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Hmm, their trial of recruitment is much harder than other guilds. Felix rubbed his chin as he read the requirement needed to pass the trials.

Unlike other guilds, the minimum requirement in the Milky Way Galaxy was to be at least an epic 4th stage bloodliner.

Only then would they would allow the applier to participate in the trials. 

Based on the whiny comments of those who tried it, it was clearly going to be difficult to pass.

It seems like the result of the trial determines one\'s rank in the guild. 

Felix already knew that all guilds were following one ranking system.

It starts from F and ends at SSS.

This ranking system wasn\'t just for show and bragging rights but actually plays a huge role in the guild system.

Firstly, the mercenary\'s rank determines the number of missions and difficulty he could accept.

Since rewards were based on difficulty, naturally most mercenaries desire to climb higher in the ranking system so they could earn more.

No one wanted to keep spamming F rank missions that gave garbage rewards and waste a lot of time to finish.

Secondly, the mercenary\'s rank determines his standing and authority within the guild. 

An \'S\' ranked mercenary had the authority to apply for an appeal to the assembly to kick another lower-ranked mercenary if he crossed him.

Hell, the assembly members of each guild branch were actually made out of five \'SS\' mercenaries!

Even they were replaceable if someone else reached the same rank and applied to join the assembly.

All of this without mentioning other goodies those higher ranked received from the guild store.

Like discounts, invitations to private auctions, and more useful stuff.

So, acing the trial and getting the highest rank possible in it was desirable by all new recruits.

The highest score in the trial can place me only at B. Felix murmured, If I want to get permission to hunt in more dangerous and infested areas, I will need to be at least an S-ranked mercenary.

Felix knew that it was going to take some time to hit that rank.

He had just read that to receive a promotion, one needed to hit a target.

The target differs from one rank to another.

But its main point always remained the same.

Hunting the void creatures!

To reach A rank, I will need to hunt 100 low-born void creatures and 10 elites. Felix read from the hologram, As for S rank, I will need to hunt 500 low-born and 100 elites...How about SS rank

Seeing the numbers jump so high up made Felix quite curious about what it would take to be an assembly member of a branch.

The moment he scrolled down and read the requirement, he was left absolutely speechless.

10000 low-born and 1000 elites! 

Felix couldn\'t even fathom how those mercenaries managed to reach such a number when killing a single low-born void creature required so much effort!

He knew that the only way to kill them was by overwhelming them with explosive abilities since they were able to devour elemental energy and other less forceful abilities.

That\'s why it was a must for bloodliners mercenaries to use a fake artifact called Energy Compressor.

This artifact resembled hand canon.

It was capable of compressing abilities and elemental energy to increase their explosiveness.

Because of it, the bloodliners would save up on energy during their hunt and also give them the option to use gentle elements such as water.

After all, it didn\'t matter what element used to attack the void creatures as long as it was able to destroy them completely before they could devour the element.

Felix knew that those fake artifacts were heavy and also easily breakable, making it impossible to fire more than twenty shots before they crumble apart.

All of these inconveniences, yet there were bloodliners who reached an \'SS\' rank

Props to them!

Felix truly admired and respected those veterans, who clearly fought for hundreds of years against the void creatures to reach such a rank.

If it wasn\'t for those mercenaries and soldiers fighting day and night against the void creatures, Felix wouldn\'t have spent two lives roaming around the galaxy without meeting a single void creature!

It was finally time for Felix to join the war and experience the same hardships as them!

Let\'s see their policies about privacy.

Since Felix was planning on hiding his identity, he hoped that the Void Guild would not force their recruit to hand out their real information.

Felix had no intentions of letting his enemies know his position at all.

This sense of safety didn\'t cloud his judgment that he wasn\'t being hunted right at this instant!

Unfortunately, the guild policies weren\'t to his liking one bit. 

So, I need to recruit myself using my real identity but the moment I sign the contract, the guild would be forbidden to share my information without my consent by the Queen. Felix shook his head.

He knew that the moment he gave his real name, it would be almost impossible to block the information from leaking outside.

Just like with delivery companies promising 100% privacy but selling your information to the highest bidder by using indirect and cunning methods.

\'Thankfully, I still have some wishes left.\'

Felix knew that it was possible to wish the Queen to give him the right to sign up in the guild with a different identity.

The Queen didn\'t need anyone\'s permission to carry out his wish since the mercenaries\' guilds were part of the SGAlliance as well.

\'Now, I just need to wait for the void primogenitor\'s bloodline to arrive.\' Felix closed all the tabs after finishing part of his homework.

There was no need to cover everything now since there were still a couple of months left before he arrives at the Guardian Empire.

\'If you are done, meet me in my room.\' Thor informed him, \'We will carry the training from where we left.\'

\'On my way!\'

Felix was quite excited since he was going to restart his training on electromagnetism!

In the game, it came in quite handy by allowing him to connect the nails with the walls.

But, Felix knew that electromagnetism was more than this!

If he could master it, he would be able to use it at a microscopic level to affect electrons or use it to control metal-based materials to his own will.

Those were merely two sets of abilities.

In reality, its uses were virtually limitless!


Two weeks later...

Felix could be seen concocting a potion carefully inside his spaceship\'s lab.

In a few moments, Felix lifted his head from the mixture as he scattered the amber-colored mist from it.

Then, he lifted it up and placed it inside the secondary cauldron with other supportive materials.

Next, he closed the lid on them and let out a long sigh of relief.

The potion he was concocting was for Fatty Bodidi to assist him with the promotion exams.

He had already succeeded in concocting one and failed in the second one.

He truly wanted for this one to succeed as well because he had no intentions of putting even more money into another attempt.

\'Come on goddess of luck, have pity on that fat f*ck, he will die starving if he didn\'t get promoted.\'

Felix started praying devotedly with his eyes closed for a few seconds before he was interrupted by the cauldron\'s silent inactivity. 

Felix opened one eye and peeked at the cauldron.

The moment he noticed that it was starting to emit a fragrant smell, he dropped his prayers immediately and bragged, I am just too good at this.

Lady Sphinx and Asna rolled their eyes at him but didn\'t bother to deal with him right now.

Good, good, those two potions will boost that idiot\'s intelligence and reasoning greatly.

Felix poured the cauldron content inside a bottle and beamed it in his spatial card.

Then, he called Bodidi, telling him to bring some items that he purchased online in the previous days.

After he was done, Felix left the lab and went to his VR Pod.

However, on his way there, Lady Sphinx suddenly asked, Give me your current coordinates.

The moment Asna heard so, she immediately teleported beside Lady Sphinx and asked with eyes sparkling in anticipation, Is it the soul-splitting potion

Yes, yes. Lady Sphinx chuckled as she pushed Asna\'s excited face away from hers.

The moment she agreed, Asna\'s heart started thumping rapidly in agitation and eagerness!

Who could blame her

For more than twenty million years imprisoned in a cage, she was finally going to obtain her freedom!

Naturally, it was just the UVR but with its 100% realism, Asna wouldn\'t be missing much from real life!

At least one of us is excited. Felix\'s eyelids twitched as he gave his coordinates.

He recalled that Lady Sphinx told him about the agonizing pain he would experience during the process.

Still, he was confident in his pain tolerance to handle it just like he always does.

Upon hearing his thoughts, Lady Sphinx merely shook her head in silence, not wanting to burst his bubble....

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