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Asna do you know what made me mad about your entire story He asked, not expecting an answer, he simply shook his head and said, It wasn\'t the fact that you took half of the energy without my knowledge, or even the fact you wanted to take over my body. He signed, It\'s your belief that I will throw some kind of tantrum after you tell me.

Felix was neither lying nor saying so to make her feel better, he truly meant what he said.

Maybe, someone else would have flipped at the idea of his partner wanting to control his body, but not Felix.

The moment he realized that Asna was sealed in his consciousness, he knew that one day she would attempt to make a move at him.

He just didn\'t know how and when.

So, he wasn\'t really surprised when she came clean.

This what made him upset, she not trusting him enough to come clean earlier.

If she did and apologized sincerely, he would have let bygones be bygones and start preparing for ways to take advantage of her purified energy before the game even started.

He wasn\'t that petty to hold it against her forever.

She made a mistake, she came clean and most of all she apologized.

Those three steps were all he required to forgive her.

However, after getting blasted by the sun and forced to show his 4th passive, which he never had plans of doing so, simply due to her indecisiveness, he couldn\'t let her go that easily.

I am sorry for not telling you earlier. She sulked, If I knew you would be this chill about it, I would have done so months ago.

Chill hehe, He gave a dry laugh.

Felix was only this relaxed was because he was saved due to her hidden energy.

Its purpose might not have been good, but what mattered was that it did well eventually.

In his eyes, it was pretty much illogical to throw tantrum about her energy, when the only reason he was alive now was due to it.

Alright, here how things are going to be between us from now on. His casual attitude was thrown out of the window as he pointed two fingers in her direction with a cold expression, One, no more secrets between us.

You can read my mind and my memories easily.

So all of my secrets are open to you.

I want you to do the same, at least with things related to me.

Okay, I promise. She sighed in relief after hearing the last part.

It was clear she still had no plans to talk about her origin.

Felix wouldn\'t rush her for it.

She could take all of her time until she was ready to speak about her background.

However, for secrets related to him, he wanted to have full transparency between them.

Two, when I ask for your help at least make some effort instead of saying nope in a heartbeat.

Cough, I will try. Embarrassed, she coughed while avoiding eye contacting with him.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at this sight, as he knew that with her laziness, this 2nd condition was even harder than the first one.

Good, now since where are still at it, why don\'t you explain to me exactly how you were going to control my body. Curious, he asked with a hand resting under his chin.

The method and knowledge I was going to use had relation to peak energies and techniques.

I don\'t think your mind is ready to hear such a peak leveled terms. She shook her head and said with good intention, You might actually lose the motivation to tread in your garba..cough...human race bloodline path.

Are you certain you still want to know She asked, dead serious.

Yes. Felix answered dead serious as well.

Speechless, Asna kept staring at his solemn eyes, not knowing how to respond.

She expected him to agree with her and ask her in 50 years later or something.

Yet, his serious look made her certain that he wasn\'t leaving her alone until he gets his answer.

Go away! I am not telling you. In the end, she just waved her hand, shooing him away forcefully.

Felix\'s form disintegrated into the lake\'s mist, as he was thrown outside of his own consciousness without his approval.


What the hell Asna! Felix slammed his palm at the table as he shouted, What happened to the first condition we made.

No more secrets related to me!

Trust me Felix, you are not ready yet. She turned on the TV while saying cutely, You are my only chance to gaining freedom, and I don\'t want to ruin your cultivation pace.

Just keep doing what you do and when the time comes, I will tell you everything about it.

What kind of bullcrap is this! Felix was truly on the verge of flipping the table.

No matter what you say or do, I will not budge. She suggested, Ask me another thing unrelated to that question.

Fine! You said that you were taking 50% of the purified energy. He reseated himself and asked in irritation, Does that mean I could have reached 100% affinity with only 5k High-grade stones, instead of the original 10k you told me

Cough, when you put it like that it does sound bad, but trust me...I.. She suddenly froze, totally out of excuses to use.

You what He snickered sarcastically.

I..I...I will make it up for you. She promised him softly.

No need, that energy was used by me eventually. He waved his hand dismissively and said with a pained expression, Still purified energy made of 5k high-grade stones could have been used more efficiently.

Why the hell did you give me all of it I would have won the fight with just 30%. He asked, pretty annoyed.

