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Before I take you to the lab, let me introduce you to the Queen\'s advisor and also one of my students.

Lady Sphinx extended her palm to the other gorgeous mature witch and said, This is Dalilia.

If you require anything outside of the castle or ended up in trouble, just send her a message and she will fix it for you.

Felix bowed his head respectfully and introduced himself, I am Felix Maxwell, I am honored to be under your care.

The pleasure is mine. Dililia smiled gently while nodding her head slightly in response to his greeting.

When Felix lifted his head and focused on her face, he realized that she must be one of the oldest witches in the empire due to the few wrinkles next to her eyes.

He understood that for witches to have wrinkles it only meant that their longevity was at its end and there was no other way to increase it artificially by potions or other materials.

He didn\'t know her exact age, but he believed that she would have been alive for at least 200,000 years now!

That\'s because the average age of witches was 60,000 years without eating or drinking anything.

For her to be this age while also having a Queen\'s advisor position in the empire, Felix knew that she was an authoritative titan that wouldn\'t even bother glancing at Zosia or the Maganda Chief!

\'Elder, does she knows about you being a primogenitor or about our relationship\' Felix asked telepathically, \'I don\'t want to say something that shouldn\'t have been said.\'

\'Don\'t bother yourself with such matters.\' Lady Sphinx replied calmly, \'She knows what she needs to know.\'

Upon hearing so, Felix was put at ease since he wouldn\'t need to explain anything to her.

I know that you have many questions but save them to yourself. Lady Sphinx took one small sip of tea while standing up, Follow me to the Lab.

We are running late.

Felix stood up after her but Dalilia kept sitting in her place while gazing at Felix with her giant tail\'s green eye that had an \'X\' shaped pupil.

Felix felt goosebumps coursing on his back, making him believe that every inch of his body was being inspected by her eye.

A split second later, the feeling went away as suddenly as it came.

Felix didn\'t turn his head but just kept following after Lady Sphinx.

After they disappeared outside of Dalilia\'s line of sight, she narrowed her eyes with a stern expression, \'He truly had gotten master\'s eyes.

A human receiving such a gift is blasphemous on so many levels.\'

She poured some black tea into her cup and wished, \'Hopefully, he ends up dying in those experiments or master get bored of him quickly.\'

Unfortunately for elder Dalilia, she could only keep those harmful thoughts to herself since she knew that it wasn\'t possible to hurt Felix while Lady Sphinx was interested in him.

Lady Sphinx wasn\'t to be provoked in the slightest.

As her current oldest student, no one was more clear about this matter than her!


Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx and Felix were walking down on a long well-lighted staircase that was leading to the underground.

On their way here, Felix had met with plenty of servants and guards that appeared a bit dull and lifeless like robots.

When he asked Lady Sphinx about it, she answered that every servant in the castle was made of sand and implanted with information that could help them do their duties effectively...Just like what she did to the Guardians.

The only difference was that some of them had received information to be chefs while some received info that allowed them to garden like professionals.

All of them were created realistically with an ability called *Sand Creation*, making Felix feel a bit dejected that he hadn\'t unlocked it.

Not that it mattered now, since Felix was soon going to replace Lady Sphinx\'s bloodline with Thor\'s, and he was going to lose all of his sand abilities.

After all, he had already made his mind to etch *The Truth Eyes*.

It was a no-brainer choice.

Right now, they had already walked down for more than two minutes, yet there were no signs of reaching the bottom yet.

Felix wasn\'t complaining since he had enough time to get some of his questions answered.

Elder, do all your clones look like witches Can you copy their Spiritual Eyes powers Felix fired off two questions with a curious tone.

No and No. Lady Sphinx answered bluntly without bothering to give him an explanation.

Before Felix could switch to another question, Lady Sphinx raised her hand while stopping in the middle of the staircase.

Felix stopped as well and peered with his infrared vision into the grey stone walls, wanting to see if there was some sort of a hidden door.

Too bad, he found nothing.

When he saw that Lady Sphinx had brought out a worn-out scroll with weird inscriptions on it, he focused back on her.

Lady Sphinx brought the scroll in front of her face and started reading it softly.

Two seconds later, she closed off the scroll and waited in silence.

Felix did the same.


A moment later, a light breeze passed by them from the front.

Before Felix could wonder where it came from, a long thin black line had emerged two meters away and started expanding to the sides like some sort of square that was drawn on a paper.

Yet, this wasn\'t even the weirdest part but the materialization of a pitch-black door that didn\'t have a handle!

Lady Sphinx wasn\'t bored to entertain Felix\'s bafflement as she simply placed her hand on the center of the door and pushed it softly.

The door made creaking noises as it kept opening up slowly on its own.

The moment it was wide open, bright light escaped from the other side of it, making Felix narrow his eyes a bit.

