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Give another round of applause to Landlord, the newest member to the UISG Platform!

Luna yelled passionately on her tiny mic while standing above Felix\'s hair, making him want nothing but to slap her away.

Clap Clap Clap!..

Alas, he reeled the feeling in and simply waved at the spectators and especially his fans who were waving his flags and beating the drums to the sound of his chants!

After me! Leader Emma brought a green hand speaker near her mouth and screamed in exhilaration, Seven wins in row three more to go!

Sure enough, the stadium rumbled with that chant, letting everyone know that Felix was still on his winning streak!

Holy, he actually won seven in a row What a f*cking beast.

Tsk, even if he broke the record it is merely the human branch record.

The UISG has its own that is almost impossible to break.

Oh, you talking about the 17 win streak left by the Noble Tibus

Who else

Most viewers were clearly pessimistic about Felix\'s chances to break the winning streak record in the UISG.

They felt like he had a slight chance of pulling off 10 wins in a row if he gave them the same performance as in this game but after it Not a chance.

They weren\'t thinking like this out of spite or envy but just out of logic.

That\'s because they knew that Felix\'s MMR was currently so high, he would immediately get placed against peak gold players or god forbids...platinum players!

He would be forced to fight against those monsters to fix up his 100% winning ratio.

Thankfully, Felix never cared about the record or aiming for it.

He was simply doing his best in every game to win.

If someday, he ended up losing, he wouldn\'t even feel bad or let it affect his mentality since he lost plenty of games in his previous life.

The one thing he learned from losing was the fact that...Well, it\'s not the end of the world.

He could always try again and again and again.

Seven wins in row three more to go!...Seven wins in row three more to go!

Under this chant, Felix waved his hands to his fans and teleported outside of the stadium without bothering with Luna\'s tantrum.

He had plenty of things to get done and time was definitely not his ally...


The moment Felix got teleported, Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx excused themselves and left the assembly as welll.

They didn\'t regroup in Felix\'s consciousness space but went to Lady Sphinx\'s residency in the UVR.

It was that cosmic-sized golden pyramid in the middle of nowhere.

Inside a comfy lounge, Jörmungandr got served a cup of tea by a maid but he waved his hand in rejection.

Should we contact them now Lady Sphinx asked while taking a sip elegantly.

I doubt they would give us their link to meet up. Jörmungandr snorted softly, They know that I will gloat at their loss and embarrass them even further.

So, they will just ship the Blood Maniacal Monolith straightaway to your address.

It won\'t hurt to try. Lady Sphinx shrugged her shoulders and said, You may not know it but they have gotten even more egoistic and proud over the years of your absence...Especially when they forced Fenrir to enter his defensive hibernation protocol to survive their gang up.

Fenrir, sigh. Jörmungandr showed a guilty look as he murmured the name, making Lady Sphinx soften her expression.

She placed her hand on his hand and comforted him, I understand that your relationship with Fenrir is like blood brothers but you shouldn\'t blame yourself for what to happened to him.

Jörmungandr shook his head and said bitterly, I should have been there for him...I should have been helping avenge himself against Manananggal instead of just giving up...Sigh, we call each other brothers but what kind of brother will do that to another

Alright, stop moping around. Lady Sphinx slapped his hand and said calmly, You and Thor were certain that the Darken Faction\'s members were going to off themselves as you did.

You were right, they did come to the pact meeting and if it wasn\'t for illusion primogenitor\'s interference, Fenrir wouldn\'t have been touched by them at all.

Jörmungandr knew that she was right but that wasn\'t enough to remove the guilt of leaving Fenrir to fend for himself against all three primogenitors after they exited from the Ilusionarry world.

Alas, against the great depression, nothing but his own motives could save him from falling in such a pit.

He knew that even Fenrir would have fallen in it if it wasn\'t for the burning rage he had for Manananggal.

\'Sleep well brother, because when you wake up, I will make sure the sight of a deranged bat would be the first thing you see.\' Jörmungandr thought with a firm expression.

He knew that he couldn\'t really harm Manananggal physically due to his current state and if he possessed Felix\'s body, it wouldn\'t change anything.

