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A week had passed by since the last gathering, and all the teams were requested to return from wherever they came from.

For the disqualified teams, they were just given some encouraging words to try next year.

Meanwhile, the chosen hundred had been given two weeks break to tie loose ends.

Since after the break they would be transported to the Earthling Team\'s headquarters, which was said to be constructed in a hidden spot!

No one knew about it except for the World Leaders and the upper Echelon of the ESG Organization.

Currently, even the team members had no idea about its location and Mr.

Rodrigas made it pretty clear that they should be focusing on enjoying their break since the moment they step into the headquarter, they wouldn\'t leave it for quite a long time.

That\'s exactly what the majority did as they spent their time relaxing in beaches, spas, hotels, UVR..etc

No one seemed to fear for the juniors\' well-being as the World Leaders had gathered in the Council and signed a contract publicly that forbid them from giving orders about harming those juniors or even having a slight relation to it!

Obviously, the Queen had been added to the contract as a supervisor.

With her reading the thoughts of the World Leaders, seeing their actions, and hearing whatever they were saying, it was impossible to escape her supervision.

Of course, the punishment met wasn\'t straight-out execution by the Queen but a trial in the Council.

Only after the contract was signed, did the juniors felt absolute safety to tread on the planet without worrying about getting assassinated by a country.

Since the juniors had Nanosuits that could switch in a split second into silver armor, those juniors were protected from gangs, families, or just anyone with harmful intentions.

Just like that, Felix and the rest stopped receiving extensive protection from the country, giving them the freedom to do what they wanted in their break.

Felix spent the past week in the Family Headquarters in Boston, integrating the 14% essence that he possessed.

2% from the leftovers of the last integration and 12% he found in the 6 bottles that he purchased before.

Although he was missing 1% from reaching lesser purity, Felix was more than satisfied with 12%.

As for his poison manipulation

Felix had truly worked his ass off in the UVR to utterly remove the delay for small abilities like poison bombs, poison needles, poison daggers, and the list goes on.

Since he was practicing in the training room in the UVR, he wasn\'t losing his energy like in the real world! This was a huge bonus since he was eating through medium-energy stones like a pig previously.

Meanwhile for the bigger creations, Felix was still struggling to cast them instantaneously.

For abilities that had the size of his poison pillars, the delay could reach up to 20 seconds.

This was just because Poison Pillars wasn\'t really that complex!

When Felix tried to create new abilities like poison swamp, Miasma breath, deathly touch, and some other known poison abilities, he succeeded in a few and the rest he utterly failed in them.

For example, Miasma breath was a known ability that allows the user to spew a pungent acid-like breath from their mouths.

It sounds simple right

But when Felix tried to do the same, he realized that needed to channel his poisonous energy not through his palm pores like always but in his stomach!

This wasn\'t all as he needed to merge acid inducement plus pungent inducement inside his stomach before actively controlling his own body organs to let out the breath like a dragon spewing fire!

Everything had to be done manually for the ability to manifest unlike the bloodliners with this ability unlocked.

They just needed to think about it and their bloodline would do the rest automatically.

Felix was struggling with those kinds of abilities that required his control of his body as well as his energy.

This just showed Felix how deep the elemental manipulation system was.

It might be separated into three stages, but Felix felt that he was going to be stuck in the 1st stage for some time until he mastered controlling his inner poison energy.

Lastly, Felix didn\'t forget to sign up for tail courses in order to learn techniques on how to harness its true potential from those experienced elites, who probably had a tail mutation for decades.

The courses were split into basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Currently, Felix had just entered the intermediate level, where fighting and evading techniques were being taught.

That\'s how those seven days went for Felix.

Just holing up in his room and practicing from waking up to sleep, trying his best to better himself.

Even if he didn\'t practice, Felix still had no intentions of leaving his room or the family headquarters.

After all, the Gama Organization and Hiltons were still out there waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to strike again.

Felix wasn\'t a retard to believe that the Gama Organization had given up on him.

In fact, he believed that the Organization members were currently biting their nails in impatience and agitation while surveying the headquarters.

Their impatience was understandable as they had most likely seen that Felix had replaced his bloodline.

In their eyes, Felix\'s value and worth were getting reduced by each percentage he replaces.

If Felix ended up replacing his entire bloodline without being captured, it was a massive loss on their part!

There was no way in hell they would give up on a legendary bloodliner found in an underdeveloped planet.

Felix knew all of this beforehand.

Thus, he understood that if he played it slow, the Gama Organization or the Hiltons were bound to rush and make a fatal mistake in their plan to capture him!

Felix was aiming to take advantage of that mistake and find out the coordination of the Organization\'s spaceship!

