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The first thing Felix did after opening his eyes was attempt to liquefy the poison internally.

He spent two hours on it until he finally succeeded in liquefying 5% of his energy, making a single drop!

Although Felix was given the method and tips, he still struggled with the process itself since it required him to keep creating smaller poison balls and merging them rapidly.

If he slowed down, it wouldn\'t be called a practice but if he speeds up, he easily loses focus and break the sequence.

Emerge. Felix said while extending his hand forward.

On top of it, a drop of red poison emerged from his pores like sweat and started hovering on it slowly.

Wonder how it will taste Felix smiled and brought it to his mouth.

Then, he licked it and his eyes couldn\'t help but shine in delight at its deliciousness.

It tastes like strawberry juice. Felix exclaimed, Let\'s continue practicing.

Maybe I will create a small sphere after I liquefy all of the energy.


Half a day had gone by quickly as Felix kept engrossing himself in his practice, unbeknownst to the latest released news that shook the entire Mariana Empire.

The Three Sanctrum Federations, The Everglow Kingdom, and lastly The Maganda Tribe, had all announced that Earth officially became their ally!

There was no contract signed or even a meeting was held between the two parties before the announcement.

Hence, the Council was just as shocked as everyone else!

Although it appeared quite humiliating that the Anti-Royalty Alliance didn\'t even bother informing them about their decision to ally with them, the Council wasn\'t complaining much since having those giants\' support had given them some peace of mind.

When the Council contacted The Maganda Chief and the rest for their reasons, they all mentioned that they did it for their friend...Felix Maxwell!

The world leaders were stunned and also horrified after understanding that Felix had the backing of the top three strongest superpowers in the Empire without counting the Royal Family.

Yet, they were planning on separating from him!

That foolish decision was dropped instantly as no one dared to bring the matter anymore.

Some World leaders were actually scared that Felix might feel offended and take it on them.

Good for them, Felix didn\'t have time to deal with such a nuisance...At least not now.

Meanwhile, the announcement hadn\'t affected just the Council but also all the kingdoms in the empire and even the Royal Family!

For the kingdoms, they decided to change their approach from overly aggressive to polite when they reach the planet.

They understood that getting marked by the three superpowers was nothing good as they could halt trades with them and in the worst case, send their pirate crews to make trouble in their territories.

After all, since open fights and battles were deemed unacceptable by SGAlliance members, every background had fleets in the shadows to do the deeds for them.

As long as they kept being unassociated with the background, those fleets could do as they please in space without bringing troubles to their background.

Naturally, they doubted whether the three superpowers would go that far for a small primitive planet but it was always better to play along than to play against.

Since the planet wasn\'t their target in their first place, they didn\'t care much about changing their approach.


In the real world, the Mariana Capital, the inner city...In a colossus mesmerizing palace that was screaming of lavishness and ascendancy over any other building in the city, a man and a girl could be seen drinking wine together near the balcony.

Both of them appeared like otherworldly beings, having their brown skin gleam under the ray of sunlight.

Their gorgeous facial features were exactly the same, making it difficult to spot the difference between them if it wasn\'t for their different body proportions.

Those two were the Royal Prince Balin and Royal Princess Alma of the Mariana Empire, the infamous Twins.

What is your opinion on the announcement brother Alma asked while taking a small sip elegantly.

The man didn\'t reply as he kept twirling his glass with a thoughtful expression, appearing like he was in his own world.


Oh You said something Prince Balin asked softly after breaking out of his daze.

What\'s on your mind Princess Alma inquired in intrigue.

The announcement. Prince Balin said, It seems like our enemies had made a deal with that primitive.

You think he might have given them a mythical bloodline bottle like the ones he was using Princess Alma pressed her glossy pink lips together and said, Isn\'t that bad to us

Princess Alma understood that possessing those bloodlines was going to change the status quo immensely.

If they ever accepted their war declaration, it wouldn\'t end up pretty for them.

I doubt he would have given them anything now since it is pretty soon.

Unless he is a moron. Prince Balin yawned and said, Regardless, we can\'t be left behind in the race to get those mythical bloodlines.

Should we stop waiting for him to contact us first and just call him Princess Alma asked.

No. Prince Balin said naturally, The royal family doesn\'t approach others.

Especially not from a primitive like him.

He will call us on his own after we leave him without a choice.

