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Felix created one acid bomb in his pocket and left it there.

The distance between him and his prey was quite wide for him to just throw his bomb and hope for the best.

It was better to use this ambush opportunity to close up the gap first.

That was exactly what he did, as he leaned forward with bent knees and sprinted at his top speed.

Uhm Lazy Rat\'s sensitive ears twitched the moment Felix\'s foot landed on the ground.

Startled, he turned around and got instantly horrified after seeing Felix approaching him in such an aggressive manner.

His senses kept tingling that this was a lost fight.

Rat Limbs!

Scared **less, he activated a morphing ability, transferring his legs and arms into rat-like limbs.

He landed on all four and immediately bolted ahead.

However, before he reached his peak sprinting speed, an acid bomb wheezed by his head, almost touching his ears.



Felix didn\'t care that his bomb missed its target, as he still could explode it manually.

This, in turn, caused the bomb to leave a cloud of greenish mist exactly in front of the desperate Lazy Rat.

F*ck me!!

He tried to slow his speed down to avoid it, Alas, it was a futile attempt.

He could only brace himself and enter the cloud of mist while holding his breath.

He was not a retard to not understand that poison should not be absorbed.

The only reason he was worried about the cloud of mist was the fact it could be one of Felix\'s body affecting inducements.

It was clear that Lazy Rat did his homework on Felix\'s bloodline in the game hall.

Sadly, having knowledge of his abilities was one thing, and defending against them was another.


After bolting through the greenish mist, he couldn\'t help but yelp in pain at his flesh getting eaten by the inducement.

However, since he wasn\'t paralyzed, but actually running, he wasn\'t affected that badly by it, as only a few particles stayed on his body while the rest was left behind.

Elated at getting out of it in one piece, Lazy Rat turned his head and sneered at Felix.

Too bad, his sneer froze instantly after seeing that Felix was merely 8 meters behind him, and still closing in rapidly!

Heh, thank you for slowing down.

It turned out that Felix\'s true aim by throwing that bomb was merely to stop the rat acceleration.

He understood clearly that even with his topmost speed; catching up to Lazy rat was wishful thinking.

After all, two legs could never outrun four legs.

However, now that he was in peak sprinting speed, while the rat was just about to accelerate, he was confident in catching up.

The poor Rat could only struggle to put some distance between them without taking a single breath.

The revolving bombs on Felix\'s hands denied him from doing so.

\'F.u.c.k this **ty Maze! And his bloodline!\'

Desperate and despairing, Lazy Rat could only blame the maze for countering his underground digging ability.

As for the other peak ability He couldn\'t use it even if he wanted since it required him to open his mouth to spew a rain of sharp rocks.

If it wasn\'t for those limitations, this situation would play in a different scenario.

8 meters, 7, 5, 2 meters!

Felix\'s grin got wider and wider as his eyes landed on the despairing look of Lazy Rat.

He extended his hand and suddenly lunged at him, catching him from the hind leg.

Thud! Thud!

Lazy Rat tripped as he couldn\'t balance himself with only three legs.

He and Felix both rolled a few times forward.

Yet still, Felix\'s hand never let go of his leg.

The moment Felix managed to balance himself, he stood up and lifted Lazy Rat by his leg.


Without using any poison inducement or bothering to hear the cries of Lazy Rat, Felix smashed his body with the metallic ground as hard as he could.

Lazy Rat\'s despairing face was the first to make contact with the floor.


The sound produced from the collision was beyond comprehension.

For some, it sounded the same as a grenade going off, while for some it was more like a balloon exploding.

The only thing that was agreed upon was that no one would wish the fate of Lazy Rat to their worst enemies.

\'That was fun!!\'


Satisfied, Felix and Asna, the two psychos stared at remnants of what\'s left from Lazy Rat\'s head, splintering around the area, creating a horrifying gory scene.

Blood, pieces of flesh, and brain matter dyed the smooth silver color of the floor.

\'Queen, please clean me up.\'

Felix\'s outfit that was covered in blood and some pieces of flesh was returned to its brand new appearance.


He nodded his head with a smile and sprinted in direction of his two other prey like he never killed Lazy Rat in such a fiendish fashion.

In his previous life, he killed hundreds upon hundreds of players in the games he played.

However, only a few were as inhuman as this one. 

