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Inside the Dark Deviant Spaceship, Felix had just entered the VR Pod and sealed the glass door on him.

The moment the needles were connected to his bloodstream while his limbs were affixed with the Pod, Felix requested, Queen, take us at full speed to the closest VIP expressway that is connecting with the Mariana Empire.

As you command.

How long will it take to reach it at max speed 

\'7 days and 4 hours.\'

That\'s good. Pleased, Felix nodded his head. 

Lady Sphinx had given him 4 months deadline to reach her and so far eleven days went by and if he used the VIP Expressways to Vamdarohm, he would need only a month and 14 days.

Felix glanced one last time at his mother planet before focusing in front of him with a determined expression, Please take us away.

When the Queen received his 2nd confirmation, She started adjusting the spaceship to face a straight-lined destination that wasn\'t blocked by any planet, star, or other celestial bodies.

After doing so, the Queen turned on all the engines on the spaceship, even the ones hidden.

Then, the sequence to traveling at the speed of light had started...9,8,7...3,2,1!

Then, nothing...

The spaceship didn\'t leave anything behind before disappearing from existence.

Earth was left behind, the moon was left behind, and the people were left behind...Felix was truly gone!


The Mariana Capital, in the inner circle of the city, there was a towering building that was being sandwiched by two building three times its size.

On its topmost floor, a handsome man wearing a peculiar pink suit was sitting behind a large desk while viewing some holographic doc.u.ments.

It could be seen that he was focusing on them deeply.

Interesting didn\'t think my media conglomerate would land on such scandalous news. The man murmured, The Royal prince will be pissed for sure if we run his cheating scandal.

Knock Knock!!

Boss Luwuni, open up!! An agitated loud voice emerged from behind the office\'s door, Something Big happened!! Major News!!

Oh Luwuni glanced at the door and said calmly, Enter.

A short man with deer legs and big glasses pushed the door wide opened and skipped to the Luwuni with a stirred expression.

Luwuni could see that his subordinate eyes were about to spew fire from fervor.

\'It must be something good for him to behave like this.\' Luwuni mused while waving the holographic holograms from his face.

Speak. He said.

Boss, boss, we just received a folder from a man called Mr.

Gama. The short stuttered as he spoke, The Folder name is -Landlord\'s Identity!!

Oh Didn\'t we receive a couple of troll folders like those Luwuni frowned his eyebrows, What makes this any different

the short man gulped a mouthful and said, This one is the real deal!

Uhm Are you certain Luwuni said calmly, I doubt anyone would bother sending the info to us if it was real.

They could just sell it and earn billions out of it.

Boss, just watch the video in it and you will understand everything. The Short man didn\'t want to waste time as he was too eager to publish the news.

He didn\'t know if it was just them who received the folder or other media platforms.

Hence, they needed to be at least the 1st ones to release it to gain the most traffic and earn from the ads.

Seeing his rushiness, Luwuni stopped questioning him and simply gestured with his finger for him to leave him alone.

The short man bowed his head lightly and skipped to the door before closing it behind him.

Let\' see what\'s all this is about. Luwuni mumbled while clicking on the holographic folder.

Immediately after entering, he noticed two items, a video, and a doc.u.ment called an explanation.

Luwuni pressed on the video and leaned back on his chair.


Motherf*cker, scared me death!

Luwuni almost fell from his chair after the video started with a booming explosion that shook the entire office.

He hastily lowered the volume down and leaned back again.

When he focused on the video, he was stunned to see that the scenes had jumped straight to an ongoing battle inside a smokey area.

He squinted his eyes in focus and finally managed to see that it wasn\'t a battle but a one-way beat down of Felix.


Gama had actually sent the recording from the very start when Felix had his aircraft brought down to the ground!

From then on, he didn\'t change anything as the video had shown everything to the end of the battle when Mr.

Gama got entrapped inside the green pyramid.

Only then did the video end, breaking Luwuni from his engrossment.

If he wasn\'t professional, he would have simply enjoyed the video instead of analyzing it.

Hence, from the very start, Luwuni was watching for hints that were related to \'Landlord\'.

He found plenty just like Mr.


\'Shit, this actually might be real and even better than we expected! Luwuni exclaimed in excitement and eagerness.

