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Boom! Boom!

He kept whipping his mace with such ease, destroying anything in his path.

The arena\'s hard material that was bragged about by the organization was getting cracked and fractured, each time Noah missed his target.


Terrified by the sound of the wind produced by the mace, the Lauder before Noah, pulled back his head, narrowly dodging the strike by a hair strand.


His heart almost leaped out of his chest as he heard the loud sound of the mace smashing behind him.

He knew that one hit by Noah\'s mace was going to send him straight to the hospital.

Thus, he didn\'t dare to go on offense but merely focus on defending and evading.

His teammate though was a bit bolder, fishing some claws attacks every slight opening he saw.

However, with Olivia as Noah\'s healer, it was impossible to let him enjoy such a strong boost from his masochistic passive for too long.

Without waiting for Felix\'s order, she folded her hands again, healing those three from their current wounds.

The long gush on Noah\'s back stopped bleeding after merely a few seconds, making him lose his passive buff.

Nonetheless, Olivia\'s ability was having a bit of difficulty closing it off, as Noah never stopped moving for a second.

Though, stopping the bleeding was quite sufficient.

Enough, stop wasting your energy. Just like earlier, Felix\'s order was utterly ignored by Olivia.

He gave her a stern glance while threatening, Olivia stop or I will kick you from the team.

Felix meant it literally.

He wasn\'t annoyed at her ignoring his orders, but the fact she didn\'t want to learn to conserve her energy properly.

For Olivia, who was planning on joining the earthling\'s team, they would definitely reject her after seeing her wastrel use of her energy.

Felix wanted Olivia to accompany him in the PSG.

But first, she needs to change those bad habits that were going to cost her a spot in the earthlings\' team.

If treating her nicely wasn\'t doing the trick then he didn\'t mind being an ass.

Crestfallen, Olivia unfolded her hands while sulking.

She knew that Felix wasn\'t messing around by his threat.

The girls near them giggled at their sibling-like interaction.

Stop laughing, Kenny and Johnson are in their position. Felix\'s eyes shimmered with red light for a split second before returning to normal.

It\'s our turn. He snapped his finger and a light yellow bomb manifested on top of his palm.

Kenny, Johnson, Noah, and the rest who saw the bomb understood it as a signal for starting the 2nd part of their formation.

Suddenly, Noah\'s aggressiveness was increased two folds, as he kept swinging his mace around, forcing his opponents to keep retreating away from both teams.

Nathen and Dale did exactly the same, splitting up and taking with them their opponents.

This left the area before Felix and Amelia completely empty without any front-liners to protect them.

Even better. Amelia smiled at this sight, not worried in the slightest about the current situation.

She knew that in terms of range power, her team outclassed Felix\'s.

After all, her team had three rangers plus her as the fourth.

And she was certain about herself being the number 1 ranger in the entire tournament.

On the other hand, Felix\'s team had only him as ranger plus Sarah and Isabella.

Unfortunately, those thoughts were extinguished from her mind the moment she saw a humongous cloud of fog approaching her team from the left side and also behind!

It turned out, Johnson wasn\'t puffing the fog in her team\'s direction but using it as a way to limit their retreat options!

Solemn, she frowned her eyebrows while ordering her team to move forward.

She knew that the right side of the arena was going to be filled next by Johnson, thus it was better to move forward and try to end this battle before he succeeded in engulfing the entire side of their arena.

She clearly didn\'t want to be engulfed within it.

If that happened their eyesight would be blocked from spotting Felix and the rest.

At that point, forget about hitting them with their abilities, they would have a hard time seeing and evading the abilities thrown at them.

But what chilled her the most was the assassination attempts she would be exposed to in the fog.

Girls, prepare your abilities. Felix ordered with a confident smile, unbothered about the approaching Amelia and her team.

If he wanted to end this battle as fast as possible he would have used one of his newly unlocked abilities or went full ham with his bombs.

However, Felix wanted to use this tournament as a platform for his team to have some practice before going against the world.

He didn\'t want to be carrying them over his shoulders the entire time.

Hence, it was better to act as a spectator in those fights, acting only when necessary.

