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Upon hearing so, Noah and Nathan nodded their heads and withdrew back into the formation, making Felix be the head of it.

This time, they would be guarding the girls.

Meanwhile, Kenny and Walton split up from the team.

One went upward and the other entered his stealth.

Johnson wasn\'t planning on going anywhere as he couldn\'t afford to waste his energy on needless fog spewing.

After a minute or so, Felix noticed Maria and her teammates from hundreds of meters away without even the need for his infrared vision.

He could clearly see their agitation and alarmed expressions as they sprinted in his direction.

He guessed that they were alarmed by the fact that the thee red dots in their tracker weren\'t moving in the slightest!

Obviously, Felix left the flags in his backpack since the battle wasn\'t going to take long and he didn\'t notice any other bloodliners in the area beside the Brazilian team. 

\'Let\'s get this over with.\' Felix thought to himself as he activated his morphing ability while durning mid-sprint.

This time there wasn\'t any cloud of dust to hide Felix\'s transformation.

Thus, the viewers reveled in seeing Felix\'s facial skin turning dark green while two fangs started growing out of his upper lips.

Since he was fully clothed they only managed to see his face beginning to crack into multiple lines connecting into each other in exquisite square-like formations.

The moment this process ended, Felix lifted his head to check on Walton and the sunlight couldn\'t help but reflect on his face.

\'Walton, don\'t let them see you.\' Felix said calmly.

\'Alright.\' Walton slowed down his speed and lowered the height of his upsurge down to ten meters.

However, what both of them didn\'t expect was that a member of the Brazilian team had already spotted Walton with his eagle-like eyes and informed Maria about it.

The second she received the info, she smiled playfully as she waved her hands in every direction, projecting streams of pinkish mist in the area.

Upon seeing so, her teammates didn\'t need her orders to know what they needed to do.

They swiftly split up into three groups.

The first one activated their morphing abilities and stood at the back.

The second group went next to Maria and buffed her surprisingly with two shields!

One was spherical and milky white and the other was a red skin-tightened barrier that flew with the curves of her body.

The rest of the team stood in front of the morphed bloodliners while having elemental abilities active and ready to fire!

Their formation couldn\'t get any weirder as Maria and the buffers were actually standing at the front while the front-liners at the back!

Micheal, who was watching the Brazilian stream, was left befuddled by their formation.

Even his Walton team\'s formation from the national tournament wasn\'t this bold to place the captain and the buffers in a front-line position.

However, after hearing the Brazilian commentator explain the reason for the formation to the newcomers\' viewers, Micheal couldn\'t help but gasp out loud at how terrifying it was!

It turned out the pinkish energy was her active ability *Enchantment Field*, which was still in the process of spreading.

When it covers tens of meters around her, pink flowers would materialize and start to emit invisible mental waves.

Those waves would make straight males who were affected by them to be enchanted by Maria\'s beauty and the other two girls, who were standing next to her.

So far, this trap worked 100% on all the males Maria had met with.

The only weaknesses it had were its ineffectiveness on anyone, who wasn\'t s.e.x.u.a.lly attracted to females, and mental barriers. 

After Micheal received this information, he swiftly switched to the American stream and relayed as much as he could while looking at the pinkish fog that was being absorbed by every tree, rock, pebble, and leaf. 

Nothing was spared from being contaminated by it.

However, Maria soon snapped her finger and made the pinkish fog disappear as she didn\'t want to alarm the newcomers.

This made the forest appear exactly like before, untouched or tainted.

\'Which unlucky prey has that many flags\' She mused while tapping her finger slowly on her elbow, waiting patiently for Felix and the rest to arrive.

Since the distance left between them wasn\'t that far, Maria managed to spot Felix sprinting towards her while being followed tightly by his teammates.

Upon seeing his dreadful morphed appearance, her gut feeling screamed at her to back off as fast as possible!

However, she merely took deep breaths to remove those feelings and focused on Felix and the rest, who stood exactly 40 meters away from her team.

Looking at her pinkish fog that had just covered 25 meters, she knew that it was game over for them.

If they waited, the fog will reach them eventually.

If they stepped forward That exactly what was hoping for.

The only worry she had was their retreat after seeing her team formation.

Just like she was sizing them up, they also started inspecting her and the weird formation her team had.

\'Who was responsible for scouting the Brazilian team\'s members in the preparation camp\' Adam asked while popping off his molten rocks above his head.

\'It was on me.\' Lixie raised her hand and said, \'I only remember their captain\'s abilities, and she showed only two active abilities in the Brazilian tournament.

One is called Enchantment Field and the other Illusive Suggestion.\'

Lexie soon carried on by explaining at a faster pace each ability\'s effect and how it was applied by Maria to her advantage.

After hearing her out, they realized that the enchantment field was already laid out and probably spreading in their direction without their knowledge!

However, just as they wanted to take a step back, they saw Felix moving forward indifferently.

They didn\'t know if his semi-morphing ability was going to provide the required resistance to her ability.

But from Felix\'s confident approach they assumed that it was highly likely.

They didn\'t dare to move with him since most of the team were males and the girls were mostly for support.

They didn\'t have a mental barrier.

Thus, Lena merely placed a water bubble on him and they left him to handle the situation. 

