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Unfortunately, the exams couldn\'t be stopped anymore.

Teacher Sonna could only give the green light to everyone after they picked their potions.

No one in the stream cared about the other witches who chose 1-star rank 3 potions to concoct for their exams.

I can\'t believe that we are witnessing a 2nd-semester student concocting a harder potion than students in the 6th semester! The commentator exclaimed in delight.

The only ones sharing his excitement were Felix\'s fans and gamblers.

As for the witches They were still in denial as they kept taking shots at Felix\'s ability to concoct the Duskwraith potion.

Choosing it was one thing, concocting it was another.

Too bad, Felix had started with the Tonic of Might.

He wanted to begin easy to get himself in the rhythm.

As always, preparing materials for the catalyst was the first step in potion-making.

Because of Felix\'s strength and quick reflexes that surpass witches by miles, his preparations were smooth and fast.

It made him appear like a veteran chef, creating art with his fingers.

Compared to senior witches, his preparation techniques are truly supernatural. Amazed, Sage Dalilia commentated while watching the stream in the bedroom chamber with the Queen.

It was to be expected. Queen Allura smiled charmingly, Little junior\'s body and mind are a hundred times better than us witches, who still rely on potions to enhance it.

This disparity will keep increasing each time little junior enhanced his strength.

Queen Allura wasn\'t ashamed to admit that the witches\' bodies were too weak, making it hard for them to have the same reflexes, quick reasoning thinking, and body control as other races.

After all, they were a utility race while the other races were geared towards the battle.

Felix\'s existence was breaking this balance since he had the abilities of both types of races!

That\'s why his speed in preparation and working on glassware equipment appeared like a sophisticated dance when placed next to those senior witches!

By the time he was done, he had already prepared catalyst for four Tonic of Might potions in less than ten minutes!

Lara and Kamil couldn\'t help but clutch their fists at the sight, remembering that it took them 20 minutes to prepare the same amount!

What\'s worse It was for a 3 stars potion!

He has established his dominance in the preparation tables! Now, let\'s see how he handles the real concoction process! The commentator shared excitedly.

Everyone focused closely on Felix, who poured the catalyst into the cauldron.

Then, he closed the lid and went to mix the materials together with precise amounts and accurate steps.

The moment he finished, Felix turned the mixture into a small sphere instead of a flattened square.

Hmmm! Queen Allura raised her eyebrows in surprise.

What the hell is he doing Sage Dalilia was more vocal in expressing her shock like the rest of the audience.

Is he fooling around or what

Even the commentator, who had minimum knowledge about potion-making was left speechless by Felix\'s antics.

He knew that the mixture must be pasted as thinly as possible to be spread further.

This would help in buying a moment or two during the battle against the dark reaction!

It was such basic knowledge that even young witches knew about it without knowing its reason!

Yet, Felix didn\'t hesitate to drop the sphere in the center of the liquid!

No wonder he chose 5-star potion. Kamil laughed mockingly, He is a walking retard after waking up from that coma.

Most of the witches felt the same and some of them even wanted to type it in the chat!

However, before they could it, another shocking scene manifested before everyone! 

A faint brown mist started to get emitted from Felix\'s fingers and swiftly covered the upper half of the mixture!

Immediately after, Felix snapped his finger and activated his supersonic mode, turning him into a lightning pole!

Then, he turned on his Quantum Vision and dove into the atomic world of the mixture.

Felix poured all of his concentration on creating a protective barrier with his mental energy.

Because of his supersonic reflexes, making the time seem slower, his protective barrier emerged from the center and kept enlarging at the speed of sound, covering as many molecules as possible!

Meanwhile, the dark reaction had started marching from the sides of the sphere into the center of it.

However, its speed was slowed by the Quagimere inducement on the upper half, unlike the lower half that kept getting consumed rapidly.

When looked at from above, this decrease in speed was barely noticeable.