One could only wonder if Asna\'s sadistic personality started to rub off on him after their souls merged.


[Damn, even though seeing such a brutal death felt good, I still preferred seeing a new inducement.]



[Just from that smash alone, I turned into an avid fan for Landlord! Add me to the club!]

Zoe closed the chat section after seeing that the spectators\' interest was still on Felix and no one was annoying her to switch the camera focus to another player.

The audience was satisfied as well with having Felix on the big screen.

This problem was always a pain in the ass to her and probably every MC in the SG.

There were at least tens of millions of spectators in each game no matter its rank or elo.

Some were avid fans of players and some were just trying to enjoy their time.

Yet, there was only one screen, displaying one player at a time.

The MCs were always having difficulty trying to balance the interest of everyone without getting booed.

Just like what happened before to Zoe.

Some may think that it was easy to solve this problem.

One just had to increase the number of screens, right


This was already been tested before and it ended horribly.

The sheer deafening noises those screens added were beyond expectation.

After all, there were millions of fans live, and if just one million cheered for one player while one million booed for one player and continuously so.

The never-ending noise would ruin the atmosphere of the stadium.

Usually, the MCs would rather have a noisy stadium for hype.

But, if it was going to be a constant symphony of random cheers, boos, yells, and weeps all happening at the same time, they would rather have a silent stadium to focus on.

So the SG rule committee had to scrap that plan and go back to using only one screen, projecting one player for the audience to focus on, whether they like it or not.

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Landlord is about to reach Battalion and Disgraced Face.

How is going to deal with them Zoe said.


\'Hmm What\'s up with them\'

Confused, Felix propped his chin on his hand, as he observed his prey staying frozen in front of a wall.

\'It seems they found something inside a wall\'

He figured so easily, as there was no other reason than this.

Besides hidden compartments, only traps were within the walls as well.

\'Well, there is only one way to find out.\'

He leaned closer to the wall until only two inches were separating them.

He then squinted hard, causing the red shimmering light in his eyes to brighten up.

\'Hehe, lucky bastards, to actually find a teleportation circle plus a chest.

Not bad, not bad at all.\'

At this point, Zoe and the spectators were already convinced that Felix had an x-ray vision or ability as such.

They could excuse the way he dodged traps, found beasts, and even the way he met with the alliance.

But to stand still exactly in direction of Battalion and Disgraced behind a wall that had 10 meters width, they could not excuse it anymore.

The only thing they were wondering about was how detailed his vision was

Because it seemed that Felix probably had the same omnipotent vision as them.

After all, he managed to easily locate those two even after they put a quite substantial distance between each other.

In their eyes, his bloodline was getting stronger and also creepier.


Felix decided to ambush them while they still had their focus fixed on the hidden compartment.

He knew that the best method to play this was to actually wait for them until they activate the traps in the hidden compartment.

But he was worried that they would flat out die due to them.

That\'s a hard no for him.

He must deal the last finishing blow to get the points

\'Let\'s open up with a combo, one paralyze bomb, and one dizziness bomb.\'

He loomed closer to his preys, who were in a heated argument for a couple of minutes now.

The closer he was getting, the easier he was able to pick up what they were saying.

It\'s the yellow vase!! Trust me on this one.

I was even close to a puzzle game before.

Baby Oil, it\'s not like I don\'t trust your opinion, but it is clear that the riddle is talking about the red vase.

We already went through this for hundred times, we are just wasting time by now!

If you listened to me, we wouldn\'t be still here! For f*ck sake, let\'s each handle a vase and get it over with.


\'Idiots, at least talk with your backs to each other.\' Felix scoffed at their wide open backs and hurled the newly created bombs akin a baseball pitcher.


Alerted by the projectile sound, they reflexively turned around with their hands raised in front of their heads.

Alas, they should have held their breaths as well.

Poof Poof!

The bombs exploded near their faces, forcing them to inhale the light yellow and the sky blue inducements obediently.

Startled and spooked, they attempted to take a step back away from the cloud mist.

Yet, before their leg even landed on the floor, it froze with few twitches here and there, just like the rest of their body.

Yet, what made them truly horrified was the sudden vertigo feeling that assaulted them!

They couldn\'t think straight for even a second as their wide-eye eyes were feeding them an image of a person looming closer to them while spinning continuously. 


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