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'Should we collect those natural treasures now' Erik inquired.

Malak thought about it for a few seconds and ended up ordering Momo to go pick up the closest natural treasure.

Momo sent a copy of himself with a bracelet.

The moment it reached the natural treasure, he didn't touch it but beamed it straightway inside of his AP bracelet.

Everyone looked around a bit nervously, expecting something horrible to happen.

However, they waited and waited, yet nothing changed.

Even the dormant Tombscreamers didn't wake up. 

'I don't know if we are just paranoid or maybe beaming them into our bracelets didn't activate whatever trap was placed on them.' Khodri said.

'Momo try with another natural treasure.' Still wary, Malak requested.

Momo went and beamed a long shriveled yellow finger that appeared like it was dried under the sun for millions of years.

Just like before, everything remained the same.

'Alright, it seems like there are no traps here.' Malak looked at Felix and asked, 'How did the other squad fare in this treasury'

Felix shook his head and bull**ted, 'They found a different treasury so I can't really take their experience into consideration here.'

Felix said so because he knew that as long as his squad used their AP bracelets to beam the treasures while avoiding the Tombscreamers, then they would be completely safe.

That's because this wasn't a real treasury but an actual previous lab! Those body parts were the last things that hadn't been decomposed throughout the billions of years.

This was based on the conclusion spoken by the narrator in the doc.u.mentary.

But it did explain why those body ports were lying randomly like this.

The tables they were on had been either decomposed or simply eaten by those Tombscreamers, leaving only those body parts.

'Alright, spread out and collect everything!' Malak ordered firmly, 'No matter what, do not touch them!'

Upon seeing them marching slowly inside, Malak asked while pointing her finger at a golden gate on the other side of the room, 'Sir Felix, should we check it out'

Felix nodded his head and followed after her.

When they reached it, they were met with another gate that had hieroglyphics on it.

'Sir Felix, how are you going to open it' Malak asked with a worried tone, believing that Felix was using the Organization's Intel to open the previous gates.

Since he told them that the other squad had found another treasury, she thought that the Organization's Intel was useless in this situation.

Understanding her worry, Felix decided to feed her some details, 'You see those lines They are riddles that were written in an ancient language called hieroglyphics.'

Malak's eyes widened in surprise as she didn't think that those lines were riddles.

'So, you were using the Organization's answers before' Malak questioned with a bewildered expression, feeling that it was a bit stupid of the owner of those two ruins to even write the same riddles on his gates.

She got to admit that it was a bit suspicious how everything was the same.

Felix knew that she was an intelligent and careful woman.

So, he decided to tell the truth this time and ease up her suspicion.

'That's naturally impossible.' Felix clarified while eying the hieroglyphics, 'I have simply read the riddles and solved them.

That's why it took me always a couple of minutes to open the gates.'

'Shameless!' Asna cursed instantly.

'I didn't think you actually can read such an ancient language!' Malak gave him a respectful look and said, 'I doubt many people have access to this language, don't even mention learning it.'

Malak didn't know if the Queen had this language saved up in her data or not but she was more inclined to believe so.

That's because it would be impossible for Felix and others to know the language while the Queen was ignorant.

So, she believed that the only reason she couldn't find this language in the network was that it was locked in a low layer!

Just as she wanted to speak, she saw that Felix was focusing on the riddles.

Thankfully, no one messed up in the gathering process.

In a few minutes, the entire room had been cleared out thoroughly from any natural treasure.

Not even the bone of a pinky was left behind!

Lady Sphinx could only roll her eyes at the sight, having a slight feeling like she was being robbed.

But, she was too rich to care.

'Sir Felix, we are done.' Malak informed while walking with the squad towards Felix.

Upon hearing so, Felix mouthed off the answers to those riddles and successfully opened up the gate for them.

Everyone smiled widely, loving how everything was going on so smoothly without any hiccups.

The fact that they reached here and collected treasures without losing a member was quite astonishing.

'It was all due to the other squad's efforts and Sir Felix's critical Intel.' Malissa winked at Felix and said, 'Without them, we would have been going in blind and stopped at the underground world.'

Everyone agreed with her as they realized that the ruins were quite out of their league in terms of information.

They literally wouldn't have been able to unlock the gates since they couldn't read hieroglyphics and solve the riddles.