Captain Felix! Abruptly, Maria placed her palms on her cheeks as she exclaimed with a cheerful smile, Is that a morphing ability You look quite dashing.

Can\'t be saying the same for you. Felix chuckled as he focused on her pale face, which had its makeup completely gone after spending this many days in the forest.

\'Fssss!!!! Does he have to be a f*cking d.i.c.k every time he speaks\' Maria might have been cursing in her mind but on the outside, she was giggling while waving her hand at Felix, How can you say that when you are that far

She gestured with her finger for him to approach while smiling charmingly, Come closer to get a better look.

I will take you on that offer. Felix smiled faintly as he continued to walk towards her.


\'Gotcha!\' Maria smirked in glee at the sight of pinkish waves bypassing the barrier and assaulting Felix\'s head.

Yet, instead of freezing with a dazed expression as he should, Felix merely kept marching forward without a single change of expression.

However, Maria wasn\'t showing any signs of worry since she believed that for a strong bloodliner like Felix, he needed few more seconds for the effect to take root.

However, seconds went by and nothing much changed but the distance that was being bridged slowly.

Maria was beginning to feel like something was off but she was still trusting in her ability that never failed her before.

\'It\'s normal that he needed even more seconds than the rest.

He is a legendary bloodliner after all.\' She reached a solid conclusion that was quite logical.

But did it change anything Nope!

Felix\'s steps weren\'t slowed for even a second and by the time he made it to ten meters, Maria was starting to lose her composure.


She didn\'t know why was her ability failing her and she had no intentions to remain in her position until she figures it out.

Felix was getting too close and without her Enchantment Field, she was as useless as a healer without a team!

Alas, just as she blinked her eyes she found Felix merely an inch next to her face!

Her heart skipped a beat in fright at such sudden assault.

Not in her wildest dreams would she have thought that Felix\'s speed was monstrous to the point he could bridge 10 meters in a single blink of an eye!

She wasn\'t the only one shocked as her teammates\' hidden confident smirks were frozen stiffly as they kept watching Felix lay his hand on Maria\'s chin before turning her head left and right.

Dumbfounded and somewhat scared, Maria didn\'t move as she let him do as he pleased.

But, Felix had no dirty motives.

He simply examined her face before lying out his verdict nonchalantly, You need to take care of your skin more often.

Regaining her wits back, Maria touched her cheek and said with an embarrassed expression, I will take brother Felix\'s suggestion to heart.

While she was saying so, the orders she was sending to her teammates were nothing but brutal, \'We need a distraction to retreat! Bombard both of us with elemental abilities!\'

The plan might sound crazy but her teammates didn\'t hesitate to fire their abilities as they knew that her two shields were enough to protect her.

Whoosh, Whoosh!...

Bored, Felix glanced at the upcoming salvo and placed his hand on Maria\'s shoulder.

That\'s all it took for Maria\'s plans of escaping using the salvo to evaporate into thin air.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._51768664969508492 for visiting.

She felt like she was being implanted into the ground, not able to even lean backward or forward.

Before a new fear set in, the salvo had arrived!

Boom Boom!...

All four of them weren\'t spared from being showered by those elemental abilities.

The only difference was that after the dust settled, the two supports had withdrawn back to their teammates while having both of their shields utterly destroyed.

Meanwhile, Felix and Maria didn\'t budge from their places.

I guess you don\'t appreciate my advice. Felix brushed some dirt from Maria\'s shoulder like a caring person but the words coming out of his lips were nothing but that, If you don\'t want a beat down, give me the flags and your tracker.

Although Felix had removed his hand from her shoulder, Maria didn\'t dare to attempt an escape as she could see that Felix was done joking with her after the salvo.

She didn\'t want to test his patience lest he smashes her into a tree.

The sight of his undamaged dark-green scales was enough to let her realize that his strength was too abnormal!

However, she still didn\'t plan to give up yet as she requested pitifully, If I give them to you, can we please leave I promise we won\'t cross paths again.

Felix looked at her fake tearful eyes and smiled warmly, You have only two choices; Hand them over by your own will and voice your surrender, or I will take them from your backpack and beat you up after.

You have three seconds to consider. Felix said before starting to count for real, sending shivers coursing at Maria\'s spine.

The instant she heard him say 1, she cursed him loudly as she voiced her surrender to the Queen.

Looking at her getting marked by a red \'X\', Felix extended his hand forward and waited for her to open up her backpack and give him what he wanted.

After she placed them on his hand she huffed in irritation while cursing him under her breath, What a f*cking prick, I wish you get robbed by Slyivia\'s team.

Unbothered, Felix turned around and walked back to his teammates while withdrawing his morphing ability.

While the American viewers were cheering on him for such a clean win, the Brazilian viewers were losing it in the chat.

They were spamming curses and insults at him forcing their team to get eliminated while still taking their tracker and flags away.

It was clear that they weren\'t pleased by Felix\'s decision unlike the England viewers.

Well, Felix had nothing against Brazil.

He simply eliminated Maria because he didn\'t like her personality one bit.

She somewhat resembled Asna and he didn\'t want another one hanging around him.

\'Heeeey!\' Asan flipped a middle finger at the sky after hearing him curse her indirectly with those thoughts.


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