He understood that Landlord was one of the biggest enigmas in the Empire or even the entire Galaxy due to his unorthodox bloodlines that defied logic.

Any news about his real persona or location could turn someone into a multimillionaire or billionaire.

Yet, they had it right here for free!

Let\'s read what our benefactor had to say.

Luwuni swiftly closed the video and clicked on the explanation.

He wanted to read the entire folder before rereading it again with the rest of the staff.

A couple of minutes later...

Luwuni closed the explanation with a dazed look, not daring to believe what he had just read.

It turned out, the explanation was about Mr.

Gama telling everyone about Felix\'s real identity, reasons for being 100% certain that he was Landlord, and lastly, Felix\'s method to utilize more than 6 abilities for each bloodline, unlike the rest.

No wonder, no wonder he was using abilities that he never used in the games before. Luwuni mumbled to himself.

Luwuni was truly finding it hard to express his shock and disbelief at the notion that Felix was capable of using multiple abilities.

He couldn\'t fathom how was that even possible since it had been millions of years and the human race had never managed to surpass the known number, (Three passives, Three actives from each bloodline).

F*ck, break out of it! Luwuni slapped his cheek, This is not the time to ponder on those matters!


Luwuni pressed on a button at the side of his desk and shouted, EVERYONE HEAD TO THE CONFENSERES ROOM NOW! YOU HAVE THREE MINUTES!

When he finished the announcement, Luwuni fixed his tie and sprinted to the door, For such a piece of vital information, Mr.

Gama must have sent it to everyone since it was free! Gotta be the 1st ones to publish it!

As he expected, throughout the entire empire, hundred of kingdoms, 99% of the media platform were reacting exactly the same as him, rushing to write articles on the folder and publish everything as fast as possible!

After an hour gone by, the first article had hit the network, edited personally by Luwuni, and placed on the website of one of the three biggest media Media Convergence in the empire!

>Exposed at Last! Landlord\'s Secret Identity!< The Article\'s title appeared like this, written boldly and making it accessible to the subscription readers and nonpayers.

Hence, it didn\'t take even a minute before the Article had received a billion clicks than another billion clicks.

Five minutes later Other articles with their own unique titles started popping out on each media website like mushrooms, making it impossible to miss the news unless one was living under a rock.

With those click-baiting titles, most people who glanced a single time at the article decided to read some of it and see what\'s all about.

Those who disliked reading had the video to entertain their curiosity!

15 minutes later...

The news went viral in the empire as every person who is active in social media didn\'t hesitate to share the news to gain some attraction to his social page.

News spread from those at the bottom of the social ladder to those at the top.

Hence, Olivia, Noah, Robert, the Maxwell elders, the Council, and the rest of the earthling team had all been notified one way or another of the news!

Even, the Maganda Chief, princess Bird, Zosia, and the rest of the Anti-Royal Alliance had read the article or their subordinates did and informed them straight away about it.

Everyone had their unique reaction to the flabbergasting news.

However, no matter how unique their reaction was, it would never compare to Olivia\'s reaction!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Olivia kept jumping in excitement while having the holographic article in front of her.

Sophia and Hina, who were hanging with her in the cafeteria, didn\'t even react to her excitement as their widened eyes were still affixed on the article.

They were feeling that it was getting more ridiculous with every word they read.

No wonder he went missing in the past days.

Hehe, I should be making everyone call me Sherlock Oli from now on. Thoughtful and delighted, Olivia stroked an imaginary beard while scrolling down the article.

After reaching the comment section and reading some of them, her heart was chilled as her happiness died straightaway.

[Is this for real Does he really possess more than 12 abilities in merely 1st stage of replacement Is this real life]


[His mythical bloodlines were already too good to be true! Now, you are telling me they can give more than 6 abilities per stage! Holy **!! This will change everything!]


[Hunt him down! We know where he is now! Fast before he escapes to space! The moment he enters space, we lose the method forever unless that bastard decided to come clear!]

The comments just keep going and going nonstop about getting hold of the method.

Only after seeing other people\'s reactions did it finally click in Olivia\'s naive mind that Felix was in deep **!

Truly a deep **!


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