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While the rest were pointing their fingers at their names and cheering in delight, Felix was nodding his head in satisfaction after seeing Olivia\'s name at the top.

\'Let\'s see if this is going to make any difference.\' Felix thought while glancing at Olivia who was staring at her name toppling over the best elites in the entire world.

She was always worried about the extra flags causing problems for others but she didn\'t expect that they would push her to such a high rank on the list!

Whether she wanted to admit that she liked it or not, her body was showing the proper reaction of an inborn feeling which was foreign to her.


The more she looked at it the more her body started to get heated, making her cheeks and ears reddened!

She placed her hand on her heart that was beating out of her chest and wondered to herself, \'Is this how it feels to topple over everyone else, to be the best in the world\'

How does it feel little Oli Felix asked with a gentle smile after noticing her body\'s reaction.

Good Olivia murmured in a daze while having a finger placed on her lips.

Hehe, that\'s right.

It feels good to excel above the rest. Felix chuckled, That\'s why everyone strives to better themselves.

If you want to be respected and looked highly upon instead of being seen as a flower to be protected, you better aim always for the top and only the top.

When you reach that goal. Felix pointed his finger at the bloodliners, who were looking at Olivia in disdain and envy, You wouldn\'t be receiving those looks, but those! Felix said while pointing this time at the bloodliners, who were gazing at him respectfully and fearfully.

Olivia\'s heated body was cooled after seeing those nasty looks directed at her.

She might be naive but she wasn\'t stupid to not understand that no one was respecting her for being a 3rd ranker on the list.

Why would they If it wasn\'t for the two extra flags, her points were barely enough to put her in the top 20.

She knew that as well.

Thus, she couldn\'t enjoy that feeling of pride since she didn\'t really deserve the rank.

However, upon hearing Felix\'s words and feeling for the first time in her life prideful in something that she achieved, Olivia knew that it was time to make a drastic change.

Otherwise, she would always be a pure flower loved by all, but not respected as an individual like Sylvia or Felix.

Olivia didn\'t want her entire life to be seen like that!

She soon took a deep breath and sent a message to Felix with a determined expression, \'I don\'t know if I have it in me now to reach the top next to you, but I am willing to try my hardest into being the best healer in the earthling\'s team.\'

Felix smiled widely after hearing so.

He always wanted Olivia to try her best not just as a healer but as a bloodliner who was going to participate in deadly games.

Felix didn\'t mind babysitting Olivia in the national tournament and the World\'s competition since she didn\'t have many experiences in battles.

However, he had absolutely no plans on doing the same in the upcoming Planetary games!

He wouldn\'t mind helping her once in a while but he wasn\'t going to remain next to her in every game.

This meant Olivia needed to pull herself up and remove her constant fear from battles and seeing others getting hurt around her.

What\'s worse, If she kept with the same slow improvement, she wouldn\'t even be placed in the games as her position would be switched by another competent healer.

Thus, Olivia needed to change and it needed to be done fast since there were only five months before Earth would be required to participate in its first galactical game.

Since reprimanding her wasn\'t doing anything to change her bad habits and trashy combat skills, Felix was forced to improvise and push her into the spotlight just to have her get disdained by others!

He knew that if Olivia wasn\'t hurt by those looks, then she was a lost cause and he wouldn\'t bother himself with her anymore.

Thankfully, Olivia showed the right attitude by at least aiming for being the best healer on the team.

You will have to try your best if you want to surpass her. Felix said while gesturing with his head at an eye-catching girl, who had a well-endowed body, long curly blonde hair, and plump glossy lips that could put Angela Jolie to shame.

This was Sophia Schmidt, the captain of the Germany team and nicknamed as the Protector of Germany.

Olivia knew her quite well since she watched a lot of her videos online.

After all, she was considered the best healer in the world and she wanted to see the difference between them.

Alas, she found out that Sophia was a league apart from her.

In everything that Olivia excels at, Sophia could do better, and in the areas that Olivia was lacking, Sophia had them all.

Thus, if she wanted to actually be the best healer in the team, she truly needed to work like never before.

I need to first enter the 1st stage of replacement. Olivia said to Felix while her eyes were narrowed at Sophia who was getting congratulated by the bloodliners around her.

Although she appeared quite cute and funny when she narrowed her eyes at people dangerously, Felix didn\'t tease her for it but nodded his head in approval at her decision.

\'Whenever you feel ready come get your tier 2 bloodline bottles.\' He sent a message.

Just as Olivia wanted to respond, Mr.

Rodrigas said loudly, You had more than enough time to see your name\'s placement and double-check ten times already.


Upon noticing that the chatter didn\'t quieten down but actually got noisier, Mr.

Rodrigas pounded the podium with the side of his fist and shouted strictly, Silence! We don\'t have all day long!

Immediately after, the instructors did their jobs by taking control of the juniors.

Bit by bit, the chaotic field was getting pacified.

Seeing that everyone\'s attention was on him again, Mr.

Rodrigas fixed his tie and said while pointing at the list, As you probably have guessed, the top hundred in the list would be chosen to represent the planet in the upcoming games, which would start 5 months from now.


Rodrigas waved his hand and everyone\'s name below 100 was removed.

He looked at those juniors with crestfallen expressions and said, You don\'t have to feel saddened by the disqualification as Each year there will be international tournaments like those to replace the bloodliners in the team, who weren\'t performing as expected of them or if by chance some bloodliners died in the games.

Some juniors felt comforted by his words while the majority weren\'t really affected.

They knew that the 1st world competition was the biggest and also where they had the best chance at securing a spot in the team.

Since they still needed 100 members all at once.

However, in the next tournaments, there would be utmost 20 to 30 vacant spots that could be fought for.

This meant the difficulty was going to increase substantially.


Rodrigas didn\'t give a ** if they felt better or not as he carried on by addressing the chosen hundred this time, Can you please step forward and split from the pack.

Let\'s go. Felix said while bringing his entire team forward.

Even Lexie was walking behind them with a shy smile affixed on her face.

That\'s right, the entire American team had made it into the top hundred!

Well, it was to be expected when they secured a flag for each one of them getting 100 points as a base.

Adding to all the victories in the battles they fought with Felix helping out or without, they were obviously going to possess quite a lot of points compared to the rest.

With that being said, some of them had made it to the top 20, like Adam, Noah, Johnson, and Olivia, while the rest were hovering between the top 70 and top 80.

Only Kenny was ranked at 22, missing three or four points into making it to the top 20.

Regardless, Everyone on the team was smiling and feeling lucky just to secure a spot.

The envious looks most juniors were showering them were enough of proof.

Soon, a hundred bloodliner was standing in front of the stage in groups.

The biggest groups were of course Felix\'s team, Slyvia\'s team, and lastly Zhang Wei\'s team.

The rest were either standing as threes or twos.

There were even solo bloodliners, appearing quite isolated from the rest.

The mismatched national outfits they were wearing weren\'t really helping that much to let them feel connected to each other.

Upon seeing so, Mr.

Rodrigas didn\'t order for them to line up or group up properly, he just gestured with his head at staff member on the stage.

The moment he received the signal, the staff member spoke on his radio.

Bring them out.

Just like it was already prepared beforehand, hundred staff members walked inside the field in a straight line of twos.

All of them were carrying silver cases with both hands.

The camera zoomed on the cases and the viewers noticed that each case had a number on it and a letter right next to it, appearing as such >RT-74MT-17


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