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Without wasting a single second, Felix called Sage Dalilia, requesting the escort to arrive as fast as possible.

Knowing that it was going to take them a few minutes to assemble and arrive, Felix decided to attempt concocting the Duskwraith potion.

This was the exclusive rank 2 potion recipe that he was rewarded after scoring 1st mark in the 1st semester.

In the previous months, he tried a couple of times to concoct but it was extremely difficult for a newbie like him.

But now

He was left with no choice but to try everything in his powers to practice it since it was one of the 5 stars difficulty potions!


15 minutes later...

Felix could be seen running across the campus as fast as his \'limited body\' could.

After all, he couldn\'t go all out and drop the facade that the weakening potion was useless against him.

That would scare the ** out of the Headmistress and honestly, everyone on the campus.

Before long, Felix entered the main facility under the bewildered looks of the witches nearby.

He didn\'t care about their looks as he was focusing on a holographic map that was leading him to his exam venue.

When he reached it, he sighed in relief after seeing that the door was still open and that the teacher had yet to arrive.

\'Hmm There are others who received postponement as well\' Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise after he entered the classroom and saw ten witches, sitting far from each other.

\'The human\'

\'Interesting, so he also received a postponement.\'

\'He is probably the 1st student to receive it while in 2nd semester.\'

His entry also startled those witches, making them comment to themselves.

Morning seniors. Felix gave a slight head nod respectfully and went to take a seat.

He spotted that all of them had different colored potions in their uniform.

This could only entail that they were seniors of the 5th and 6th semesters.

He soon remembered that in the last semesters, witches would be required to travel to deserted planets and find their own resources and concoct any rank 1 potions.

Naturally with guards and move in a group for safety.

This was a mandatory task mission for any witch since it teaches them the difficulties of getting resources by their own hands.

This would in turn makes them feel more responsible in each concoction to avoid extra wastage.

In rare cases, some witches would end up not finding resources to concoct any potion in the appointed time.

Hence, they would be required to spend more time on that deserted planet until they finally concoct a potion.

This probably happened to those witches, making them miss out on their exams.

Hey human, mind easing our boredom by sharing with us your reason for missing your exams It must be epic to convince the Headmistress to not fail you instantly. A stunning brunette asked while sucking playfully on a lollipop.

The other witches\' ears perked up after hearing so.

They were also interested in hearing his story since the 2nd-semester students weren\'t given postponement unless a student was in a coma and couldn\'t awaken even by using all methods possible...Which honestly was quite unlikely.

Still, Felix looked at them dead serious and replied, I was in a coma for more than two months without any means to be awakened.

The witches were left speechless, thinking that Felix was using the obvious excuse to hide the real reason.

Tsk, no need to lie if you don\'t want to answer.

Humans are truly full of **. The brunette clicked her tongue in irritation.

The other witches didn\'t comment but their annoyed looks were enough to let Felix that they shared the same sentiment as the brunette witch.

But, I am not lying though. Felix murmured to himself with a wronged look.

Unfortunately, they didn\'t hear him as they were too busy sharing with their friends his sudden appearance and also blatantly writing that he was hiding his reason for missing the exams.

When their friends received the news, they didn\'t hesitate to forward it on their own social media, hoping to ride on Felix\'s name to gain some clout.

One witch doing it would be considered as false but tens of them at the same That was bound to raise some doubts!

Doubts had risen indeed as more witches started paying attention to the news and checking its truthness by a simple click! 

[Unreal! Felix is participating in the postponement exams! His name is included in the official list!]

[Is the head office being for real I was forced to repeat my 3rd semester even though I told them that I was at my master\'s funeral!] 

[What about me! My spaceship broke in the middle of nowhere and they forced me to participate in the UVR instead of postponing my exams! I was scared **less to die in space I didn\'t concentrate at all and failed it!]

[The head office is being racist! Just because he is the only human in the academy doesn\'t mean we need to hold his hands and bid to his wishes!]

