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This notification didn\'t just resound in Felix\'s mind but also in the sky above his position, making every player hear it and see it even from tens of kilometers.

The withdrawing gloomy clouds made it possible.

The instant the Kraken was slain, there was no point for the storm to remain anymore.

Am I tripping or did I just hear that Landlord has slain the Kraken

Baffled and somewhat stunned, Golden Elixir traded glances with the players who were hiding with him inside his shell.

Looking at their dumbfounded and shocked expressions, he felt his heart skip a beat at the thought that they heard it as well.

I..I heard it as well.


Is this a prank by Lisa to drag us outside of the shell

Even the player who said so didn\'t believe himself! However, in his eyes, it was more f*cking believable than Felix slaying the Kraken solo!

This kind of conversation was being carried inside the shell of every surviving Turtle.

All of them had believed that the Kraken had given up after not being able to destroy the shell and was throwing a tantrum on his own.

They even joked about it in the past two minutes after knowing that they would survive the game!

Only now, did they understand that while they were cowering in fear, Felix was going at it alone against the Kraken!

But even after hearing the notification and knowing that he truly did it! They didn\'t dare to believe it!

Why would they

In their eyes, even their entire Alliance was useless against the Kraken so how could a 1st stage bloodliner do what they couldn\'t achieve!

Accepting it was the same as accepting that they were worse as a group than a single player.

Their pride refused to acknowledge that at all cost!

There must have been some sort of a loophole that he used.

Stop discussing it.

Let\'s just look for ourselves!

Just as the players attempted to jump outside of the shell, their bodies started breaking into light particles, marking the end of the game!

Whatever, this is even better. Golden Elixir murmured one last time before his body completely broke apart, If I don\'t see it with my own eyes, I won\'t believe it no matter what.

His wish was fulfilled sooner than he expected as the instant he opened his eyes again, He was met with a harmonized chant that deafened his ears and the remaining players.


Dumbstruck and speechless, the players all stared with eyes bulging out of their sockets at their loyal fans and supporters, chanting something unrelated to them!

This was a huge slap to their self-esteem as it never happened to them before!

But after seeing Felix standing all alone in the center of the stadium with his clothes all bloody and dirty, they knew that their worst fears had manifested before them.

Those who were still in denial like Golden Elixir simply lifted their heads and gazed at the highlight of Felix delivering the last strike against the Kraken.

The instant their eyes landed on the screen, it refused to leave it.

No one cared about them in this significant moment even their fans were too heated by the last battle to bother comforting their idols like they always do after they lose a game.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! Lisa spread her tiny arms widely as she screamed with a passionate voice, When I proposed this impossible challenge to the Alliance, I expected nothing less but failure!

Yet! She extended her hand at Felix, who was shamelessly taking advantage of the players\' daze to buy the three artifacts, and continued, Landlord had proved to me that nothing was impossible! A peak 1st stage bloodliner had managed to do something that had never been done before in all of the years that I have been living!

The spectators and especially Felix\'s fans all started clamoring noisily, agreeing to what she just said.

All of them were veteran spectators with hundreds of games under their belts.

They watched so many different formats, games, players, scenes, plays, dramas, even epic fights and moments.

Yet, nothing had come close to seeing with their own eyes a human just like them, taking down a behemoth that was hundreds of times its size!

The cherry on top was the fact that the Kraken was still unkillable in the K-Oceania Planet to this day even though hundreds of hunting parties and squads had attempted to do so.

Although the difference between the real Kraken and this one was unfathomable, they were still emotional about Felix\'s successfully slaying it.

If I didn\'t already give away my MVP title, I would have certainly and without a shred of doubt hand it to Mr.

Landlord for this phenomenal display.

Lisa sighed in dejection after saying so.

She wasn\'t acting or anything as she truly meant every word that she said.

In her eyes, it was a total waste for Felix to not receive an MVP title and a nomination letter to enter the Human\'s branch SG Hall of Fame.

His gameplay from beginning to the end had been nothing but phenomenal.

She knew that when the game hits the media and everyone watches the highlights on the VRVideos platform, hell was going to break loose.

In her mind, the last plunging scene where Felix slew the Kraken was going to be part of the top ten highlights in gold rank for the entire year!

