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A mountain of jigsaw boxes, cross word puzzles toys, colorful cubes and more of such games, all piled up in the corner of the room.

Some were brand new, while the majority had tear marks on them.

Let\'s see if I can break my record.

She switched her vision from that mountain to Felix, who was sitting in front of two cartoonist jigsaw boxes.

He put a timer next to him and unlocked the boxes at the same time.

He then did the unexpected, as he emptied them all in one spot and mixed their pieces together!

Let\'s begin! I need to finish before lunch.

He let out a childlike laugh and began piecing the two puzzles, each in one space.

Asna didn\'t stay to watch the rest, as she already saw enough to understand Felix\'s abnormal familiarity with puzzles.

If she stayed another second, she might begin reevaluating his stupid image in her mind to an intelligent one.

She would rather die before that happened.

So, she could only exit the memory and reconnect her connection with Felix.


\'Asna It\'s weird that you are not begging me to use the teleportation circle.\'

Befuddled, Felix crouched near the circle while scratching his cheek.

He expected that Asna would squeal at him for using it, but she went silent for a while now.

\'No need! You won\'t listen to me anyway.\'



She gritted her teeth and stopped bickering with him.

As for mentioning what happened earlier She wouldn\'t mention it even if the fate of the universe was based on it.

She knew that Felix was merely waiting for her to ask, so he would reply smugly about his childhood.

There was nowhere in hell, she would put herself in that situation.

\'Let\'s hope we find something worth our time.\'

Felix decided to focus on the chest after realizing that his chance to brag was not coming.

Annoyed, he approached the chest aggressively.

Don\'t kick it! Don\'t kick!! Don\'t kick!...

The spectators yelled with desperation written all over their faces after seeing his hands were in his pockets as he approached the chest.


Zero f*cks given by Felix, as he kicked the lid of the chest wide open.

The audience instantly spat and cursed at him.

Before long, boos rained on him again.

His fans didn\'t even make a squeak this time, as they were also low key hating what he did.

Two epic chests were just ruined by his thuggish personality.

What\'s sad was the fact those chests were the only ones found in the game currently.

For both of them to end up on Felix\'s hands, was truly an unfortunate day for the audience.

Felix sighed in relief after seeing no fireworks leaving the chest.

Well, it was only natural, as he was currently inside a wall, and with the SGA taking realism dead serious, they wouldn\'t do so, even if they could.

He waited for a moment, but it seemed that the chest wasn\'t going to display its content like the one before.

So, he put his hand inside and brought everything outside.

\'Oh! Not bad at all.\'

Delighted, his eyes gleamed as he evaluated the three items in his hands.

The first one appeared the same as a chicken leg.

If it wasn\'t for its l.u.s.trous azure color, everyone would mistake it as such.

Hehe, Malon Chicken fish leg, this one is going to net a good sum.

How could it not

This leg was one of the few possible ways for nonmarine races to be able to breathe underwater freely without side effects.

Though for a limited time.

Never mind I should probably use it.

His thoughts of selling it were extinguished after recalling games, which had marine-based maps.

If he had it in his previous life, he wouldn\'t have struggled to just survive against the environment.

Satisfied with the first item, he retrieved it inside his bracelet.

As for the other two items, one was a small book and the other was an orange shimmering scroll.

Interesting, Exit navigation ability

He opened the book and found out after reading the first page that it was an ability, which uses an arrow to point in the right direction of the exit.

His palms couldn\'t help but get sweaty after reading that.

However, his tense muscles relaxed after finding out that it had only 2 minutes duration.

No one could run from their spot to the exit in 2 minutes unless they were already quite close to it.

At that point, this ability was going to be a ticket to the championship.

He wiped his sweaty hands and focused on the scroll.

He unsealed it with an eager expression, hoping to be surprised.

The hell!

Well, he was surprised alright after seeing a path drawn from his current spot to a red \'X\' at the top rightmost corner of the maze, written above it >Legendary Chest


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