After all, they couldn\'t kill him even when he was still at his peak.

Killing primogenitors was almost an impossible task due to all the survival skills they possess...Killing Manananggal was even more difficult since he was the Blood Primogenitor.

As long as he had blood, he was undying.

Hell, even Fenrir managed to survive the onslaughter of three primogenitors ganging at him together!

Although he was now in a protective hibernation, he was still alive and every primogenitor knows exactly his hibernation spot.

Yet, the Darken faction\'s members hadn\'t yet dealt with him.

It wasn\'t because they didn\'t want to but because it was simply impossible!

That\'s because Fenrir\'s hibernation protocol made it possible for him to release a chilly air around him every single second for eternity as long as he remains asleep.

That chilly air turns into ice and stack on his body over and over again in every second that passes by...Jörmungandr had been told that the battle between Fenrir and the Darken Faction members occurred millions of years ago give or take!

This implied that Fenrir had been in hibernation for that entire duration and his protocol was still active to this day, stacking more ice on his body.

Lady Sphinx had even shown him a picture of Fenrir\'s current location and how did it turn out be.

At that point, Jörmungandr didn\'t know how to react as the sight was shocking even to him.

Who could blame him, the image showed an icy blue sphere was that was hundred of times bigger than the sun!

How could the Darkin faction members do anything to it now when they failed to break it apart during their first fight with Fenrir

That\'s why pissing off the primogenitors and ruining their mentality was the only thing that would actually affect and \'harm\' them.

Didn\'t most primogenitors decided to off themselves due to depression

Emotions could be a deadly weapon and currently, it was Jörmungandr\'s only weapon.

As for the wielder, it was naturally Felix who was currently humming a song while taking a shower.

Vrrr Vrrr!

Abruptly, Lady Sphinx\'s bracelet started vibrating.

Upon seeing who was the sender, she informed the Jörmungandr, I guess you were right.

They really didn\'t want you to rip them apart after such an overwhelming defeat.

I know them the best. Jörmungandr sneered, This is just a single defeat, there are more to come and they can\'t avoid me forever.

Hehe, you boys do you. Lady Sphinx giggled with a happy expression like a teenage girl and said, I got what I wanted from them.

Make sure it\'s not a counterfeit when you receive it. Jörmungandr advised, Since I am included, you never know what kind of shenanigans they will pull off.

Pull one on me Lady Sphinx gave him a look meant for morons and said, You think they could fool my truth eyes

Upon hearing so, Jörmungandr coughed to hide his embarrassment as he didn\'t account for her busted eyes that see only the truth and nothing but the truth.

How many did you collect so far Jörmungandr said, trying to change the subject.

Hehe, I have 37 pieces now. Lady Sphinx said with a proud tone.

So many Jörmungandr raised his eyebrows in surprise and said, I don\'t know how much you spent to get them from other primogenitors but I wish you good luck to collect them all 197 pieces.

I have all the time in the universe to unveil another secret. Lady Sphinx said in anticipation while eying a holographic image of a square brown rock that had five inscribed lines.

The inscriptions appeared exactly like the ones etched on Felix\'s body.

The Blood Maniacal Monolith. Jörmungandr murmured while glancing at the inscriptions on it.

Hehe, I hope others dare to bet their own monoliths as well. Lady Sphinx smiled widely and said, I can\'t wait to take all the missing monoliths from those fogies\' hands.

Seeing her behave high on a kit, Jörmungandr could only keep his mouth shut about her obsession with them.

They weren\'t called Maniacal Monolith by them for no reason.

It takes one with immense patience and extreme obsession to gather all the pieces in one place.

Lady Sphinx had gathered only 37 after billions of years...There were still 160 either in the hands of the primogenitors or hadn\'t been found yet.

Only someone who seeks knowledge with great passion and discovering the secrets of the universe had the chance to gather them all.

What do they do individually Absolutely nothing.

What would happen if they were gathered together No one knows.

The only thing that was known to the primogenitors was that it was due to those monoliths were they able to learn the meaning of some of the inscribed words on their bodies.

The inscriptions that were responsible for giving them their unequal gifts!!


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