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Alright, I gathered you here to tell you that the Captain is going to join the practice today. George said while placing his hand on Felix\'s shoulder.

Welcome back Captain! Leo Bridge asked excitedly, Are you going to show us some of your supersonic kicks today

I don...

No, he won\'t! George swiftly interrupted Felix and said sternly, He will be joining the training but not the practice matches.

Besides Leo and other few members, everyone else sighed in relief after hearing so.

Captain, before we start, please show the three new abilities that you possess. George requested.


Felix didn\'t reject since he was done a favor by George.

He wanted to display his poison abilities to Olivia and the rest of his cousins but he didn\'t want to make it obvious.

Without needing to ask, everyone gave him space by stepping back a couple of meters.

After seeing so, Felix pointed his palm at the ground next to him and said, This is my 1st active ability of the Toxic Bale Lion, *Miasma Swamp!*


Olivia and the rest of his cousins had their hearts shaken at the sight of a stream of poisonous mist gush from Felix\'s palm and land on the ground in a circular shape.

The poison was light green and kept emitting a repugnant stench that forced everyone to close their noses in revulsion.

Felix shrugged his shoulders at the sight and said, It\'s not that good of an ability since it needed someone to step inside for it to take full effect.

Indeed. George sighed in disappointment and said, The smell would make it obvious.

But its effects are quite good. Felix smiled warmly and asked, Anyone wanna volunteer to test it out

Seeing that everyone was avoiding having eye contact with him, Felix clicked his tongue in criticism and deactivated his ability.

Naturally, it looked that way to everyone but he was merely stopping his poison manipulation.

Alright, now to my 2nd new active ability that sadly replaced my poison pillars. Felix sighed in dejection after saying so.

\'So fake.\' Asna scoffed.

Is it worse than poison pillars Leo asked what was on everyone\'s mind.

They are like day and night. Felix nodded his head and said, It\'s one of the beast\'s iconic abilities.

Instead of telling them more, Felix shaped up his hand into a claw and brought it down.

The moment he did so, a green poisonous claw had manifested in front of him and repeated the same animation.

This time Felix went all out in his bull** as he slashed left and right ceaselessly, making everyone get engrossed in the claws manifestations.

While he was doing so, Felix was taking glimpses at Olivia\'s expression and his cousins.

Seeing that they were either smiling wryly or shaking their heads, he knew that he removed any suspension that he had on him.

Although it was just an assumption, Felix was quite confident in it.

He knew that it was more believable that it was a coincidence for him to have the same tail as Landlord than being capable of using more than ten abilities at once.

Don\'t even mention those abilities were from different elements and one element that Felix didn\'t even possess in their eyes!

They only knew that he had poison and illusion element!

\'Hehe, all of my previous efforts weren\'t gone to waste.\' Felix chuckled in his mind while stopping his demonstration.

I believe those are Toxic Claws, correct George said.


It\'s quite a popular ability. George rubbed his chin, I believe that anyone touched by it would have his skin corroded and numbed.

Felix nodded his head in agreement and said lastly, As for my 2nd passive, I have unlocked poison resistance again.

That\'s good! George blurted, It was a risky move to etch poison bombs over poison resistance, but thankfully, you unlocked it again.

Naturally, everyone thought Felix was crazy at the start when he told them that he etched poison bombs instead of poison resistance.

After all, there was no guarantee that he would unlock poison resistance in his 1st stage of replacement or 2nd..etc

Hence, it was a must to etch resistance first then focus on abilities later, lest one ends up getting harmed by his own element.

But, Felix didn\'t care about anything they said since he was already immune to poison.

It was easier to just bull** them like this by saying that he unlocked it again.

Afterward, everyone split up and went to their own training stations with their coaches.

As George said, there wouldn\'t be any more matches when Felix was around.

Currently, Felix was next to George, getting updated about the final version of the main team rooster and also the tactic used.

Oh You are considering 5-4-3 tactic Felix wondered, Is my position still the same

We changed it. George created a hologram that was showing a minimized greenfield and pointed his finger at the center.

