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If he noticed anything weird, Felix had plans to further remove any suspension by showing them two more poisonous abilities from the Toxic Bale Lion Bloodline!!

Those abilities were legit from that bloodline! Felix had spent a lot of time training in using them until he could cast them instantaneously just like he had unlocked them.

After Felix reached his Androxa House, he went for a quick shower.

During it, he dialed George\'s number.

Ring Ring...Cluck!

What\'s up George responded calmly.

When is today\'s practice Felix straightaway asked, Is it still at 19:00

Why are you asking George got a bit defensive, Are you planning to come

Yes, I want to check on the team\'s improvement. Felix lied through his teeth.

Uhmm, as long as you don\'t kill anyone, I don\'t mind having you there. George asked, What\'s your integration level by the way Did you reach greater purity yet

I am currently at 65%. Felix continued to lie without a change of expression.

That\'s good! George asked in excitement, What did you unlock

Before Felix could respond, George cut him off and said, Don\'t tell me, group up with the team half an hour later in my UVR room.

It\'s better to see them in action!

Felix shrugged his shoulders and agreed.

Then, he hung up and carried on showering.


45 minutes later...

Inside George\'s UVR room which was still just a humongous football field inside a glass dome, Felix\'s body had reconstructed on the l.u.s.trous green grass right outside of the dome.

Pass the ball!

Block it with your sand wall!

I am open!!

The moment Felix opened his eyes, he was greeted with the sight of an ongoing 12 vs 12 match.

He raised his head and looked at the score the was displayed on the glass ceiling.

>Team RolandinhoTeam NoahWhoosh!

The ball kept sizzling and emitting lightning charges, making anyone believe that using hands to catch it was an impossibility since the lightning would cause a paralyzing effect after a slight touch!

Ronaldinho was chosen as one of the team\'s main strikers due to his football skills and this kicking technique!

Yet, no one in Noah\'s team seemed worried about it as they smirked while watching Noah point his icy blue horn at the sizzling ball and blink his eyes once.


Simultaneous to his blink, the icy blue horn was lightened up akin to a beacon, and then an abrupt blue beam was projected at the ball with a frighting accuracy!


Immediately after contact, the sizzling ball kept on going while inside the blue beam.

But its speed was getting slower and slower while the lighting effect had fully disappeared!

All of this due to the blue beam being actually a chilling mist that was concentrated extensively!

Thus, the ball stood no chance against the chilling effect that slowed its speed down and also froze it in the process!

Although it became a frozen ball, it still had the initial momentum to continue flying like a piece of rock.

Yet, Noah didn\'t even bother using his hands to catch it as a simple indifferent glance and the ball stopped moving at once after reaching a meter in front of his face!

This wasn\'t due to an ability but simply using mental energy to control the ice that was encasing the ball!


Noah let go of his control and also deactivated his 2nd active ability *Chilling Ray*.

The ball dropped into the grass in front of him while the ice around it broke into blue particles and drifted in the air.

God damn it, how can we ever score against that! Rolandinho kicked off the grass in vexation while walking back to his disappointed teammates.

Meanwhile, Noah\'s team was giving him thumbs up like they always do after his successful blocks.

For the score to be 0 to 9, it only meant that Noah was doing a terrific job at being a goalkeeper!

Truly an interesting ability. Felix murmured, Can it stop my supersonic kick though

\'This f*cking devil.\' Shivers coursed at George\'s back after hearing Felix\'s murmur.

He heard what he said and he didn\'t feel even slightly curious about the result of that confrontation.

He would rather keep the morale high like this than allow this devil to ruin it like he ruins everything else.

Peep Peep!

Abruptly, George used the Whisler to attract everyone\'s attention and then shouted, Match is over! Gather in the center!

Everyone got confused by the sudden interruption but still listened to the orders and walked towards the field\'s center.

Those who were outside the dome were all teleported by George there.

The moment Felix\'s body was reconstructed within the pack, most of them took a step back while staring at him with a weary expression.

Hina even yelped in fright and hid behind Olivia like a scared kitten.

Memories of the 1st month flooded their brains, making them relive those hellish moments under his hands.

Felix saw that only a couple of his teammates were actually excited to see him.

Surprisingly, he noticed that Olivia didn\'t seem that jumpy after seeing him like always.

Instead, she was narrowing her eyes at him while from time to time glancing at his tail.

Felix didn\'t focus too much on her as he switched his vision towards the rest of his national teammates and noticed that most of them were acting weird while looking at him...Besides the expressionless Noah and Kenny who was looking at him with his usual polite smile.

\'Uhmm...It seems like they have watched the game and found out the similarities.\' Felix thought.


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