You have no idea how long I wanted to get rid of that energy. She coughed, So the moment I made the decision to give it, I didn\'t want to leave a single particle with me.

Why are you getting more and more useless He scolded her while calculating the amount of SC Asna wasted by her irresponsible energy toss, Stop spending all of your time on TV.

It\'s clear, your low intelligence is getting even lower.

Screw you! I am not the one, who was c.o.c.ky to waste all of his energy on beasts just to get ambushed later on without a single way to retaliate! She flipped him the finger without pausing the episode she was watching.

175 million! Felix felt faint at the result, almost passing out cold.

For Felix, who needed every coin in his bloodline path to waste 175 million in just 5 minutes was truly a bit hard for him to swallow.

Although it was used to save his life, he still felt the sting of it.

This was another reason he was upset at Asna, if she told him earlier, he could have avoided losing all of his purified energy in one fight.

The sad part, he lost it as well in real life!

Just because he was in the UVR it didn\'t mean his real body\'s elemental energy wasn\'t being consumed.

It was actually the opposite!

Any ability that he used in the games, not the UVR, just the games, it would consume the same amount in real life!

The SGA made it as such to keep the economy of energy stones balanced.

After all, the majority of the bloodliners pretty much used the Supremacy Games platform as a way to obtain resources and not go find them by themselves in the real universe.

This meant the elemental stones needed to be spent in one way or another.

Otherwise, a bloodliner just needed to buy enough stones to refill his real body once and not bother with them anymore.

The SGA of course didn\'t want that to happen.

The elemental stones market was too big to simply give up on it.

Thus, they added a clear rule within the SG contract that elemental energy used in the games would be spent in reality as well.

The process was actually simple, the moment a bloodliner activated ability, the amount needed for it to be active gets released from his body\'s pores automatically in a mild undetected manner.

Obviously, when this rule was added it didn\'t please the players much.

After all, the rule literally made them buy elemental stones just to be used during their stay in the VR Pod.

However, their complaint meant jack** to the SGA.

Anyone who didn\'t agree with their policy could give up on climbing the SG ladder and head to the real universe to get their resources.

No one was forcing them to play.

They could give up anytime they wished.

Even if they signed the contract.

It didn\'t bind them to play every two months or so.

Sure enough, the players were simply throwing fits, as for giving up on the platform That wasn\'t happening anytime soon.

How could they give up on it, when it had everything they desire 

If they won, they get to wish for what they need, if they lost they still get either paid based on the number of spectators who came for them or by game points they collected in the game.

It was always a win for them.

As for adventuring in the real universe Unless a clan forced the bloodliners to do some mandatory missions as Felix did in his previous life, no one would actually leave.

The universe\'s dangers were no joke! There were void creatures roaming around, pirates hunting for spacesh.i.p.s, banished individuals seeking to vent, and many more dangers ready to jump on you.

No bloodliner was sane enough to leave the SG platform and head outside for resources.

If the UVR was the bright and sunny side of the universe, then the real universe was its dark and gloomy side.

In conclusion, elemental energy could be used in the UVR as much as one wanted, either in training centers, measurement centers, and other platforms.

However, in the case of the SG, it was dispensable.

If a bloodliner lost all of it, he needed to use stones in the real-world to recover it.

This was the reason why Asna was able to pump purified energy into Felix\'s body.

He was totally spent after he used all of his energy during the game.

If it wasn\'t, his body would have exploded from the overflowing energy.

Since they share the same soul, Asna pumping her own energy from the inside didn\'t trigger the Queen\'s detection.

After all, there was a huge loophole left behind from the SGA decision, and that was the fact bloodliners could simply ask someone to put an elemental stone on their hand.

The bloodliners could easily then absorb it by giving out the order to their body, even though, they were in the UVR.

The SGA couldn\'t do anything to stop them from absorbing energy, but they could make the act itself forbidden.

With Queen\'s existence, it was quite easy to spot abusers of this loophole and punish them.

Felix and Asna were totally under the Queen\'s radar.

After a while, Felix stopped moping about what had been done and started focusing on the future.

Asna I will be bringing you stones from now on to purify them like usual. Felix smirked, I would be a fool to not use you as an emergency energy carrier.

Heeeeey!! Incensed at the way he called her, she shouted with her mouth full of popcorn.


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