No wonder the Anti-Royalty Alliance said that the current royal family was filled with degenerate generations.

For serious matters to be held back like this due to their superiority complex was beyond irrational and harmful to the empire.

But it seemed like neither Prince Balim nor Princess Alma cared much about it.

Should we tell father about this Princess asked.

No need to bother him with such an easy matter. Prince Balim smiled lazily, I will take care of it on my own.

I am getting a bit bored anyway.

Same! Princess Alma said with a delightful smile, What are you going to do.

Prince Balim looked at her l.u.s.trous apple green eyes and said with a faint smile, You will find out later.

Stop teasing and just tell me. Princess Alma looked at him with puppy eyes.

Where the fun in that Lil sis  Prince Balim said, smirking with a hidden glint in his eyes.


The day after, at 08:00 AM...

Phew, finally I did it. Felix wiped his sweaty forehead while sitting on his Androxa house carpet.

In his hand, there was a revolving red sphere appearing like a paintball.

This was the effort of 14 hours of training continuously! A hypertension liquid sphere that needed 100% of Felix\'s poisonous energy!

Good work. The Jörmungandr praised with a faint smile.

Felix smiled in return and said while throwing the sphere in his mouth, Should I continue

Take half a daybreak, we will continue in the evening. The Jörmungandr informed.

Alright. Felix cracked his neck and stood up.

He swiftly went for a shower and when he was done, he sat in the living room and brought out the game spinning wheel!

The two months reset had finished ages ago, and Felix was asked by the Jörmungandr personally to play those upcoming two games as fast as possible so he could join the UISG promotion game in half a year!

By then, he should be fully ready to participate and actually have a chance to fight the games instead of getting brutalized like most human players on that platform.

Hopefully it\'s something simple. Felix rested his chin on his palm while pressing the green button.

As usual, the wheel span rapidly and Felix decided to leave it to stop on its own.

Ting Ting...Ting!!

>Congratulation on Picking Sports Format!<

Sports again Felix murmured, Well, this is actually my first individual sports game in this life.


Felix didn\'t overthink the matter as he pressed the green button again.

Ting Ting...Ting!!

>Congratulation on Picking Disastrous Obstacles Marathon!<

Following the notification, a side hologram emerged and showed Felix the details of the game.

// Game Format: Sports (Racing Edtion)

Game Name: Disastrous Obstacles Marathon.

Participants Number: 59 (Still increasing)

Race Laps Number: None

The integration allowed: From lesser purity to peak stage 2 of replacement.

Ranks allowed: Gold

Race Map: An Artificial Map

Surprise Addition: No.

Prizes Pool: High-grade stones, Peak grade stones, Lava Monkey\'s Tail, Flask of Enhanced Senses, Potion of Premonition, A blizzard Talisman...Triple Elemental Sword.

Rules of the game:

1) Players will be transported into the starting line.

The starting line will be separated into multiple smaller lines that are connected to the main course.

2) Each player will start the race at their own small line.

The lines will connect at 500 meters and the course will remain like that for the rest of the game.

3) There is no lap since the race would be on a straight path towards the finish line.

4) The race map is split into three random zones.

Each zone would have its unique environmental obstacles.

(The obstacles would range from, beasts, disasters, sudden blocks...etc)

5) Game points could be earned from Eliminations(400 GP) and slaying beasts.

5) all Types of abilities are allowed.

However, flying abilities would be limited to only 10 meters above any surface.

(Being thrown or such doesn\'t count).

6) There is no duration in the race.

The moment the 1st player crosses the finish line, the game would be concluded.

For more information please open your SG profile Interface.

Good luck to all participants.//

Uhmm, almost like the game I played in my previous life. Felix rubbed his chin while pondering on the details.

In his previous life, he participated in an Obstacle Marathon as well but it had only two zones since he played in bronze rank.

Since this was a gold game, it was expected to be much harder and longer to make it more entertaining.

Three zones...Huh, I guess I need to train in most of them. Felix cracked his neck and stood up.

He picked up his car keys and went to the garage.

Immediately after entering his car, he murmured, I wonder how am I going to be received in the Training Center.

Since the moment the news got spread, Felix hadn\'t visited the training center or even left his house.

He was truly curious about the bloodliners reaction in the training center.

Were they going to harass him Respect his boundaries Or even foolishly challenge him for his room


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