The moment his hands lay on the coordination, the plan to get rid of those tumors would officially begin!


Tomorrow Morning, 09:00 AM...

Ring Ring!...

Upon hearing his bracelet, Felix opened his muddled eyes slowly and looked at it, wanting to check on the caller ID.

After seeing that it was Molly, he raised an eyebrow in surprise and accepted the call.

The moment the call was connected, Nathalia\'s lively voice resounded in the room, Brother Felix! How are you doing

Before Felix could respond, a 2nd enticing voice followed it up, How cold of you to not call me even once since our last meeting in the auction house

Stella! Didn\'t I tell you to not bring such a matter

Without the need to guess, Felix knew that it was Molly as he was used to hearing her sweet voice in the dramas she acted in.

It seems like you are doing quite alright, girls. Felix chuckled while walking to the bathroom.

Humph! If you bothered to ask once in a while you would know so! Stella complained.

Stella! I will kick you from the call if you kept bugging Mr.

Felix like this. Molly threatened.

Now, now, she has every right to feel offended. Felix apologized while brushing his teeth, I should have called once or twice, but I was caught up in work.

Immediately after hearing him say so, Stella giggled and asked, How did you find my acting

\'This vixen.\' Felix smiled wryly and replied, Impeccable as always.

Alas, the moment Felix said so, he fell into Stella\'s trap as she snorted, If it was that good, why am I not receiving the promised movie pitch from you yet It had been four months and a half no...

Confused by her turning silence mid-tantrum, Felix arched his eyebrows while glancing at the call details.

Soon, he noticed that she was truly kicked out from the call by Molly!

Did you need to be this savage, Miss Molly Felix was at loss for words.

I warned her, but she didn\'t want to listen. Molly added, Plus, I called to ask if you are coming to watch the Pilote Episode Premiere.

Yes, I will be there. Felix replied.

After Molly received a positive confirmation she didn\'t waste Felix\'s time with needless chatter as she said her goodbyes and hang up.

Felix truly was planning on going as he had no intentions to miss his series \'My Love Rival is Me\' premiere episode event.

Although it was a series and the entire 1st season was going to be dropped in the Max Network Platform at once, events like those were hosted all the time to add more publicity to the series.

In this event, hundreds of famous actors/actresses, investors, UVR idols/SG Idols, and many more individuals would be invited to walk on the red carpet and watch the premiere in a single Cinema.

Since Felix was planning on founding an Investment Company that would branch out to many industries, there was no way he was going to miss out on putting himself out there and getting social with some of those individuals.

The end goal of his Investment Company was to own multiple companies such as film studios, animation studios, game studios, mining companies, SG Idol Agencies...etc

For such a behemoth business Empire to put its roots in the UVR and also the real universe, Felix required an actual solid business and social network to pull it off.

Otherwise, his Company would be under constant attacks from every side the moment he starts stepping on his peers\' toes during his Company\'s rise in the business ladder.

That\'s why Felix was planning on making Mr.

Igris the CEO of the Company while he only deals with the most important and pressing issues of it.

He already discussed those matters with him before and Mr.

Igris was more than willing since he would possess 3% shares from the Mega Company, leaving Felix 97% and utter domination on all aspects of it.

Currently, Felix was only waiting for the paperwork of the Company to be approved by the Companies Registration Office in the Kingdom.

The paperwork was actually filed by Mr.

Igris a month ago and still they weren\'t given the green light yet.

Felix hoped that it wouldn\'t take too long since the 1st season of the series would be released in 9 days and the Premiere event would be happening three days from now.

He wanted to introduce his Company to the individuals he would be meeting at the event instead of just introducing himself as a lone investor.

There was a massive difference between the two!

After taking a morning shower, Felix sent Stella a message, entailing that she should expect a movie pitch in the next month or two max.

Then, he went to the Cafeteria to grab a bite.


Half an hour later...

Felix was sitting in the cafeteria, eating his breakfast with Olivia.

As always, Olivia was munching on cookies as they were her favorite breakfast snacks.

Felix took a sip from his orange juice glass and asked, When are you planning on replacing your bloodline

Most likely in 4 days after I receive my genome Specifier needles and Imprinter needle. Olivia tightened her fist in resolve, I am ready to integrate 15% at once!

Good. Felix smiled faintly and sent a message, \'Come to my room in four hours, I will give you the epic tier 2 bloodline bottle and some double percentage potions to reduce the pain.\'

Olivia nodded her head in appreciation with bits of crumbles near her lips.

Felix chuckled at the sight and carried his plate to the dustbin.

He already finished his breakfast.

Now, he was returning to his room to log in to the UVR and join the morning courses for his tail training!


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