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Damn it, I didn\'t think this bastard\'s luck is going to turn around and give him those two abilities. Asna threw a bunch of popcorn in front of her in frustration.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s happiness was through the roof.

Hahaha! This is exactly what I needed! Finally, I got those kinds of abilities, Finally! Felix\'s excited loud laughter resounded in the room and the floor\'s empty corridor.

Shower water entered Felix\'s mouth as he laughed yet he didn\'t even care.

He wished for long-ranged destructive abilities for so long and ultimately he got not just one but two of them at once!

Those abilities were named *Lightning Call* and *Thor\'s Ordnance*!

Due to guessing the first ability correctly, Lady Sphinx won the bet and was currently enjoying a shoulder rub from the irritated Jörmungandr.

Meanwhile, Asna had already bailed out by teleporting to her mansion.

But, neither Lady Sphinx nor Jörmungandr cared about it.

They knew that she had nowhere to hide in this space.

Her turn to massage Lady Sphinx was bound to arrive soon.

On the other hand, Felix reeled back some of his excitement and dove back into his memories to read all of those abilities details.

Sometimes, there might be strengths and weaknesses of the ability in the unlocked information.

However, this time he didn\'t find any of those things but the basic details that he already read.

Felix quickly opened up his eyes and started cleaning himself much faster so he could log in to the UVR and test those abilities.

\'Hehehe, If their strength is exactly as the details proclaim, then those abilities would be my mine firepower in the games.\' Felix grinned while rubbing his asscheeks with a soap sponge, \'No one will know what hit them in the upcoming game!\'


Two days later...early in the morning...

Felix was currently hovering on his platform towards the main faculty through a garden\'s path, making him enjoy the pink leaves flying around him.

It could be seen that he was in a great mode since he had a wide smile affixed on his face unlike other witches in the road.

They looked like they were going to war with their tense expressions.

It wasn\'t farfetched to call it that since today was the practical exam that was referred by all in the network as the concoction contest.

Those witches were clearly stressed by the realization of failure plus being viewed galaxy-wide.

The idea of having your failure get viewed by trillions of viewers was crippling to anyone! Don\'t even mention those young witches.

Yet, the academy still allows the stream to be held.

It seemed like it was done on purpose to see how the students would fare under pressure.

Felix wasn\'t feeling under pressure at all as he was used to the cameras.

Meanwhile, his preparations for the exam were adequate.

As for his written exams He was confident that he had aced all of them.

In a short while...Felix met with Naima and Karry next to the main entrance.

They greeted each other and entered the building.

While heading to their classrooms, Naima couldn\'t help but inquire with a worried tone, Are you sure that you can pass You didn\'t bother to join our study group since the day you left abruptly.

Felix looked at her speechlessly and said, Can you have a bit of faith in me already

I would have if you didn\'t skip half the semester and ignored our study group meetings! Naima chided him while poking his left temple in annoyance.

Just focus on your exams. Felix winked at her, I might score better than you if you didn\'t.

Karry and Naima traded glances and ended up giggling while covering their mouths in amusement.

If you managed to actually surpass me in marks, I will let you have your way with me in the UVR. Naima winked back and said, I know how you humans love those sort of things the most.

You bad, teasing him like this. Karry laughed softly while looking at Felix\'s startled reaction.

You talking for real Felix narrowed his eyes at Naima and said, If I took your offer, there is no going back.

\'Wait, does he really think that he can surpass me in marks\' Naima was taken back by his attitude.

She was just messing around with him since she knew that Felix couldn\'t do better than her in marks.

She wasn\'t acting cocky or anything but it was just her self-confidence in her innate trait to make her ace the practical exam and score higher than most students.

So, in her eyes, it would take an actual miracle for Felix to pull it off.

You know what Naima came face to face with him and fixed his tie.

When she was done, she winked playfully and promised, If you managed to score above either me or Karry, we will indulge you as a celebration.

Felix looked at her cunning playful smile and asked, But

What do you mean Naima pouted, There is no but.

Come on, out with it.

I need to enter class soon. Felix wasn\'t affected by her expression.

Alright! But, if you didn\'t manage to score higher than us, you will have to do our monthly mandatory concoction homework for the next five months. She said with an innocent look.

You sure are brutal. Felix chuckled.

Well, if you don\'t wa...

I am in. Felix affirmed while thinking in his mind, \'Relieving post-exams stress on both of them doesn\'t sound too shabby.\'

\'Die, pervert.\' Asna cursed him after reading what he had in mind for those two beauties.

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr could care less about Felix\'s private life.

They wouldn\'t give a ** even if he decided to host an orgy in his house.

This is my class ladies. Felix stopped at once before a lecture hall\'s entrance and waved his hand at them, Good luck in your exams...Oh, make sure to wear something nice in the evening.

Upon hearing his confident tone, the girls could only look at each other while waving their hands at him.

Soon, they burst into laughter and started walking away to their class.

You sure are devious to drop all of upcoming our mandatory Homeworks on him. Karry said.

What are you talking about Naima smiled with an innocent look, I am simply trying to motivate him.

With this deal on the line, he might not score higher than us but at least he will surpass his performance.

Huh, aren\'t you an angel Karry said with a sarcastic tone.

Naima shrugged her shoulders at Karry and entered their lecture hall.

They didn\'t carry on talking since loud noises were forbidden in the classrooms to let students relax their minds and focus much better in the exams.

Alas, those last few minutes wouldn\'t make any difference.


Meanwhile, in the earthling headquarter, Olivia and the rest of Felix\'s teammates were gathered in the same spot to watch the live stream of the practical exams.

Since there were many lecture halls, each with its own set of students, the viewers were given the freedom to choose one lecture hall and focus only on it.

Currently, Olivia and the rest were conversing loudly while looking at Felix who was sitting in the middle row.

Ahaaaa, I would f*cking die to be in his place right now. Leo banged his thigh with a tearful look, making the girls curl their lips in disgust.

They understood that he didn\'t mean by taking the exams but being surrounded by beauties.

The other boys had the same thought as Leo but they were smart enough to keep it to themselves to not aggro the girls.

Dear viewers, the concoction contest is going to start in less than 10 minutes.

Abruptly, a pleasant feminine voice resounded from the stream, following the emergence of an elegant lady at the corner of the screen.

Let\'s explore the most favorable students to come in top in those two minutes.

The camera zoomed in on Kamil, who had her eyes closed shut while a pretty smile was affixed on her lips.

This is Kamil from B-1 class.

She is a personal student of Sage Aurora.

She is known for possessing one of the rarest innate traits in the witch empire. The elegant commentator paused to build suspense and said, Optimal Control! This innate trait allowed Kamil to have mental energy control equal to senior students while she was merely a child! Now that she was fully grown up, god knows how good her control had become!

George and the rest didn\'t react much to the news since they really didn\'t give a crap about all of this potion-making nonsense.

It was to be expected since potion-making was never going to be part of their lives.

It was the same as a literature student getting informed about marvelous and complex math equations...There was no way in hell, he would show an enthusiastic expression.


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