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\'Any news\'

Disfigured Beauty inquired as she galloped further and further away from the maze with Bloodrites.

\'Nothing up north.\'

\'South is clear as well.\'

\'I am already a hundred meters away from the cent...Wait, I just spotted Pengfu!\'

\'Where! And what about Landlord\' Bloodrites asked.

\'Western zone! No sight of Landlord! We are chasing after Pengfu right now.\'

His response threw everyone off as they didn\'t expect that those two would separate like this!

\'F*ckkk!!!\' Bloodrites punched the wall in anger, not liking their decision one bit.

After all, they would be forced to split their forces even further!

\'You guys keep chasing after Pengfu no matter where he goes okay\' Disfigured Beauty said, \'No need to engage him just keep him under your vision.\'

\'F*ck that, if he crossed the four kilometers mark, we will be returning.\'

\'Fair enough.\' Disfigured Beauty agreed to their proposal.

After all, no sane player would want to put too much distance between him and the exit.

The instant Felix gets eliminated, the game would return to a battle royal and they would be too far away to participate.

Why does it appear like Pengfu is baiting those two away Letomar knitted his eyebrows as watched the ongoing manhunt.

The insightful viewers spotted the same thing as well from the way Pengfu controlled his pace to keep himself always in the 35 meters zone between him and his hunters.

Don\'t tell me he is planning on fighting them alone Letomar\'s eyes widened at such an exciting thought.

He knew that Pengfu possessed the capabilities to do it! He didn\'t know if he would win or not, but it was still a viable plan!

After all, if he eliminated his hunters, this meant he would be like a ghost to the rest of the players, hunting Felix!

I can\'t wait to see it happen...But for now, let\'s check what that troublemaker is up to.

Letomar glanced at Felix\'s small screen and noticed that he was actually walking slowly while having his hand on the metallic wall.

Yet, what shocked him the most was his location!

Felix wasn\'t too far off from the center!

How did he not get found out! He couldn\'t believe his eyes.

When he saw Felix running in the opposite direction, he thought that he was planning on playing hide and seek with the mega alliance and taking them one by one whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Yet, the daring f*cker was still near the center while the players were about to cross one kilometer!

I refuse to believe that the players didn\'t meet him.

Letomar replayed the previous scene and placed it on the big screen.

Everyone focused this time on Felix, who could be seen sprinting towards an intersection of three paths.

The viewers believed that he would pick the one heading straight but Felix actually took the one leading to the east.

He kept taking the paths either leading north or east.

In a few seconds, he was already a kilometer or so near the first path that he entered with Pengfu when they headed to the center.

Here they come.

Letomar and the viewers concentrated on Hebra and Battlegod Orca, who were approaching Felix from the front.

Soon, they had entered Felix\'s sensory zone.

The moment Felix spotted their giant figures, he knew that it was those two dumb-dumbs.

Since he knew that they didn\'t possess any sensory ability besides their ultra instinct and superb nose, Felix didn\'t even bother to fake his escape as he planned.

He simply stood still with his hand placed on the metallic wall as he calculated their steps.

When they reached the twenty meters zone, Felix instantly transmuted himself into electricity and entered the metallic wall!

The moment they saw it, most of the viewers facepalmed themselves, feeling a bit stupid that they had completely forgotten that the metallic walls were conductors as well!

The rules in the game simply banned going through the walls and boxes not getting inside of them!

After Felix hid within the wall, Hebra and Battlegod Orca appeared in the same path with confused expressions.

I swear I just smelt Landlord\'s unique scent around here. Orca said with a frown as he sniffed around.

Soon, he reached the exact place where Felix hid and said to Hebra, The smell disappeared here. 

He probably saw us with his sensory ability and hid his scent somehow. Hebra suggested as he walked away, Let\'s move, he must have escaped by now.


Battlegod Orca knew that Felix was quite quick so he stopped wasting time on the wall and forwarded the information to the alliance.

Then, he followed after him.

Twenty seconds later, Felix emerged from the wall with signs of exhaustion written all over his face.

