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After taking a few more seconds to think of his plan thoroughly and split it into phases, Felix nodded his head slightly to express his readiness.

Then, he beamed a cubic black bomb and rolled a wire on it.

Felix peeked again with one eye and saw that WowefxNero were still focusing on filling up the center with mud while glancing around them from time to time.

He waited a few more seconds for the perfect opportunity then activated his supersonic mode as he exposed himself in the open!


Felix leaned forward and sprinted on the straight path as fast as he could to gain momentum! 

Before WowefxNero could respond to the noise of electricity, Felix hurled the bomb in the air, aiming at above the gate specifically!

Just as the bomb was going to cross the gate, Felix transmuted himself into electricity and entered the wire before emerging instantly next to the bomb! 


Felix lifted his hands in the air and summoned the mega thundercloud right above him and the gate!

The entire sequence happened so fast, neither WowefxNero nor the viewers managed to react before the thundercloud had already formed!


Thunderclaps resounded boomingly in the maze, forcing every player to turn around and gaze at the mesmerizing grey clouds with a stupefied expression.

No one dared to believe their eyes but the rumbling noise of thunder made them swallow their intense emotions and accept this unbelievable situation!

\'RETUURN TO THE CENTER NOOWW!!!\' Bloodrites roared with veins popping in his neck.

He wanted nothing more but to slay the party that f*cked up and allowed Felix to sneak back to the center, but he reeled in his murderous emotions and simply sprinted as fast as he could towards the center.

Disfigured Beauty and the rest also didn\'t say anything as they focused all their attention on their speed.

However, their ugly expressions made it obvious to their fans that they were beyond pissed!

Rumble Rumble!

Meanwhile, the lightning bolts had just begun raining down on the field, creating a truly breathtaking scene but horrifying nevertheless!

\'Cover us!\' Nero ordered as he withdrew his head inside his shell.

Wowef lifted his palm that was spewing mud and manifested a large hardened umbrella!

He connected its base with the mud field, making it possible to regenerate almost immediately every time a lighting bolt landed on it!

Thud Thud!

It sure worked like the perfect shield, leaving WowefxNero to focus on Felix, who was still suspended in mid-air.

How exactly He used his electrical pull ability on the nearest opposite walls, then he manipulated the lightning arcs to move from his palms into his waist.

This freed his hands, allowing him to move on to the 2nd phase of his plan. 

Felix covered his hands in a small pitch-black poisonous mist, then he beamed two bombs in his hands!

The mist automatically covered the bombs, making it almost impossible to discern their shape even with vision abilities!

After all, his pitch-black inducement was so dark, it was able to absorb the light!

\'Oh no!\'

Wowef\'s heart skipped a beat in fear at the scary implication of Felix throwing unknown bombs at them!

How would they know which one was a nuke and which one was a weak bomb

\'Get your ** together, bombs are useless in our mud field!\' Nero screamed at Wowef as he prepared to breathe his dragon flames at Felix!

In his eyes, the best defense is offense! Felix\'s current position made it obvious that he would have a difficult time dodging his dragon breath!

However, before he could commit, his eyes widened in shock after spotting Felix hurl one bomb after another at areas that were recently struck by lightning bolts!!!

Only now, did Nero understand Felix\'s wicked plan by using Lightning Call!

Phew Phew!!

Alas, it was already too late. 

Because Felix was in supersonic mode, WowefxNero and the viewers could only stare with shaken spirits at the sight of him pitching bombs akin to a machinegun!!


Before they could spot a bomb, they see two others flying in another direction!

He was emptying his entire inventory on the field!

The scariest part was that all of them were covered with the poisonous mist!

\'TRY TO BLOCK THEM!!\' Nero shouted at Wowef as he pulled a deep breath until his throat had bloated up!

Then, he didn\'t hesitate to breathe crimson deadly fire at Felix!

Felix didn\'t even flinch at the incoming hellish flame that could turn him into a burnt toast.

He simply placed his left arm in front of him and ordered, \'Size Manipulation, left arm, x4!\'

Almost immediately, his arm grew big enough that it had covered his torso, appearing like a meaty shield!


The instant the fire landed on it, sizzling noises began to resound in the area, resembling chicken getting fried!