Felix didn't know how exactly did the pirates solve those riddles in his previous life but he was more inclined to believe that they had some in-depth information about the ruins.

'Who checked the air pockets' Felix switched the subject quickly.

Though his skin was thick, Felix still didn't like enjoying praises like those that had zero relation to him.

'I did.' Malissa spoke, 'I have marked them in my bracelet, should I take you there'


Malissa started walking towards a wall and the rest followed after her.

When they reached it, they were met with a small square-shaped hole in the upper level of the wall.

'This is where the air exit.' Malissa informed.

Felix rubbed his chin while looking at it but he didn't say anything.

He left Malak to take care of it.

She didn't disappoint as she had beamed a tiny recording camera and ordered, 'Momo, please split a tiny version of yourself and make it travel through this air pocket.'

She handed the camera to him and said, 'Attach this to yourself so we can monitor everything inside.

Who knows, we might get lucky and end up finding either an exit or another hidden treasury.'

Momo nodded his head and got to work immediately.

He created a tiny version of himself and stuffed the camera inside.

Then, he placed him on the wall and he started gliding like a snail towards the air pocket.

The moment, he reached it, he got s.u.c.k.e.d fiercely due to his nonexistent weight before the wind flow!

The hologram that was synchronized with the camera only showed messy images.

Not knowing how long this would last, Malak ordered Momo, 'Keep an eye on your copy.'

Then, she gestured for the rest to continue moving.

She didn't ask Momo to repeat the same strategy with the other pocket flow because she knew that the wind would blow Momo's tiny copy out.

Well, at least they had a way to explore those air pockets.

It may lead to nothing or everything...

Meanwhile, in Felix's exploration spaceship, Declan and Samir were chilling in the c.o.c.kpit.

They were watching a movie on a big holographic screen while drinking beer.

They were this relaxed because they were being updated regularly on the situation down there to keep their minds at ease.

Leader Malak just sent me a message, entailing that they emptied the 1st treasury without casualties. Samir rallied the news with a surprised and excited expression.

Oho It seems like everything is going on track. Declan stroked his white beard and wished, Hopefully, it remains like this for the rest of the exp...

Peeep Peep!...

Before he could finish his sentence, a sudden alarm went off, coming out from a circular glass screen on the dashboard, that appeared like sonar!

'Queen, what's the matter' Samir asked solemnly while fixing his posture.

'12 unidentified targets had been spotted 3654km away from the spaceship.' The Queen responded.

Declan and Samir glanced at each other and saw only shock and horror in each other's eyes!

This can't be possible!! Samir shouted while waving his hand at the holographic movie.

Then, he started pressing a couple of buttons on the dashboard with an agitated expression.

A few seconds later, a screen had emerged before him showing a blurry sight of a fleet of grey spacesh.i.p.s, approaching the planet while in an invisibility state!

Samir narrowed his eyes at the spacesh.i.p.s and noticed that they were at odds with each other!

He knew that it was almost impossible for army fleets to not have unified spacesh.i.p.s!

F*cking sc.u.m pirates! Why are they coming here Samir cursed with pure hatred in his tone.

He had a rich past against pirates since he was a captain of a merchant spaceship that had been caught multiple times by them.

In most situations, the pirates simply kill the bloodliners and rob the merchant spaceship clean.

Then, pick a couple of fresh women to enjoy themselves.

The rest They let them go since they were useless commoners who wouldn't get sold for much.

They leave them with the spaceship since it was against the pirates' code to steal even the spaceship.

That's because most merchant companies and guilds had only a few spacesh.i.p.s at their disposal.

If they got all destroyed or robbed by pirates, they would be left with no choice but to file a bankruptcy.

In other words, fewer merchant spacesh.i.p.s to rob.

It was already extremely difficult to luck out on the merchant spacesh.i.p.s.

The pirates didn't want to make it any harder.

However, in the latest merchant expedition by Samir, things didn't go as usual...That cost him his freedom and most importantly, his wife...Both of them ended up as slaves.

The only difference was that he was auctioned while she was left behind for the pirates...

He might be a commoner without a drop of bloodline essence in his body, but his bloodthirsty eyes as he glared at the incoming pirates' fleets were enough to send chills down Declan's spine.

'This boy is up for trouble!' Declan knew immediately that Samir was planning to face off against the pirates' fleet!


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