We decided that it\'s best if you were a center midfield instead of a striker, so you will be able to defend as well as attack.

Plus, you will have more chances to get possession of the ball like this.


Felix agreed with that notion as he also felt that being a striker wasn\'t that good.

He might have easier chances of scoring due to the close distance he would have with the goalpost, but that only if the ball managed to reach him.

He preferred getting the ball on his own instead of depending on the team to do it for him.

So, he was in favor of this change.

What about the rest He asked, Any noteworthy changes

George placed multiple names on the minimized field and left Felix to look on his own.

In a few moments, Felix\'s curiosity died down after noticing that only a few teammates had their positions swapped.

Like Zhang Wie, who was placed at the start as the main defender was now pushed into the midfield as well.

Meanwhile, Johnson who was placed as a midfielder before had been turned into a striker.

This decision made Felix slightly confused since he knew that Johnson\'s skills were as trashy as his.

The only difference was that Felix\'s kick didn\'t matter which angle it was shouted at since it could penetrate anything.

But for Johnson Felix doubted that he would score a goal with his strength and fog elemental abilities.

However, he didn\'t ask about it since there was still a month until the game starts.

This version was bound to change once or twice.

So, he went towards the kicking station after saying a couple of words.

He planned on training a bit seriously this month since he wasn\'t focusing too much on the football game due to time constraints.

While he was training on his aim against a minimized version of the goalpost, Olivia and Hina were peeking at him from behind a large basket filled with balls.

What are you doing Oli Hina whispered.

Trusting a hunch of mine. Olivia replied vaguely while creating two invisible holograms and linking them together.

One Hologram had Felix\'s picture and the other had Landlord\'s picture.

\'Madam Queen, please compare their height, and tail\'s length.\' Olivia requested while narrowing her eyes at Felix.

The results came out a split second later.

\'They have the same height of 183cm and their tail has the same length of being 197cm.\'

Olivia felt her heart skip a beat at the result.

She looked at Felix who was kicking a ball after another and thought, \'Their height is the same, their tail length is the same, their behavior and manner of speech are also the same, even the body shape is the same.

Could Felix be Landlord for real\'

However, soon she scratched her head in confusion after remembering that he just showed them two abilities from Toxic Bale Lion while Landlord had displayed 5 unique different abilities.

Not mentioning the other tens of differences between them made it illogical to even consider them being the same.

\'Argh! Is it him or not! This is so confusing.\' Olivia cried in her mind while dragging her head behind the basket.

What\'s wrong with you Hina was left baffled by Olivia\'s behavior.

I..sigh, it\'s nothing.

Olivia wanted for a second to divulge what she found about Felix and see what her bestie had to say, but she stopped herself after remembering what she read online about Landlord\'s situation.

It wasn\'t a secret that Felix was being searched and looked after by everyone and Olivia wasn\'t a fool to share her hunch with others.

She knew that might end up badly for Felix and she didn\'t want to put him in danger over a hunch.

Heck, even if she found out about the truth, she had no intentions of sharing the information with others.

Instead, she would do her best to defend against Felix just like she did against Adam\'s accusations.

The only reason she was even looking deeply into this was that her hunch was eating her up.

Alas, the difference in abilities and bloodline used was like a great wall of logic that blocked all of her attempts into believing in her hunch.

Hence, she decided to give up on it for now and continue to follow the news and games of Felix, waiting for the day where that wall of logic crumbled by a single mistake.

Let\'s just leave. Hina mentioned, Sophia is calling for us.

Okay. Olivia nodded her head and stood up from behind the basket with Hina.

However, the moment the girls did so, they were met with Felix standing right in front of the basket with a gentle smile that appeared like a devilish grin.

What are you doing here little detectives..

Kyaaaaa!! Ruuun!

Felix didn\'t even manage to finish off his question as both of them had let out terrified shrieks and bolted away towards Sophia.

While Hina was scared **less by the mere sight of Felix, Olivia was scared of being found out that she investigating him.

At loss for words, Felix could only look at them run away with their tiny legs, appearing quite comical.

Soon, he shrugged his shoulders carelessly and went back to his kicking practice. 


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