to make an example of them by treating their territories and squads like **.

No need. Fay shook her head, Let\'s contact him when we have something crucial.

He already has too much on his plate to bother with us now.

Wolverine nodded his head and continued his surveillance.


\'The void packs are getting lower in this zone.\' Felix thought as he glanced outside the window with his void vision.

It had been more than four hours since he last saw a void pack either underground or above it.

\'You should consider changing the zone.\' Asna suggested lazily, \'You have almost cleaned this zone in the past month.\'

Sure enough, the void packs that Felix hunted alone had already surpassed one hundred and fifty!

Since each void pack had more than ten void creatures,  he should have killed more than a thousand void creatures by now!

Plus, the other squads and foot soldiers were cleaning the zone at the same time.

It was expected that they had taken care of at least the same amount.

\'No, I am not taking another mission here.\' Felix smiled faintly, \'Since I have permission to head to fallen planets, it\'s time to pick up some black missions.\'

The only reason Felix had chosen red missions in the first place was his inability to accept black missions as well as his lack of live practice.

Now that he had both, it was time to hunt in those infested planets that didn\'t have a single soul residing within!

Because of the massive numbers of void creatures, he wouldn\'t be wasting time locating them or bothering to hide his abilities.

If he didn\'t receive the army contract, Felix would have signed the contract with the guild and let them see his method since he couldn\'t avoid them forever.

They were bound to know one way or another unless he slowed his hunting speed to keep the secret going.

That\'s why the moment he signed the army contract, he returned to hunting only underground void packs exclusively.

There was no need to let them know of his connection with void element when he would be soon heading to a fallen planet.

\'If I don\'t locate another pack in the next three hours, I will turn in my mission and leave this **hole.\' Felix decided.

Since Felix had been killing the void creatures underground, he was naturally receiving void points for them and marked as his harvest.

Considering the number of packs slayed at his hands, he had already concluded his side of the mission and could turn in his results for all to see.

After all, the red mission he accepted was a public mission.

In other words, there was only one reward to gain and in this case...The squad with the highest points at the end of the mission duration would earn an additional 100k void points.

So far, Felix had yet to expose his gathered points....

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