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Dibs We don\'t even know his identity. Tobias Riedl said as he showed them Felix\'s fake identity.

He was the leader of Ring of Phantoms, the current strongest squad in the guild due to it having two Origin Bloodliners in its ranks.

So, he was treated quite differently even within the guild\'s assembly.

Toby is right. Hamaru knitted her thin eyebrows and said, His name is Lancelot Kelly and I have never heard of an Origin bloodliner with that last name in the galaxy.

So, he either is not a descendant of a known Origin Bloodliner or he is using a fake identity.

The Fang and Tobias nodded their heads in agreement.

They were not fools to blindly trust in Felix\'s fake identity since it was known knowledge that one could change it by using wishes from the SG platform.

Since the last name was totally unheard of, it was to be expected that Felix would be examined thoroughly by those old monsters.

You forgot another possibility. Winfried crossed his arms as he proclaimed, With his demonstrated strength and elemental capacity, he might be an Origin Bloodliner who broke through recently or simply an old bastard who refused to share his breakthrough with the public.

The other three raised an eyebrow in surprise at his bold claim but they didn\'t outright deny it.

After all, it wasn\'t like every Origin Bloodliner in the galaxy desired publicity.

There were many who hid in the shadows without anyone knowing about them.

If it\'s like that, then he should really despise void creatures to willingly come to this **hole. The Fang said as he rubbed his beard.

The others supported his claim.

Unlike Felix, they joined the guild thousands of years ago when they were young and merely at the 5th stage of replacement.

Some of them did it for the money, some of them for the fame, some of them due to hate, and some to prepare for breaking through the Origin Realm.

Whatever it was, they all suffered through hardships.

Because of those constant death or life battles, they managed to hone their mental state enough to succeed in their breakthrough.

Now, they were one of the strongest Origin Bloodliners in the universe yet they were still stuck in this **hole of an empire.


Because their territories were attached to it.

Territories that they had earned from their achievements in the war against the void realm.

Those territories were extremely close to the majority of the void portals in the empire.

So, it became their life duty to fight the void creatures until death even if their motivation had already been sapped dry.

Either that or they give up on their territories and leave them at the mercy of the army.

Based on their constant recent defeats against the void invasions, they knew that their territories would be subjected to the void creatures in a few centuries.

None of them wanted to give up on those territories after everything they did for them to prosper.

It was their legacy and inheritance.

The previous Great Commander was cunning alright to use territory in his empire as a reward for great achievements.

In this universe, no one would reject receiving a solar system or two even if they were inhabitable.

Just the resources mined from those planets were enough to set anyone for life financially.

For those greedy mercenaries, it was the greatest reward ever.

Only after they get older and tired of their fights against the void creatures would they realize that their territory was trapping them from leaving the empire.

Give it and leave or remain loyal to the cause forever and ever.

Even after their death, their future generations would be forced to defend it as well.

So, when Big Willi told the recruits that the assembly members were always fighting due to their hate was just a bunch of bull**.

At this moment, they simply had no choice anymore...

Honestly, I don\'t care about his identity or reason to join the mercs with his strength.

Winfried said, As long as he is targeting void creatures, then he would be a great addition to my squad.

Your squad Hamaru snickered, I doubt he will even pay attention to it with your non-serious attitude towards the war.

Your squad has the lowest clearance rate when compared to our squads.

Winfried shrugged his shoulders and said, So what At least, I am easy-going and will not throw my weight on him like you guys.

When he sees that I am treating him like an equal instead of a subordinate, he will choose me in a heartbeat over you.

Can I say...

Stay out of it Fang. Both Winfried and Hamaru glared at him.

You have your son waiting for recruitment, so focus on him.

Well, that\'s not fair.

I have every right to recruit Lancelot as well.

As those three argued back and forth, Tobias merely kept watching Felix sprinting in a specific direction.

\'Hmm There is another pack 1 kilometer away from him below the ground.\' Tobias titled his head in confusion, \'How is he going straight towards it This is the 3rd pack in less than two hours.\'

He was more curious by Felix\'s \'luck\' in finding void packs.

He understood that locating void packs usually required one to have visions related to either energy fluctuation or something like seismic sense.

That\'s because everywhere void creatures go, they leave behind energy fluctuations due to their constant absorption of the elements.

On the other hand, seismic sense allowed one to feel termors happening deep within the ground.

If used right, one could guess the void creatures\' spots by following the vibrations.

After all, the void creatures could not travel below the ground without leaving tunnels behind them.

It wasn\'t like they were ghosts that could go through physical objects.

If bloodliners didn\'t have them, then they could only rely on devices used to sense energy fluctuation.

Usually, they weren\'t that reliable and their sensory distance was quite short.

So far, Tobias had noticed from Felix\'s replays that he actually spotted void creatures locations kilometers away from his position.

He never used a device to do so.

\'It must be the eye in his forehead.\' He concluded with a curious look as he zoomed at Felix\'s exposed void eye.

The first time he had seen it, he felt a sense of familiarity.

But, he didn\'t recognize from where.

\'Queen, please run a diagnosis on this eye and tell me which beast it belongs to.\' He requested calmy.

The Queen AI did as she was told and crossed examined the eye with her data to see if she found a match.

\'Examinition complete.\' Queen disclosed, \'In terms of shape and appearance, There is more than a hundred match.\'

Then, she showed him a list with all the beasts that had the same eyes.

They were from different tiers and rarities.

After spending a few minutes glossing over the list, Tobias shook his head and closed the list.

\'None of them have the eye in their forehead.\'

Since Felix had the mutation in his forehead, it was expected the beast he inherited from would have it in the same place as well.

\'Interesting...So, he is using a bloodline of an unknown beast.\' Tobias thought to himself, \'I should ask him about it when we meet.

If the beast has such an amazing ability to locate void creatures, it would truly be a great asset to future soldiers and mercs.\'

Fine! Just shut up already, we will do this the normal way. Hamaru massaged her tired eyes as she said, We will send him an invitation for an interview just like we do with the others.

No shady plays behind the shadows. Fang proclaimed, Leave the decision to him without intervention.

Agreed! Winfried gave them a thumbs-up.

How about you Tobias Hamaru inquired.

Huh Oh, whatever you decide. Tobias waved his hand casually as he kept his eyes affixed to Felix.

Good, we are missing only Wilson. Fang asked, Where is he by the way Why isn\'t he watching the trials.

Who knows what goes into that lunatic\'s mind. Winfried shrugged his shoulders.

Whatever, just forward our decision to him.

He can\'t refuse anyway.

Upon hearing so, the others could only drop the subject.

They knew that nothing useful would come out from talking about that maniac.


Here he goes again. Winfried grinned as he watched Felix use the same strategy to take down another void pack!

He didn\'t need to get creative or change it since void creatures weren\'t that intelligent.

They target any lifeform nearby without caring about anything else.


Tsk, what a sh*t quality. Felix clicked his tongue as he threw a busted compressor away.

If the core crystal didn\'t blow up, he could have easily repaired the compressor by using his electromagnetism.

Now, he was left with only two compressors cannons and he needed to avoid pushing them to their limit lest he gets left with no assistance.

That\'s what the assembly members and the other viewers believed when they watched Felix beam the other two compressors in his bracelet.

But in reality They had no idea that Felix had yet to tap into Asna\'s emergency tank!

He might not be able to use it in the games but he could use it as he pleased in real life!

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