But soon, they bulged out of their sockets at an unbelievable scene that no one would even dare of imagining it!

Even Asna and the Jörmungandr were left in a bit of a shock by it.

Who could blame them

The door was leading to an enormous golden pyramid that was built on a floating land in the middle of nowhere!

There was no sky, no stars, no moon, just pure darkness surrendering the shining pyramid!

\'Is this a separated dimension\' The Jörmungandr asked in wonder.

\'Yep.\' Lady Sphinx said casually, \'This is one of the ones I took control of.

They are perfect for my labs since they are separated from...Well, everything.\'

This is the first time I hear or see something like this. Felix asked with a worried tone, Is there oxygen inside It looks even bleaker than space.

Naturally, I have made the environment to be livable for all races. Lady Sphinx gave a side-glance meant for idiots and said, How am I supposed to carry my experiments on them if they can\'t breathe

That sounds promising. Felix said with a hollow laugh.

Let\'s go.

Not wanting to continue chatting, Lady Sphinx led the way at a normal pace.

Meanwhile, Felix placed a foot inside, feeling the ground first.

He appeared like someone feeling the coldness of the pool\'s water.

Hurry up! Lady Sphinx rushed him from afar.

Upon hearing so, Felix took a deep breath and jumped through the door.

The instant he did so, the door was closed shut and disappeared after, making Felix swallow a mouthful.

\'Queen, can you tell me my coordinates\' Felix requested while walking with an alarmed expression towards the Pyramid.

Alas, no one answered him.

When he called for the 4th time, Lady Sphinx informed him, Don\'t bother calling her.

Your connection had been disconnected with her the instant you entered this dimension.

Truly, Felix noticed that his bracelet\'s signal that had always five lines had turned to an \'X mark that he never saw before in all the years that he possessed an AP bracelet.

Felix had gone on many adventures in his previous life, exploring parts of the universe with his clanmates.

Yet, the signal had never been dropped by one line!

Wait, doesn\'t this mean that I can\'t stay here for more than 2 hours Felix remarked loudly while sprinting towards Lady Sphinx.

When he reached her side, he continued on, Being disconnected with the Queen is the same as taking off my bracelet.

If I don\'t connect in two hours, the Queen would assume that I trying to escape from my contracts\' strings! Especially the ones concerning her being as an executioner!

Felix knew that he should avoid this at all cost if he didn\'t want the Alliance\'s task force, who were specialize in this matter, to hunt him down.

They weren\'t made from humans but from multiple races that were born to locate and eliminate their targets as fast as possible!

Relax. Lady Sphinx waved her hand in a carefree manner and mentioned, I only need one hour with you to run some tests and create a perfect copy of your body.

Then, you are free to go and enjoy your stay in the academy.

I see...Wait what

Felix was startled by her plan as he always expected that he would be spending days tied to a cold metallic bed while Lady Sphinx experiment on his numbed body.

Don\'t be weird. Lady Sphinx rolled her eyes at him after reading his thoughts and said, I just need a perfect copy of you to run the first simulations.

When I create a plausible method to make it possible to host multiple elemental manipulations, I will use it on your real body.

Thank god.

Felix couldn\'t even express how delighted he was at the sound of that.

Through the entire journey, his imagination was running wild at being tortured and that the pain would be intolerable.

But it seemed like he was thinking too much.

Oh, you will be feeling pain alright. Lady Sphinx smiled warmly while opening the pyramid\'s golden gate, It\'s just not going to kill you.

After saying so, Lady Sphinx entered the pyramid, leaving the stunned Felix behind.

But soon he broke out of it after he heard the echoing footsteps of Lady Sphinx as she walked deeper and deeper inside a long dark corridor.

Wait for me! Worried that the pyramid might be booby-trapped like some sort of ancient structure, Felix steeled his guts and dashed after her.

When he reached her side, she had already entered a bright wide room that appeared somewhat like a mad-scientist lab.

At the sides, There were cylinder-shaped glass tanks filled with thick blue matter or dark ones.

Inside them, there were multiple weird-looking creatures that seemed to be still alive.

There were also three clean silver metallic tables that were taken by a vampire, a panda-like creature, and a human

All of them were strapped and had dark bruises on their bodies, sending shivers down Felix\'s spine.

However, his fear had withdrawn with a snap of a finger by Lady Sphinx as they had all turned into a pile of sand.

Be quick and lay down on one table. Lady Sphinx snapped her finger and her entire appearance had been turned into her original humanoid furry cat version but without wings.

She was wearing a white robe and glasses, making Felix feel like he was in the hands of a doctor.

He honestly didn\'t know why she was wearing glasses when her vision was probably the best in the entire universe.

But seeing how impatient she was, Felix didn\'t bother her with this but asked, Cough, should I take off my clothes


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