\'Asna, how much is left\'

\'About 80% worth.\' Asna warned, \'Use it wisely idiot.\'

\'It\'s barely enough if I don\'t engage in a prolonged fight.\' Felix nodded his head with a serious expression.

He had been using transmutation ability all over the place.

But that didn\'t come at a cheap price.

Felix wiped his sweaty forehead and restarted his journey.

So that\'s what happened.

Letomar removed the replay after figuring out the method Felix used to sneak past the players.

I got to admit, it truly worked quite well.

He praised as he showed that the alliance members had already reached three kilometers away from him, believed that he should have arrived there.

But in reality Felix had already reached his destination!

He stood near a wall that was a kilometer away from the center of the maze.

Then, he started climbing it quickly until he reached the peak.

\'There you are.\' Felix smirked faintly as he touched the silver nail that was attached to the wall!

Before the camera could change the angle to show what he was holding, Felix transmuted into electricity and entered the wire!

The camera automatically followed him, showing that he had suddenly emerged on the peak of another wall!


Letomar and the viewers were shocked to see that the wall was connected to the path leading to the center!

In a sense, he had already arrived at the center almost instantaneously by using the wire path!

Without it, he would have needed to walk at least two kilometers due to the complexity of the paths!

This is a bit scary.

Don\'t tell me he already planned to use the wire path like this from the start instead of an escape route like we thought

I believe he created it for both reasons.

His mind truly works in a different way!

The viewers truly felt a bit frightened when they kept seeing how Felix\'s plans came along perfectly.

\'F*ck, I thought they will chase after me.\'

Meanwhile, Felix couldn\'t help but curse in his mind after he noticed WowexNero standing before the gate that was covered in a coat of mud!

Felix knew that the alliance would have left one or two to protect the gate and he already had a plan in mind to deal with them.

However, WowefxNero were different due to their dragon breath and earth elemental manipulation.

They were the best at wasting time, especially when they had already created a muddy environment, allowing them to manifest abilities from a distance almost instantaneously!

Since the mud had almost covered the entire open field, Felix knew his mobility would be hindered immensely.

As for throwing bombs at the gate They would be devoured by the muddy coat, making them unable to explode!

This left Felix at his wit\'s end!

\'I have at best 30 seconds to exit the maze before others rush here after they signal them.\' Felix knitted his eyebrows, \'With their defensive preparations, my previous plans are now useless.\'

I don\'t want to be in Landlord\'s position right now. Letomar commentated, WowexNero\'s abilities truly counter his elements heavily.

Felix already knew this.

His poison abilities would be easily blocked by the mud while his destructive lightning abilities would merely blow the mud into smaller pieces but not get completely rid of it.

As for attacking WowefxNero personally He understood that he didn\'t possess a single ability to kill them!

That\'s right!

In his practice runs, he made fight simulations against an AI dummy that was almost a perfect copy of WowefxNero.

Everything that they showed in the games was installed in the dummy.

As he fought the copy, Felix had realized that he could never win a one vs one no matter what technique, ability, combo, or strategy was used!

They were Invincible against him!

Using Poison from afar It wouldn\'t work against their Dragon Breath.

Using it upclose as he did with Flame Bearer It wouldn\'t work as well because their reversed dragon\'s scale was on their back, which was protected by their f*cking shell!

Lightning or physical attacks also failed because of their unbreakable shell and their dragon scales that absorb most of the force.

Usually, Felix would come up with a unique method to break their invincibility somehow or someway.

Alas, he truly tried everything and failed in those practice runs.

The fact that he didn\'t even manage to kill an outdated version of WowefxNero was enough proof that he would fail yet again to harm the real deal.

So, his plan was to avoid fighting them and simply focus on winning the game.

He didn\'t give a ** about a fair fight.

In his eyes, winning the bet for Lady Sphinx and the elders came as a priority!

\'I may not have enough strength to hurt him but the nuke will do the trick.\'

Felix narrowed his eyes dangerously as he came up with a plan that would guarantee him the win if he pulled it off successfully!

It was extremely risky since If it failed, he would have no choice but to use the surrender coupon or perish!

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