Felix bit his lips as hard as he could while his eyes had already turned bloodshot from the agonizing pain of having his arm getting burnt to crisp!

The viewers drew a cold breath at the scene, feeling like their arm hurt just by seeing it happen.

Landlord needs to retreat! The moment his arm get turned to ash, the fire would reach him!

BOOOM, boom!, BBBOOOM!!...

Letomar managed to announce only this comment before his voice was completely engulfed in a symphony of mismatched explosions!!!

The bombs were finally set off!

The viewers instantly switched their focus to the sheer beauty of such colorful chaos and anarchy!


Nero was forced to stop his dragon breath after a superior sound bomb had exploded somewhat nearby!

The shockwaves were strong enough that it blew both of his eardrums as well as Wowef\'s!

\'F****ck!!\' He touched his bleeding ear as he cursed painfully.

It was rare for them to feel pain due to their almost perfect defenses.

Alas, ears and eyes always remained soft spots for almost everyone.

\'Glad it worked.\' Asna wiped her sweaty forehead after seeing that Felix was finally given a break.

She knew that he threw his last superior sound bomb at the nearest exposed area to them because it was going to cause some damage unlike the rest of his bombs.

\'Argh!...\' Felix groaned painfully as he cut off his own arm willingly.

It was beyond saving and would merely waste his time if he tried to heal it.

After he sliced it, he closed the wound and observed the mayhem below.

What a mayhem it was.

There were bombs that kept spreading chilling blue air, freezing the bits of mud around them.

Some of them had spread flammable liquids before igniting them, creating raging fire!

There was even a bomb that actually left behind hundreds of brown vines moving like snakes.

Yet, the weirdest bomb of them all was the Time Slowing Bomb.

Felix had gotten one after opening an epic chest found by Pengfu.

Right now, it was displaying its amazing effect as its explosion had created a big transparent sphere. 

Inside of it, everything besides the lightning bolts was moving at a snail pace.

Felix glanced at WowefxNero, who seemed to be focusing on healing their eardrums, then he beamed the hectagon-shaped golden bomb.

Naturally, it was hidden as well with his poisonous mist.

However, WowefxNero instinct screamed at them to escape the moment their eyes landed on it.

Such a great terror comes only from experience.

Everyone had experienced the horrifying results of the nuke going off!

He brought out the nuke!

Letomar commented with widened eyes after outlining the bomb shape inside the mist for the viewers.

The quick-witted viewers couldn\'t help but frown their eyebrows in confusion at Felix\'s decision.

In their eyes, he had the perfect chance to sneak the bomb with the rest of his inventory instead of doing it now.

They could see that WowefxNero was starting to gather mud next to them, wanting to capture the bomb at all cost.

\'The same trick won\'t work twice on us.\' Nero squinted his eyes in focus at Felix\'s hand, waiting for him to hurl it!

Unfortunately for them, Felix didn\'t throw the bomb but actually placed it in front of his extended arm that had already turned into an electricity railgun!

Before anyone could react, Felix flicked the bomb gently.


The bomb disappeared out of sight, leaving behind only a stunning illuminating golden beam!

WowefxNero weren\'t given even a split second to react before the bomb had already connected itself with the ground!

\'IT\'S NOT OVER! HE MUST HAVE GIVEN HIMSELF SOME TIME TO ESCAPE THE BLAST ZONE!\' Nero yelled with an agitated tone to remind Wowef!

This time Wowef didn\'t blackout or lose focus! He didn\'t even need Nero\'s reminder!

He swiftly ordered the nearest blown-out portions of mud to aim at the bomb, hoping to detach it from the surface!

\'It can\'t be...\'

Sadly, Felix was always ten steps ahead of everyone...

Even the viewers didn\'t know how to react to Felix\'s ingenious plan.

They could only stare with mouth agape at the bomb being placed in the center of the time-slowing transparent sphere!

The controlled mud could be seen heading towards the bomb at a snail\'s pace.

Everyone realized the shocking fact that by the time the mud reach the bomb, the transparent sphere would have already disappeared.

No matter what Wowef tried to do to increase the mud\'s speed, it didn\'t work out since Time itself was slowed.

Nothing was faster than Time...

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