Everyone who made it into that list was either a Hall of Fame player or at least nominated to be one!

Alas, the MVP title could be given just once per each MC.

That\'s why it was called The Most Valuable Player Title.

It simply meant that the MC who gave it truly appreciated the player and found that he was the most valuable player throughout his career.

Since this title was a big deal, it was always accompanied by a recommendation letter or a nomination to enter the SG Hall of Fame and get immortalized for eternity.

Naturally, the names of the MCs were going to be written right under the player in the Hall of Fame, making them eternal as well!

Booo! Booo!!...

Leader Emma and the rest of Felix\'s fans had already started booing after being reminded of the MVP title.

They didn\'t know who they were booing for but they just wanted to do it so they could vent their aggrievance at the news.

Especially, when they saw that Felix had been giving it his all in every game he was placed at.

While he didn\'t do too many extraordinary plays in Death Race, he excelled in the last two and each one of them, he got robbed hard!

Zoe didn\'t want to give him the MVP title due to her grudge and Meliodas had already given it to another player.

Now, he was going to get robbed again due to the same reason.

The fans couldn\'t have that!

Meanwhile, Felix wasn\'t that bothered by not receiving the Title.

He might be quite vexed by his unluckiness but he didn\'t show any of that to the rest as he simply carried on shamelessly robbing the Prize Pool clean of the best items while the players were absent-minded.

However, his finger soon froze in its place after hearing Lisa shout, I don\'t regret giving my previous MVP title to Mrs.

Frostbite but I know that I will regret it dearly if Landlord did not receive the proper treatment and award that he deserves in this game! Hence...

Everyone held their breaths either in anticipation or disbelief, knowing what she was about to do but not having the guts to hear her say it.

Alas, Lisa went for it and said excitedly, I will nominate Landlord to the SG Awards Committee to contest against other nominees for the best Low-Elo Player of the year in the Milky Way Galaxy!!


An uproar had risen the moment Lisa finished her piece as both the spectators and the players were stirred one way or another.

How could they not when they knew that Lisa had just used her one life-time nomination to give Felix\'s an honor even above being in the Hall of Fame!

Although it was just a nomination and not giving him the award itself, they knew that just to earn it from the stingy hands of the MCs was an achievement on its own!

Every MC was holding into this nomination chance so when they get promoted to mid-elo or luckily high-elo, they would still have something to offer to those big dogs.

Lisa had just done the opposite without any care in the world! 

Clap Clap!...

After the viewers regained their wits, they gave Felix the standing ovation that he deserved just like the nomination.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-nomination!_52584128935160824 for visiting.

While some players were still feeling like they were in a dream and none of this ** was making sense, others had already come to terms with the reality and started applauding respectfully for Felix.

Well played, Landlord. Miss.

Mikasa bowed slightly in Felix\'s direction and said, And thank you for the timely help.

I wouldn\'t have lived if it wasn\'t for your interference.

Upon hearing so, Felix broke from his slight daze as he never expected to be nominated to anything due to his unfriendly relation with the MCs.

After all, he didn\'t want to even give them an interview.

Why the hell would anyone bother doing him a favor

\'She is truly a mad witch that doesn\'t give a crap about anything.\' Felix chuckled in his mind and refocused on Miss.

Misaka who was still bowing slightly in appreciation.

Don\'t mention it. Felix waved his hand dismissively and turned around to his fans.

He showed them a faint smile and said, Thank you for your continuous support.

Before his fans could even respond, Felix started waving his hand at them while breaking into light particles.

Nomination or not, he wasn\'t planning on staying any longer since he needed to join the PPFT Gathering and start selling his prize pool items as fast as possible!

The more time he wasted, the lesser the stock would be when he displays his prize pool.


Mortified by the sight of Felix\'s departure, Lisa shouted loudly while jumping down from her commentary platform without using any fanciful method.


Alas, by the time she made it to the ground, Felix was already drifting in the air, leaving behind him a heated stadium, unwilling players, appreciative players, and finally a highlight that would be etched in the memories of those who saw it and those who were about to!


In the end, Lisa could only cry her misery out loud, feeling like she just got cheated out of her nomination.


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