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After the staff members reached the stage, they stood next to it instead of climbing.

Mr.Rodrigas nodded his head and said to Felix and the rest, If you heard your name, please climb the stage.


Rodrigas began calling the names from the bottom of the list to the top.

After he called ten juniors, he gestured with his hand at the staff members.

Knowing what to do, ten staff members climbed the stage with those ten juniors who were standing in a horizontal lineup.

The staff members went and stood next to a junior like they already knew their target beforehand.

Then, they brought the silver suitcase forward and gave a slight node to the juniors.

The juniors took the silver suitcase politely from their hands and started studying it with an intrigued expression.

The suitcase was cold, smooth, and as hard as metal.

Yet, the juniors could feel that it didn\'t even weigh half a kilogram!

They didn\'t know if it was made out of metal or some other unfamiliar material but the design of the silver suitcase was definitely advanced.

Some of them wanted to open their case but they didn\'t find a key, screen, or lock.

It was sealed without any way to open it.

Seeing that they were having trouble opening them up, Mr.

Rodrigas told them to voice their request to the Queen.

Every suitcase had its rightful owner and the Queen will only open it for him.

Is the reward that good The broadcaster wondered in anticipation.

His feelings were shared by viewers all over the world.

Meanwhile, the juniors on the stage were even more eager, as the moment Mr.

Rodrigas finished his clarification, they voiced their request in their minds.

Cluck Cluck!...

One suitcase after the other opened slightly from all three sides.

Then, the juniors carried on from there and opened them fully!

Immediately after seeing what was inside, the first reaction they showed was utter bewilderment.

Since they were blocking the shot, the viewers didn\'t manage to see the inside.

The weird reaction from the juniors just made them more desperate to know what was in the silver suitcase!

What\'s in the box! The American Broadcaster said it in such a strange manner, those familiar with the movie \'Seven\' knew that he was trying to impersonate Brad Pitt\'s scene.

Alas, he failed terribly.

This brought a few chuckles from the viewers, but their curiosity was still eating them up.

Thankfully, Mr.

Rodrigas requested the juniors to turn in the suitcases and show everyone the content.

Still Confused, the juniors did as they were told.

The hell Is it just me or the case is empty

Is this a prank or what There isn\'t even a small chip inside.

Clean confusion was written on everyone\'s faces as they looked at the empty suitcases!

Just to make sure, the camera zoomed in up close until the inside of the suitcase was in their faces.

Yet, still nothing!

Before the chatter could get any more noiser, Mr.

Rodrigas grinned faintly and informed the juniors, Place your hand inside and request for activation.

Baffled, the juniors on stage glanced at each other for a second or two.

Soon, one of them shrugged his shoulders and placed his hand inside the suitcase.

Upon seeing that he volunteered, the rest of the juniors decided to watch him first.

Unbothered by the attention he was receiving, the junior smirked cooly and said, Activate!


The moment he said it, everyone exclaimed in disbelief and shock as the suitcase had turned liquid-like and encased both of his hands!

Then it started spreading rapidly into his entire arms, appearing like he was getting eaten by a silver slime!!

What the hell is this! Get it off me!! Get it off!!

Scared out of his wits, the junior recoiled his head back while shaking both of his arms, trying his best to get rid of the liquid.

Alas, not a single drop detached itself from his body!

In less than two seconds, the entire suitcase was no more as it was wholly encasing the body of the junior from top to bottom!

Only his terrified face was left in the open.

Yet, the process wasn\'t over yet as the liquid-like silver started to harden in a complex and detailed design, giving off the vibes of a human wearing skintight metallic armor!!

By the time the process finished, the junior\'s heart almost leaped out of his throat.

The entire experience was fresh and terrifying as it truly made him feel like he was being eaten alive.

However, after seeing the end result, he was blown away just like the rest who had a better view of the process.

Yet, none of them spoke or commented as they just watched the junior touching the silver armor in awe and fascination.

Not in their wildest dreams would have they considered a suitcase to f*cking morph into a body armor!

However, not all of them reacted this way as some of them were more knowledgeable than the rest.

Felix, who already remembered this segment, merely scratched his chin in interest as he kept inspecting the armored junior.

\'I wonder which planet was generous enough to sell them those outdated Nanotech suitcases.\'

Immediately after Felix thought so, Mr.

Rodrigas smiled with a proud expression while extending his hand at the suitcases, I present to you, Nanotech Suitcase G-3!

The moment he said so, noisy chatter broke in the field as the juniors kept exclaiming and voicing their shock.

Every one of them had heard once or twice in their lives the term Nanotechnology getting thrown on the internet or saw its effect in movies like Iron Man suit.

However, Nanotechnology was really still a concept that was invested heavily by some countries to make it a reality.

It wasn\'t that easy with earthling\'s current technological advancement to build materials and devices on the scale of atoms!

Yet Earthlings still strived to achieve this technology due to the many benefits it could provide.

Such as having the potential to increase the efficiency of energy consumption, help clean the environment, and solve major health problems!

For such a revolutionary technology, earthling\'s truly done their best to make a breakthrough.

Alas, while they were still in the infancy stage, the Metal race had already mastered the technology and were doing wonders with it.

After the planet had joined the Alliance, every country had cut the funds for any technological advancement project and focused fully on the technologies that were already available in the UVR.

Nanotechnology was just one of them.

With that being said, Felix knew that the Council had lucked out on a planet, who was willing to sell them those suitcases due to some unforeseeable reasons.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51899440012773336 for visiting.

Simply because the Nanotech was regulated strictly by the Metal Race and upper echelon of the SGA.

It was almost impossible for individuals to get some nanobots even if they had the money for them.

If it wasn\'t for so, Felix would have spent whatever it took to buy at least a Nanosuit no matter which generation it was from.

He knew that they were worth it.

We spent a fortune to obtain those suitcases for each member in the earthling\'s team.

Since we know that they are our future. Mr.

Rodrigas went to the armored junior and patted his shoulder, For our future, they needed to be protected at all cost from any real-life threats.

It is going to be already stressful for them to participate in the games and compete for our sake.

So, it is only natural that we give them the highest possible protection in real life and make them feel safe.

While the hundred chosen juniors were nodding their heads in appreciation, the disqualified juniors were about to die from envy and jealousy.

They ought to feel that way as Mr.

Rodrigas soon informed them that the Nanosuits were mildly resistant to heat, cold, corrosion, and most importantly were able to tank a physical attack from peak 1st stage bloodliners!

Having such a defense only meant that suit was bulletproof as well!

All of this was added to the fact those suits were adjustable to the thoughts of the wearer!

Instead of telling them, Mr.

Rodrigas requested the junior to show a demonstration by asking the Queen to apply >set 1


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