However, in the atomic world, Felix could see from afar that the dark reaction appeared like it was crawling through the mud!

All of this was due to the highly complex and stacked molecules of the Quagmire inducement!

This allowed Felix to continue enlarging his spherical barrier over and over again until the dark substances finally reached it!

He had 20 seconds and he made sure to take full advantage of it!

Although the dark substance had reached the barrier, Felix waited for a couple of seconds until the broken molecules between the materials finished bonding with each other completely.

Only then, did he lift the golden sphere from the liquid that was turned completely black.

After doing so, he threw the saved portion of the mixture inside a second cauldron and followed it with three beneficial materials.

Next, he closed the lid on them and raised the fire.

\'Now, it all depends on luck.\' Felix exhaled deeply after finishing all the steps in one breath.

What the heck has just happened! The commentator stood from his virtual chair with a startled expression after finally getting awakened by the sound of the lid getting closed shut!

His reaction was nowhere close to Queen Allura, whose beautiful eyes were on the verge of popping outside of their sockets.

Did you see the size of his saved portion! She yelled in awe and complete fascination.

When it comes to potion-making, she was a mega nerd.

So, Felix\'s unique ways truly captivated her.

Soon, the screen displayed that Felix had saved 28.8% of the mixture.

Everyone felt a sense of disbelief and incredibly after seeing it.

Felix\'s fans started cheering in the comment section, having absolutely no idea the shocking revelation behind such a percentage.

No way, the Queen calculated wrong, no way, it can\'t be right.

Meanwhile, Kamil and the rest of the witches watching the stream could only repeat those words, trying to delude themselves from the horrifying reality before them.

28.8%! I am not an expert in potion-making but even I know that is an impossible percentage to hit by a student in his first year! Feverish, the commentator shouted the instant his soul returned to him.

Unlike the witches, he didn\'t doubt the calculation since it was made by the Queen.

Seeing that some viewers were requesting clarification on why it was a big deal, the commentator didn\'t hesitate to share his knowledge, 28.8%...It is low in normal standards.

But, when it comes to 4-star rank 2 potion It is achievable only after practicing the same potion for tens of decades by gifted potioneers!

The comment section went wild after hearing that decades were required!

That\'s right! As for normal potioneers without useful traits they will never achieve it even if they worked themselves to the bone!

The witches gritted their teeth after hearing him mention so.

He was literally emphasizing Felix\'s achievement while downgrading the witches!

The commentator didn\'t care about displeasing those spoiled rich witches and continued on, In potion-making, a 15% success rate for most rank 2 potions is achievable with hard work in a couple of months for gifted potioneers.

However, each percentage after is going to be a challenge on its own since the potioneers will be required to keep perfecting their mental control as well as mastering their traits.

This naturally takes a lot of time and effort.

He paused to catch his breaths and delivered the final punch to the witches, That\'s why, both Lara and Kamil, the two most gifted witches in the academy are currently stuck at 16% and 15% respectively!

The moment he was done, everyone understood the witches\' silence and disbelieving comments from before.

By knowing all of this, those ignorant viewers were left in the same boat as the witches.

How the f*ck did Felix jump from 15% to 28.8%!

He only started learning potion-making in less than a year and learned about the dark reaction in less than 6 months!

Adding his coma to the mix made it unfathomable for witches to reach such a percentage.

It must be that weird mist! The commentator expressed what was in everyone\'s minds.

Seeing that the augmentation phase had yet to finish, the commentator swiftly replayed the concoction process from the start, wanting to analyze what happened.

Too bad for him, his cute attempt wasn\'t welcomed by most witches.

After all, how could he know more than witches in potion-making

All of them jumped outside of his stream and went to another witch streamer, who already started analyzing the replay.

The only reason they were watching his stream was to curse Felix in front of his fans.

The mist is slowing the dark substance march!!! The first thing that came out of that witch\'s mouth had already startled all of her viewers!

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