Just like in this case, as the moment the Lauder team reached the twenty-meter mark, the perfect distance for rangers, Felix pitched the paralyze bomb with all of his strength.

Phew! Poof!

The bomb traveled so fast, Amelia only heard the sound of the explosion after the bomb smacked the face of the buffer in her team.

Before she could even react to what had just happened, the poisonous light yellow mist spread a few meters around the buffer.

HOLD YOUR BREATHS! She instantly yelled while putting an ever wider distance between her and the buffer.

Thankfully, their square formation wasn\'t that tight, but actually had a couple of meters between each other.

Otherwise, one bomb would have done the deed and paralyzed their entire team.

\'What the hell was that throwing speed.\' Her lips trembled a bit as she gazed at Felix holding two new bombs on his palms with a smirk affixed on his face.

She didn\'t want to admit it, but Felix\'s throwing speed was actually faster than her arrows!!

She knew that it was almost impossible to dodge her arrows with their current integration unless they had an ability related to vision.

Yet, now she was against Felix\'s bombs which were even faster than her arrows!

\'Is his poison deadly\' She quickly began pondering on counter-measures while studying the buffer, who didn\'t move a single inch or spoke a single word since he was hit.

Poof! Poof!

However, her thought process was broken instantly after hearing the sound of two explosions this time.

Worried, she turned her head to the left and saw two of her teammates standing frozen as well.

The morons didn\'t react to her order fast enough, as before they could hold their breaths, those bombs appeared before their eyes.

If she wasn\'t holding her breath, she would have cursed them to the grave.

Honestly, they shouldn\'t be blamed, as all of this happened in the span of measly three seconds!

Even the host and spectators were dumbfounded by how fast the situation derailed from their expectations.

The stream MC was just explaining to the viewers at home that Felix\'s team was in a bad spot against Amelia\'s fast arrows after they lost their front-liners.

However, the scene before them was a huge contrast to his prediction.

Poof! Poof!...

Bombs kept raining on the Lauders team, forcing Amelia and the unaffected two to shield their faces while holding their breaths.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #.-the-lauder-team-2_50075599045190274 for visiting.

Though the bombs were never actually aimed at them but only those paralyzed three, who sadly kept breathing in the inducement and refreshing the duration continuously.

Surrender or those three will die. Felix shouted out loud, making his voice reach Amelia\'s ears.

Startled by the sudden proclaim, she removed her hands from her face, wanting to see what he meant.

Alarmed, her eyelashes quivered at the sight of Sarah and Isabella, each having a different elemental ability, pointing at those three.

Sarah had next to her feet two small cats made of fire.

While Isabella was having a rain of brown pebbles hovering above her head.

Amelia knew that her teammates could not escape those attacks unscathed.

Especially after being paralyzed by those bombs.

The only ones, who could save them were their front-liners.

Too bad, they were currently being held down by Noah and the rest.

If you surrender raise your hand. Felix shouted while throwing three more bombs to refresh the duration again, You have three seconds!

\'Is this it Did I experience that hellish pain of integration for months just to give up now\' Her expression twisted as she thought, \'Screw those losers! I can still win by myse...\'

Why don\'t you just give up Kenny\'s polite voice resounded like thunder in her ears even though he was whispering softly.

A sudden chill coursed through her spine, as she felt a cold sensation of a metallic object resting on her neck.

She knew that it was a dagger without even seeing it.

Kenny, who was waiting patiently for an opportunity, finally made his move!

The moment he saw that Berry was guarding his face, not able to see anything, he decided to strike Amelia.

He was acting as a backup plan in case the situation derailed from what they wanted.

And from the twisted expression he saw on Amelia, he knew that she wasn\'t going to surrender peacefully, which would force Felix to give the order to kill those poor three.

This clearly highlighted that blood sometimes wasn\'t thicker than water.

As, in the previous battle, Luke surrendered because he couldn\'t handle seeing his friends getting beaten up, while Amelia was willing to let her cousins get killed in such a detached manner.

Kenny didn\'t want to see that happen on his watch.

If threatening her cousins\' lives meant nothing to her, he had no problem using her life instead!


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