The comment section of each discussion was heated with furious witches, who felt that it was unfair for Felix to not receive the same treatment as them!

It took merely a minute or two before the news went viral on the campus, reaching most students and teachers.

When Naima got the message within the classroom and realized that Felix was currently on campus, she couldn\'t help but curse loudly, You prick!

She was pissed that Felix didn\'t even bother notifying her about his arrival on campus.

Miss Naima Did my potion offend you somehow The teacher asked speechlessly while holding into a potion.

Sorry for the outburst. Embarrassed by the funny looks she was getting, Naima shook her head and quickly sat down silently.

However, she wasn\'t focusing on the class anymore but actually watching the stream of the postponement exams.

She wasn\'t the only one doing so, but most witches in her classroom.

Even Lara and Kamil after they heard the news.

The stream was currently showing Felix sitting far away from the other witches as he waited for the arrival of the teacher.

Speak about the devil and he shall appear as the door soon closed behind a blue-haired beauty, wearing large circular eyeglasses.

Felix\'s eyes brightened up after seeing that it was teacher Sonna, the lovely and clumsy teacher in his first semester. 

Hello, I am teacher Sonna and I will be your supervisor on all of your upcoming exams. Teacher Sonna smiled kindly as she eyed all of them.

When her eyes landed on Felix, she showed a concerned expression and asked, Are you feeling alright Waking up from a long coma can be pretty difficult for the mind and the body.

It was hard at the start but I am doing fine now, thank you for asking. Felix bowed his head in appreciation.

He already expected that the Headmistress would be using \'coma\' as his excuse to avoid getting bothered by other witches that she was playing favoritism.

\'Are you serious\'

\'Was he telling the truth\'

Meanwhile, the other witches were left dumbfounded by their interaction.

Especially the brunette, who almost swallowed her lollipop from shock.

The witches watching the stream shared the same reaction as them.

But soon, the comment section exploded with curses towards Felix and some daring ones towards the head office!

[Coma Are they thinking we were born just yesterday!]

[This is going too far!]

[I demand to retake my exams as well]

No one spent a single cell brain to believe Felix\'s excuse.

Even his classmates were seething!

Especially Kamil, who started typing furiously, [If no evidence was provided that he was indeed in a coma with no means to be awakened, I will file a report to my master against the administration! I beseech all witches to do the same!]

She was truly a piece of work.

The fact that she dared to threaten the administration online was beyond a foolish move since if things have gone south, even her master would be affected negatively.

Nevertheless, Kamil was confident that they were merely making excuses.

Unsurprisingly, her declaration had received a lot of support from most high society witches throughout the entire academy.

Naturally, the Racist Mushroom Lilly was the most vocal throughout all of this racket, wanting nothing more but to pay Felix for the previous humiliation.

Unlike the witches who hid behind their holograms and wrote their frustration away, she actually summoned all of her club members and went climbing to the administration office.

I want to meet the Headmistress. She proclaimed loudly, the moment she reached the head office.

Alas, the only response she received was a cold stare coming from the Headmistress\'s assistance, If you value your contribution points, I suggest that all of you leave this instant.

Upon hearing so, most witches gulped nervously while taking a step back, knowing that the Headmistress\'s assistance never gave fake threats.

Even Lilly was slightly scared since she had received most punishment from her.

\'Get your ** together! This is the perfect opportunity to expose that hateful pig and get him expelled!\' Lilly pumped herself up and then retorted fearlessly, I am here on behalf of all students in the academy! I won\'t leave until we receive our clarification.

If the administration did nothing wrong, then we can easily make the Queen testify! 

The witches backed her up, believing that if the Queen testified on Felix\'s condition before the exams, then everything would be solved!

After all, everyone believed in the Queen\'s judgment!

Suddenly, the Headmistress\'s door was opened just slightly for a single sentence to escape.

Are you sure about that

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